Tycoon Actor in Hollywood

"Tycoon Actor in Hollywood" unfolds the story of a failed actor from Earth who finds himself transmigrated into the body of a struggling young man in New York, USA, in a parallel world. Join us as we follow Lucas Knight's journey, step by step, as he ascends to stardom in the heart of Hollywood. --- [This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. While certain renowned figures may appear in this narrative, their portrayal is fictionalized and does not intend to represent their actual lives or actions.] If you are interested, you can check the advance chapters in my P@treon.com/NewComer714

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The filming of "Midnight in Paris" concluded with the final scenes where Gil decides to remain in Paris and encounters the museum guide. In these concluding moments, rain begins to fall, evoking Gil's nostalgia for his time with Adriana. Moved by these memories, he sings "Paris in the Rain."

Woody and the main crew members are planning to feature this song during the ending credits of the film, with Lucas, who portrays Gil, providing the vocals in a voiceover that echoes through the closing scene.

Lucas felt a sense of emptiness as the filming concluded; everything seemed to pass in a blink. He had already said goodbye to fellow cast members like Tom Hiddleston, Corey Stoll, and Adrian Brody, who had finished their scenes earlier. 

Lucas had grown close to the cast, and saying farewell to them, including Marion Cotillard and Rachel McAdams, intensified his mixed emotions. Though it had only been a few weeks, to Lucas, it felt much longer, leaving him with a lingering sense of emptiness.

Lucas always feels a certain way after wrapping up a project, but "Midnight in Paris" left him with particularly complex emotions due to the close bonds he formed with some of the cast and crew.

This experience differed from his time on "Like Crazy," where he and co-stars like Jennifer and Felicity exchanged contact information and promised to stay in touch. After "Midnight in Paris," however, Lucas sensed that the goodbyes might be more final, unsure if he would ever see or work with these colleagues again.

Following the project, Lucas flew to New York with Woody and the crew to lay down the vocals for "Paris in the Night" at a studio financed by the film's producers.

After the recording session in New York, Lucas and Woody spent some time together. The recording process was swift, and soon the song was complete. It was then that Woody turned to Lucas, expressing his gratitude and admiration for Lucas's work. "You've brought something truly special to this project, Lucas," he said, his voice sincere. "I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Let's make sure this isn't the last time we collaborate." With a firm handshake and a mutual respect, they parted ways.

Afterwards, Lucas checked in with his agent, who also acts as his manager. The agent had exciting news, "Lucas, your nomination for this year's Primetime Emmy Awards has really made certain amount of attention in Hollywood. Several influential figures have been in touch, showing interest in managing you."

Hearing this, Lucas felt a bit surprise and anticipation, a stark contrast to the bittersweet emotions he had been wrestling with since the conclusion of "Midnight in Paris." Eagerly, he asked, "Really? Who are they? I might recognize some of the names..."

Vincent took a moment, seemingly preparing his response, then said, "Sure, Lucas. First up, we've got Sam Levinson, also an actor, has a knack for spotting and nurturing talent as producer and filmmaker. Then there's Ava DuVernay, whose works becoming quite well known the industry. And there are a few more notable names interested as well..."

Vincent gave Lucas a thoughtful look and asked, "So, what do you think? Are you considering getting a manager now?"

Lucas fell silent for a moment, then replied, "I need to think about it a bit more."

Understanding, Vincent nodded and patted Lucas on the shoulder, saying, "Take your time to think it over. You might get a chance to meet them at the Emmys, which could be a good opportunity to get to know them better."

Lucas responded with a light chuckle, "Speaking of the Emmys, have you contacted a designer for my outfit yet?"

Vincent replied with a wry smile, "I've got a few reputable ones in mind I can recommend."

Lucas, still chuckling, added, "Just make sure they're not like that one designer who refused to dress me because I wasn't well-known enough."

They both laughed, recalling the incident with Cary Porter, a designer who had turned Lucas down in the past. But times had changed. Lucas was making waves in Hollywood, thanks to his standout role in "Modern Family," the buzz around his rendition of "Perfect" in the show's fourth episode, and his lead role in the indie hit "127 Hours," which had already grossed $12 million at the box office and was poised for international release. For Lucas Knight, a newcomer to Hollywood, these milestones were significant, marking his rising status in the industry.

Vincent reassured Lucas, "Don't worry, Lucas. I've learned my lesson from that first designer mishap." He paused, reflecting before continuing, "This time, I'll steer clear of those big-name luxury brands that might still underestimate you despite your accomplishments. Instead, I'm thinking of suggesting designers who are prestigious yet not as mainstream as the brand of the first designer we approached, brands that recognize and appreciate emerging talent like yours. For instance, we could consider outfits from Rag & Bone, Ted Baker, or even Acne Studios. They're stylish, respected, and more in tune with the current scene."

Lucas laughed, teasing, "So, that first run-in with the designer left you a bit wary of the big luxury brands, huh?"

Vincent returned the laugh, clarifying, "Not exactly. Actually, I wouldn't mind suggesting someone from Gucci or similar brands that would honor your style and achievements."

After a smile from Lucas, the conversation shifted away from fashion. They chatted for a bit longer before Lucas headed back to his apartment. He was eager to check the latest Bitcoin prices, considering buying a few thousand dollars' worth.

In July 2010, the price of Bitcoin was extremely low compared to its future valuations, hovering around $0.08 per Bitcoin. He recognized the potential in the cryptocurrency's value and wanted to take advantage of its then-cheap price, intuitively sensing that it would surge significantly in the upcoming years.