Two Worlds: An Immortal’s Journey with a Villaness

Helpless. That's the only word that could explain Li Chen's life. At twenty one, he was the most famous author because of his ongoing book; Calamity Rise. Unfortunately, his great life took an unexpected turn as he found himself in his story and as the Villainess slave! What? A Duke offended the underworld queen and her slave wiped out the entire dukedom just by waving his hands! Follow Li Chen in his quest for freedom from his story. What will be his reaction when he discovers, People in the real world were still reading, assuming it was just an ordinary story? -------- Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/8Ufe4789YX

DD_TheDreamer · Eastern
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225 Chs

The White Witch


The sound made by Thunder's wings blew against Li Chen's ears as he stood atop her. His hair fluttered while he crossed his arms, staring into the distance.

His glowing eyes were glued to the streets of the city. With his 'Dharma Eyes!' activated, no spirit could escape his watch.

On the streets of the city, a young woman gazed out the window of a carriage. She could hear people's gasps and conversations when they saw Thunder and Li Chen fly above their heads.

Staring at Li Chen, whose unperturbed aura seemed a bit cold, her phoenix-shaped eyes narrowed as a glint flashed through her golden irises.

She had no idea how long she watched him but somehow it just never grew boring. 

'He must have had a position similar to mine. I get why he's furious with his status but maybe without actually being there, I can't understand what he feels.'