76 Before I Came

Ling Yue waited for him until he fell asleep. She then let go of Xi Jian's grasp and went home. Before Ling Yue could lay down, her phone rang and Xi Jian ordered her to return to the hospital immediately.

"Who told you to go home?" Xi Jian squinted as Ling Yue appeared behind the door.


"I need to be wiped and change my clothes."

Ling Yue dropped her jaw to the floor. "What? You can leave the duty like that to the nurse here. Why should I?"

Xi Jian shrugged. "I don't like strangers touching me. After all, you've seen me naked so I don't think it's a problem."

"Why don't you contact your ex then?" Ling Yue put her hand on her waist.

"Did you forget that the people who have seen each other's naked bodies are lovers or strangers? In our case, Miss Ling, we are neither strangers nor lovers. So this choice is only open to you. Now come here and help me." Xi Jian sat with difficulty.

"You can ask your assistant for help." Ling Yue still refused.

Xi Jian rolled his eyes. "He's too rough."

Bai Xu who was in the office sneezed. He was sure his boss was talking about him. Today his boss told him to go back to the office and hand over everything to him. He even advised not to visit him for the next two or three days.

"I'm your lawyer, not your nanny!" she clicked her tongue. Only this woman who dare to clicked her tongue at him. Face to face.

"That makes it perfect. I can sue you if you act indecently while you wipe for me. I believe you know the limits of what you can do and don't, right?"

Ling Yue was still unmoved. How could she touch his body without burning inside? Just imagining it already making her hot.

Xi Jian returned to his cold face. "Come here. This is an order!"

Ling Yue could not help but put down her bag and approach him. She took a basin that had been prepared with a towel. Ling Yue unbuttoned his battered shirt one by one.

"What is happening here?" a voice rang out.

Xi Jian turned around in annoyance. Ling Huang looked at the patient and his younger sibling alternately.

"Huang gege!" Yue Lu immediately stood up and hugged her brother. It felt like she had not seen Ling Huang for a long time even though they last met only before Ling Yue went to City C.

"What are you doing here?" She asked in surprise.

Ling Huang returned her hug. "In case you're forget, this is my workplace and that master is my patient."

Xi Jian was placed in the number one hospital in the country and Ling Huang was the best surgeon there. Naturally, they would meet.

Ling Huang approached Xi Jian while embracing Ling Yue.

"Interacting intimately when you are on duty violates for work ethics, Doctor, even though that's your family." Xi Jian said coldly.

Ling Huang grinned and let go of his embrace. "I only came here to inform you that the results of your internal organ check are all good."

"You can have someone else deliver it." Xi Jian didn't reached out to take his examination results.

Ling Huang casually placed the envelope he was carrying on the table, then he sat near the bandaged Xi Jian's feet. He put his hand on it.

"How could I not visit the honorable Mr. Xi, especially if he is the hospital's number one priority?" he smiled, but did not reach his eyes. He gripped Xi Jian's leg cast, making Xi Jian wince in pain. "By the way, what did you guys do before I came?"

"None of your business, Mr. Ling." Xi Jian still looked cold despite having to endure Ling Huang's grip on his foot.

"Oh, he asked me to wipe him off and change his clothes." Ling Yue told him innocently.

"Wow, that's great. I can do it better than you, Miss. If you don't mind, Mr. Xi..." Ling Huang continued to open the remaining buttons while humming.

Xi Jian scolded Ling Yue in his head.

"This stupid woman!"

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