12 Forbidden word

Ling Huansheng still remembered the previous incident as if it had happened yesterday. It was the same as the one happened when Ling Yue was ten years old. The first year they arrived there, both of them tried to adjust themselves as best as they could. Ling Huansheng was used to the pressure exerted on him. He had been educated from the start as the successor to Ling's grandfather, taking over the burden left by his older siblings.

One day, Ling Yue didn't came home from her language course. Ling Huansheng tried to look for her but could not find her. Suddenly, the local police station called him from the nearest hospital. Ling Yue was unconscious with bruises on her body. Half dead. Ling Huansheng's body was shaking violently from panic.

He found out the reason why Ling Yue getting hurt. He tried to break through several surveillance cameras and find the perpetrators of his sister's persecution. After being interrogated, a curly-haired woman said Ling Yue seduced their boyfriend.

What a f*cking nonsense!

Ling Yue always walked with her head down. She avoided strangers, also avoiding unnecessary problems. Her appearance was a bit chubby. If people didn't paid attention, they just thought she was an odd girl, but when she made an eye contact with others, they looked stunned. Even with her chubby face. And some people misinterpreted her gaze. They thought she seduced them.

And then she woke up. The first thing she said was not to sued those who hurt her. She begged Ling Huansheng not to let their family know. Incident with Xi Jian still attached well oh her mind. She blamed herself.

For the first time in his life, Ling Huansheng cried. He made a mistake. He was so angry that he couldn't control his anger.

He realized his job was not only accompanying her, but to protect her as well.

From that day onwards, Ling Huansheng gave her glasses, the ugly one, to hide her eyes. Brought her to every lesson he took. They learned language, law, politic, business, martial arts and whatever his father could offer. Untill he got back at school and she worked as a paralegal. He let her be after made sure all her environment on checked.

Ling Huansheng knew what was crossed her head when she used that forbidden word.

Grandpa Ling sensed Ling Huansheng's mood dropped to the lowest.

"Well, just work where you want then. If they don't accept you, I will go and take out their brain."

Ling Yue giggled. "Okay!" she said, ignored her brother.


Ling Yue combed and tied her hair together like a ponytail. She wore a one set formal suit for work. At least she needs to wore it today in her first day working at DuCheng Law Firm.

She submitted her application to middle class company last week and was accepted. Ling Yue asked her friend to get a recommendation from one of the branches where she used to work before. Ling Yue deliberately avoided the best law firm, because sometimes that firm only served the rich who made her working like a pig. She hated serving rich people who underestimated the law.

Ling Yue came down the stairs and found her three brothers waiting at the end of it. They stared at her and got annoyed.

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