Two Omegas Destroy the Worlds of Alphas [BL] Book

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Two Omegas Destroy the Worlds of Alphas [BL]


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Ren Jidian is an Omega who had a long-time crush on his Omega best friend, Wei Sizhi. One day he managed to confess his feelings and the two boys elope together, only to be hit by a truck and transmigrated to cruel worlds as star-crossed, tragic lovers! With the whole world keeping them apart, would they still be able to get their Happy Ending in the end? Or would it be a tragedy for a love that was never meant to be? Ren Jidian: "I will keep fighting for you, Zhi-Zhi! No matter what it takes! I will take you from these Alphas!" ------------------- 1v1 Seme/Gong/ Top MC Ren Jidian is a sort of dumb, pessimistic seme with a bit of a yandere side and Wei Sizhi is a cool, aloof and badass uke Multiple worlds/ World-hopping/ Quick Transmigration Happy Ending? I don't spoil. You'll see. Some side ships --------------------- What is omegaverse? (Do remember this is MY version of omegaverse, I know there are tons of other ones.) Basically, people are divided into 3 subgenders besides their own sex or gender. There is Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Alphas, no matter the sex, male or female, can make people pregnant. Betas are just like how us people work. Males can impregnate, and females get pregnant. Omegas get pregnant no matter the sex, male or female. They also undergo heat, which is a monthly cycle that makes them crave to be bred by Alphas. They emit a scent (pheromones) during heat that makes an Alpha go wild and lustful. Alphas are characterized to have a stronger, larger, and more athletic build than Betas and Omegas. Omegas have a weaker, smaller and more frail build than Betas and Alphas. Betas can vary. There are exceptions to every rule, of course. But Ren Jidian and Wei Sizhi are both smaller and weaker types of Omegas. (Much to Ren Jidian's frustration.) -------------- Worlds' dynamics (Ren Jidian's role x Wei Sizhi's role) 1. A medicine scholar x a sick newly-married male empress to a tyrannical emperor (Complete) 2. A not-so-famous Omega pirate x a prince that was kidnapped by a famous Alpha pirate (Complete) 3. A robot developer x an AI companion for lonely Alphas (Complete) 4. An Athenian scribe that served as a spy for the King x A Spartan war strategist 5. A stalker fan x a serial killer idol 6. A weak Pawn in a school setting where students are determined as Chess pieces x a Queen that was tired of being one 7: ???? 8. ????