Two Worlds: An Immortal’s Journey with a Villaness

Helpless. That's the only word that could explain Li Chen's life. At twenty one, he was the most famous author because of his ongoing book; Calamity Rise. Unfortunately, his great life took an unexpected turn as he found himself in his story and as the Villainess slave! What? A Duke offended the underworld queen and her slave wiped out the entire dukedom just by waving his hands! Follow Li Chen in his quest for freedom from his story. What will be his reaction when he discovers, People in the real world were still reading, assuming it was just an ordinary story? -------- Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/8Ufe4789YX

DD_TheDreamer · Eastern
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227 Chs

Love of His Fellow Disciples

"That's Li Chen!" A disciple gasped, pointing at the man led by two disciplinary disciples and ascending the stairs into the discipline hall.

"He's out!" 

"There's no way he passed the test of that library, right?"

"Who cares? Let's go see why he's out."

Disciples, mostly outer and a few inner disciples, moved in large numbers towards the discipline hall.

When Li Chen's foot landed on the last stair, he turned his head, gazed at the crowd from the corner of his left eye and a gleam flashed through his eyes.

"Is it me or did Li Chen's back grow wider?" A girl asked.

Walking into the discipline hall, Li Chen, whose hands were bound by a seal, stood once again before the council of Elders and the alchemist.

"You claim to have read one of the books in the library of heart and soul." The alchemist said.


"Impossible!" An Elder bellowed.