Tycoon Actor in Hollywood

"Tycoon Actor in Hollywood" unfolds the story of a failed actor from Earth who finds himself transmigrated into the body of a struggling young man in New York, USA, in a parallel world. Join us as we follow Lucas Knight's journey, step by step, as he ascends to stardom in the heart of Hollywood. --- [This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. While certain renowned figures may appear in this narrative, their portrayal is fictionalized and does not intend to represent their actual lives or actions.] If you are interested, you can check the advance chapters in my P@treon.com/NewComer714

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Contract conclusion

Over the past few days, Lucas had been pouring his energy into preparing for his audition for HBO's new TV series project, "Seven Kingdoms." In addition to this, negotiations to finalize his contract with Electric Lady Studios were coming to a close, thanks to his agent, Vincent. This development hinted that it wouldn't be long before Lucas could start recording songs and, eventually, an entire album.

During his auditions, Lucas took the opportunity to volunteer at a local hospital with Liza, visiting children who were patients there. The sound of their laughter and the smiles on their faces were music to Lucas's ears, a reminder of the joy and healing power of generosity.

Lucas's visits with Liza became so frequent that he started to notice some of the nurses recognizing him. A few even captured videos of him singing to the children, a testament to the small, yet significant, impact he was making.


After much deliberation, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss concluded their casting decisions for the pivotal roles in "Seven Kingdoms." Lucas Knight, with his compelling audition and unique ability to embody the character's essence, was chosen to play Robb Stark. His performance convinced them that he was the perfect fit for the role, capturing the young lord's strength and vulnerability.

Joining Lucas in the ensemble cast were Jack Gleeson, selected for the role of Joffrey Baratheon, and Peter Dinklage, who had impressed everyone with his interpretation of Tyrion Lannister.


Standing in line with the other auditioners, Lucas noticed the crowd had thinned considerably over the past few days, a clear sign that many had been turned away after their auditions.

When Lucas entered the audition room, he delivered his portrayal of Robb Stark as he had practiced. It was right after his performance that David Benioff gave him the news with a measured smile, "Lucas Knight, after reviewing your performances, we've decided to cast you as Robb Stark."

At that moment, a wave of happiness washed over Lucas. Despite his growing confidence in his acting abilities, the confirmation of his role brought a deep sense of relief.

"Thank you so much. I promise to give my all to this role," Lucas responded, his smile reflecting his gratitude.

David Benioff nodded, appreciating Lucas's sincerity. "We're looking forward to seeing what you bring to Robb Stark. Your understanding of the character really stood out to us."

D.B. Weiss chimed in, "Yes, and your dedication throughout the audition process didn't go unnoticed. We're excited to have you on board."

One of the casting directors added, "Your commitment has been evident, Lucas. We're confident in your ability to bring depth to Robb Stark."

Lucas responded with a warm smile, "Thank you, I'm really looking forward to starting the filming."

David Benioff gave him an encouraging nod, "That's great to hear, Lucas. We're excited to have you on board. See you on set."

D.B. Weiss added, "The production team will get in touch with you about the start dates. Make sure you're ready by then."

David then added, "The production team will also be in touch with your agency about your contract details."

Lucas left the room, his smile still lingering as he felt a surge of excitement for the journey ahead. Outside, he hailed a taxi and climbed in. Just then, his phone rang. It was his agent, Vincent.

"Lucas, good news," Vincent began, his voice filled with excitement. "I've finalized your contract with Electric Lady Studios. Lee and I made sure the terms are favorable for you."

Lucas's eyes widened slightly, "That's great news, Vincent. Once everything's signed, how soon can I start recording the songs?"

Vincent replied, "Once you sign the contract, we can schedule your recording sessions. You could be in the studio, laying down tracks as soon as next week if everything lines up."

Lucas responded, "Okay, should I come sign it now?"

Vincent answered, "Yes, that would be great. I'm currently at Electric Lady Studios with the studio manager. Come over when you can."

"Alright, I'll head there now," Lucas replied, and then he wrapped up the call. He leaned forward to speak to the taxi driver, "Could you please take me to Electric Lady Studios instead?"

After a short ride, the taxi pulled up to the studios. Lucas paid the driver, stepped out of the taxi, and made his way to the entrance of Electric Lady Studios.

Once inside, he approached the receptionist, "Hi, I'm here to see Vincent and studio manager Lee."

The receptionist nodded and led him through the bustling studio to the manager's office.

Upon entering, Lucas found Vincent and Lee mid-conversation. They both looked up, noticing him as he walked in.

Vincent greeted Lucas with a wide grin as he entered, "Ah, you're finally here!"

Lucas gave a nod and turned to Lee, the studio manager, "Hi Lee, Vincent mentioned I could sign the contract today?"

Lee responded with a nod, adding in a lighter tone, "Yes, you can. Just remember, I'm counting on your songs to shine. I wouldn't want the favorable terms we've agreed upon to go to waste."

Lucas responded with a chuckle, "Don't worry, Lee. I'll give it my all. I won't let you down."

Lee cracked a smile, "You're taking me too seriously. I was just messing with you." He then slid the contract across the table to Lucas.

Lucas picked up a pen but hesitated, taking time to carefully review the contract's terms.

Vincent watched him, amused, "You're really thorough, huh? Don't worry, it's all straight forward. No hidden catches."

Lucas offered a small smile as he continued to review the document, ensuring he understood every detail before finally signing.

With the contract signed, Lucas, Vincent, and Lee moved on to discuss the recording schedule and what the next steps would be.