1 Chapter 1: Unavoidable Fate

On the 3rd of April 2XXX, an 18-year-old Ezekiel Fernandez is currently sitting in an expensive chair silently. He's ignoring the huge party that was happening in front of him.

The huge event was held within the Modern Super- yacht owned by Caesar Alvin who turned 21 years old last February 14, 2XXX.

Caesar is a type of man that can be described as a perfect man that the crowd can only imagine, a tan-skinned man with a grey-colored Iris, pitch black hair color, sexually attractive lips, and a perfectly symmetrical nose that when you look at him at first you can only imagine him as a fierce alpha wolf in a human body, his body is like a crafted statue of an old Greek civilization covered by what he wears for the occasion and also a God-given flesh at the bottom.

As for Ezekiel, he has a pale skinned texture due to an abnormal eating routine and unhealthy lifestyle, the main reason why he is currently in an unhealthy body stature was because of the effect of mental shock and mental fatigue caused by the death of his parents.

Caesar as the main character of the said event was surrounded by a vast number of assorted crowd, he was searching for an important person in the huge wave of attendees;

After thirty seconds of searching to his left and right while being surrounded by the crowd, he finally found this significant person he was looking for.

"My beloved attendees, please excuse me for a while and you can go ahead and interact with your fellow attendees. I hope you all enjoyed this Grand occasion, Thank you." Caesar announced to the crowd

He started exiting the huge crowd and walked for a few steps until he finally reached where Ezekiel is currently settled.

"Hello! my beloved one!" stating this phrase while looking at Ezekiel.

"Can you just please shut your noisy and fucking mouth? Really, My beloved One? Are you stupid?; You know what? You're only making me uncomfortable Caesar, you are my only childhood friend! Since when we first met as a child, that was also the first phrase you told me when you opened your mouth." Ezekiel responded while staring madly at Caesar.

"Chill bruh! I'm just teasing you!, it's just that, I am seriously concerned about you after that incident." Caesar responded.

Caesar was referring to an incident regarding Ezekiel's parents' accident.

Ezekiel was unable to respond to what Caesar threw at him, and it's because he felt guilty about the facts.

*After a minute of silence

"Can you come with me to that open space? I just wanted to refresh my mind?" he said to Caesar while pointing in the specific direction.

"of course!" Caesar replied.

Both of them went to an open space of the super-yacht and watched the vast ocean before them.

Both men inhaled the fresh breeze produced by the ocean.

"You know what Caesar, I can only wish that what happened to my parents is just a horrible nightmare. I can just simply open my eyes to see the real world." Ezekiel said to Caesar while a hint of tears fell down his cheeks.

Caesar could only watch Ezekiel in his current overflowing emotion because even though he had everything including health and wealth he couldn't bring back the life of Ezekiel's parents.

Caesar can only sympathized with Ezekiel at this very moment.

*After 5 minutes of their last conversation,

Ezekiel said to Caesar "How about you Caesar? Do you have anything you want to wish for?".

"I can simply wish to be with you forever until I die, Ezekiel" Caesar casually replied to Ezekiel's question and also his true wish with a hint of happiness that was written on his face.

Ezekiel's face went abruptly from sadness to completely blank emotion.

"Are you fucking kidding me right now Caesar?" Ezekiel replies to Caesar's wish.

"As you may know, I'm not gay and if there is an alternate version of myself in another dimension that is gay, I'm pretty sure he would never be interested in the likes of you; especially with the name Caesar!" Ezekiel added.

Caesar can only smile and looked gently at Ezekiel who was now agitated instead of having a blank face.

After an extended minute of inhaling the fresh breeze.

Ezekiel was finally relaxed and wanted to go back to the inner part of the super-yacht where the huge occasion was held.

"Caesar, can we go back now on the inside? it's getting super cold that it gives me a goosebumps," Ezekiel stated to Caesar while displaying a self-cuddled act.

"Ah okay, sure! Ezekiel." Caesar replied.

Caesar's face marks a confused look because of what he had just heard from Ezekiel.

He can also feel the coldness of the wind but not to a certain point where it can be described as super cold.

Ezekiel walked out for about four steps from where he was originally positioned while having a conversation with Caesar.

Caesar's eyes gently follows the back profile of Ezekiel.

Before Ezekiel can even finish his fifth step of going in.

Ezekiel felt a very disturbing energy that made his very soul uncomfortable, and he heard a very horrifying sound from his back that it seems he's the only one who can hear it!

He looked at Caesar and both their precious eyes met, Ezekiel abruptly redirected his eyes at the phenomenon behind Caesar.

Caesar was very concerned now in regards to his childhood friends' reaction.

It's like, Ezekiel saw some unnatural beings, and also because of his curiosity he also looks at where his childhood friend was looking with wide-opened eyes.

Caesar was also dumbfounded by what he saw! Even his common sense cannot seem to comprehend the phenomenon that was actively happening in front of them.

From his own knowledge, this is not a natural phenomenon on Earth! Caesar unconsciously admitted that this is the very first time he saw this.

The phenomenon was like a blue glowing gaseous element that looks like a vortex, and at the center of the vortex, it slowly turning green!

*after two seconds.

An unimaginable thing had happened! the vortex completely turned green and quickly explodes.

Caesar tried to cover his body for Ezekiel.

He was surprised because it completely passed through his body and the burst of energy also hits Ezekiel.

Caesar felt a very painful sensation in his body, he looked at his hand and saw that it slowly started to disintegrate. It's like the burst of energy was made of anti-matter.

He looked at Ezekiel in horror because he wished a minute ago to be with him forever until he die.

He wanted to reach out to Ezekiel who also tried reaching out to him.

Unfortunately, Ezekiel's disintegration started on his legs.

Both men can see the horrors in their eyes!

*after barely three seconds.

The boat also started to disintegrate and the same had happened to the other attendees.

Screams can be heard everywhere within the super-yacht but no one can seem to hear them at the center of the ocean.

The place where Caesar and Ezekiel positioned was also the first one that had been affected by a sudden burst of unknown phenomenon.

*In the current situation.

Ezekiel wanted to reach out to Caesar.

Ezekiel shouted Caesar's name "Caesar!".

Caesar tried his best in reaching out his hand to Ezekiel until they succeeded.

Unluckily, the part of the super-yacht that they were positioned had already finished its disintegration.

Both men fell into the ocean water while holding tight with each other.

Both of them unexpectedly said in unison their respective names while shedding tears that were invisible under the ocean water.

Caesar and Ezekiel have drowned mercilessly in the deep ocean water.

*After the duration of three seconds.

Both of them were completely separated from each other; that even a single cell was not forgiven, and even a shred of evidence was not given.

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