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Twists of life


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[COMPLETED!!] [WARNING: Mature content 18+] Amanda had always viewed her best friend, Eddy, as a little more than the friends they were. She had dropped subtle hints to him all the time and he had seemed to be on board with her. The day Eddy invited her out on a date, she was over the moon but did she get more than she bargained for? or did she just join the statics of the saying that 'love makes us blind'. Had she really been that blind? or were the signs always visible? Kelvin lived life without a care and did menial jobs all around until the day he saw her, the most beautiful girl his heart had ever laid eyes on. He decided then and there that she would be his only he would live for her! But was it as simple as “I want her?” And then he would have her? Life has a funny way of making us face it and do what had been written down in the fates. Find out the complex relationships, the heartbreak and the love that life can spring up on us. Because at the end of the day, what is meant to happen would be! ___________ Cover image is mine & commissioned by @korkor_gavi I, Loctovia, published this story only on the webnovel platform and for the WPC contest only. WPC #277 Silver Prize. Thank you, WN :) Please try to support the authors by reading the novel ONLY on Webnovel