1 chapter 1

Marlini Miles!" My very sweet mother shouted as she threw my room door wide open. Let me introduce to you the black sheep of the family... Marlini Miles. Yep! That's me and I've got to be honest with you, my mum is the type that doesn't tolerate tardiness, laziness or any thing of the like.

"Mother" I answered with a sleepy voice as I struggled to get out of bed.

"Marlini, I want you to assure me that I didn't just see you still laying in bed around 7:30am" she continued furiously. I didn't dare give her a reply.

"I should treat you like a baby right now but unfortunately you're eighteen!".

"Despite how hard I've tried to make you behave acceptably you just seem to deviate from all the teachings and moral etiquettes I've tried to instill in you" she continued scolding me until I became bored and tuned out.

"Marlini Miles! What are you still standing there doing? Get ready this instant because I won't have you going late to school on the day of screening! I need you downstairs in 5 minutes and don't you dare come a second later" I gulped before giving her a stiff nod knowing that my mother meant every single statement she made.

I rushed into the shower and got dressed quickly like never before, under 4 minutes I was out. I threw my most important documents into my bag and hurried downstairs.