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What would happen when a pervert and delussional teen passed away meets a pervert ROB in the afterlife and he gives him 5 wishes, but you mix in this messed up situation that they have both a twisted obsession with Korean entertainment and Harem stuff... I know this is just too much. WARNING- Author is not an English native speaker, jeez please he has problems with his own native language so you have just three options: be patient, deal with it being an editor or FU** OFF, also I am a western guy so I think that I migth going to pissed of some eastern guys there and for that I am sorry I also dont have a lot of knowledge about Korean or Asian culture I am just going to write on the way and If i get something wrong please just leave a comment and I am going to do the best to edit it, Thank you. Now I have 2 stories of my own in HIATUS I kinda just get lost and if you saw this new story SORRY I kinda handle my own creative writer mind in a deep rollercoaster shit type so please all readers that keeps my stories in their own collections keep them there because I am not the guy that just cant finish is just that sometimes I have the need to write and the time to do it. Now I am telling you that this story is going to messed up with a lot of you its going to be a huge harem/entertainment/romantic/military deep shit so you were warned.