1 The Repayment

Yang Xinyu must have had a large amount of alcohol in the pub. His legs were shaking while he was walking to the parking area. Somehow he dug his hands in his suit pocket and got the car keys out. He sat in his car and instead of driving back to his home, he drove to his company's office. It was past two in the morning and going back to the Yang mansion filled him with a feeling of loath.

The office building was dark with just a few alley lights on. There were twenty-three floors in the building, and his office was on the topmost floor. He had recently got a lounge build next to his room. Being a CEO of Yang Corporation, a multi-billion software development company, gave Yang Xinyu the luxury to build a mini home adjacent to his office.

He entered the elevator and pressed the button to the topmost floor. As soon as he entered the office his gaze fell on her. She was focusing on her computer, writing some code. Although the entire office was dimly lit only her table was flooded with light. He looked at her small, beautiful face with flawless, porcelain like skin; that looked tired now. As always he was drawn to her pert and beautiful youth. Like a fool he allowed himself to be so quickly allured by her charm. He was inhibited when he was sober but tonight his reticence had taken a back seat.

He walked towards her table and pulled her out of the chair dragging her towards his lounge. "Again? How dare you stay back so late? Are you trying to seduce me?"

Though he wanted to throw her out of the office, instead hauled her towards his room. She winced in pain and struggled to get free, but couldn't because his grip was too tight to escape. "Sir, I was only writing a code. I didn't know you would come back…" Xin Yu's expression dropped further, and in a fit of rage he picked her from the waist, threw her on his left shoulder and lugged her to his room.

Reaching the room, he kicked the door with a loud bang and locked it. Rudely, he threw her on his bed and forced himself on her. By that time, she was trembling with fear, but he didn't care. He wanted to keep squeezing her, caging her, and control her to the fullest.

She tried hard to free herself from his unwanted hold, but all she could do was to sob and beg him to release her. She begged him, "Please I didn't mean to offend you. I will leave. Let me go… I will never show you my face…"

He wasn't listening to her plea. Instead he held her jaws with one hand in a vise like grip. She could feel his rough kisses on her lips. He bit her lips and then pushed his tongue inside. He sucked it hard until she was breathless. She felt blood flowing inside her mouth. He was ravaging her mouth. He didn't notice her wet eyelashes, her tears and her pale face. He had locked her down. He moved his mouth to her neck and collarbone and kissed her roughly over there almost biting into her flesh.

"Stop it!" she said. "I am not liking it."

He looked at her face that was white. He felt so disgusted with what she had done to him that he said, "Why are you doing this to me? Huh? I cannot imagine anyone else other than you. I have tried my best to ask you about it but you choose to remain silent. So tell me!" 

She had an answer but couldn't answer. There was something that forbade her.  

Her body was sore and face was white as a ghost. Her clothes were all ruffled. She tried to get up but was pinned down by his arm. She couldn't get free from his embrace. She kept crying silently, not able to undergo the mental torture they had been from so many days. Being too exhausted mentally and physically finally Wu Lina also drifted into a troubled sleep.

Upon opening his eyes the next morning, XinYu noticed that he had wrapped his arms around someone. He vaguely remembered last night's events and retracted his hands immediately and looked up to see that 'someone' and found her lying next to him. Seeing her beautiful face, he got the urge to kiss her immediately, but rather refused to accept his emotion for her and abstained himself with a feeling of contempt. Angrily he got up from the bed and pulled her out of it. Opposing his last night's actions, he dragged her to the door and shoved her out.

"Get out and think of this as your repayment!" with that he closed the door with a loud thud. He was appalled by her behavior. He was appalled by the fact that she didn't tell him what was going wrong with their relationship. Howsoever he tried, in these months of staying apart, he couldn't come to know anything. 

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