TWISTED: Chess Piece

"We are the Pawns. Disposable pieces used by the King to maintain their reign." But is that all there is to it? 8 twisted Pawns in a board of 64 squares with 32 Black and White Pieces, who would win this game? Is it the Whites who delivers the first move? Or is it the Black who successfully parries the first blow? Whoever you thought the winner might be, please keep in mind that twisted Pieces are bound to twist the entire game.

Kiyaaan · Realistic
Not enough ratings
212 Chs

Chapter 207

"What should I do?"

Hans muttered to himself, worriedly glancing at the entrance of the mall with a phone on his hand. he just received it now, but Prof texted him something. He said to stay outside and keep watch of the surroundings.

'But I want to see Chess...' he grumbled inside his head.

Still, Hans couldn't do anything but follow.

He kept the phone on his pocket and found a nice wall to lean. He was a few steps away from the entrance with random people going back and forth before him. Then, for some reason, his eyes darted on to a strange man loitering around the place.

He was walking back and forth as if he was anxious.

Hans was alert. Prof told him he must watch the surroundings so there's probably something that's currently happening.