TWISTED: Chess Piece

Author: Kiyaaan
Realistic Fiction
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What is TWISTED: Chess Piece

Read ‘TWISTED: Chess Piece’ Online for Free, written by the author Kiyaaan, This book is a Realistic Fiction Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, MYSTERY Light Novel, DARK Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "We are the Pawns. Disposable pieces used by the King to maintain their reign."But is that all there is to it?8 twisted ...


"We are the Pawns. Disposable pieces used by the King to maintain their reign." But is that all there is to it? 8 twisted Pawns in a board of 64 squares with 32 Black and White Pieces, who would win this game? Is it the Whites who delivers the first move? Or is it the Black who successfully parries the first blow? Whoever you thought the winner might be, please keep in mind that twisted Pieces are bound to twist the entire game.

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Oh boy I'm soo happy to find this. Bless the recommendation weekly tab. I hardly leave a review since I'm not good at it and my English sucks ayyss but seeing how this novel didn't receive the attention it deserved I suppose I'll give one. Reviewing this as of chp.39 (might change later) First of all, it's just amazing. The writing is easy to understand as English isnt my main language and I really appreciate it. Smooth read all the way. Now let's talk about the mysteries in this novel, which I LOVE. Theres many things to discover and uncover along the read. From the main character himself, to the weird relationship between some of the side characters and the mastermind of the 'game' the Chairman (or maybe hes not the true mastermind). Altho, not much revealed ( as in chp39) it still a great read. Oh, You know what this novel kinda remind me of with all the mysteries surrounding the university, Classroom of the Elite (fantastic light novel). A class ranking system and a mysterious MC that seem all frail, week and innocent but actually not. And just a few things that kinda-not-really bother me about this novel, which is not really a problem in the story itself..but just how author seem to never fail and mention it everytime on how really pretty and handsome the MC and other characters are. But I guess that's what you get when the university itself only accept attractive people. Ehhh I can't think anything to write anymore.. just give this novel a chance.


Hi everyone~ this is the author, supporting the story. First of all, one funny fact is I don't play chess. I wrote this story out of curiosity and imagination towards how the chess is played, so in short, this is a Human Chess Game that I just depicted inside my head. Everything happening here is purely fictional but is also something that sometimes happen in reality. My characters are molded out of their traumatic dark pasts, making them into the TWISTED characters that they are now. Slowly, as the story progresses, I want the readers to understand why and how they ended up that way, and, if possible, sympathize with them. If you like realistic backstories, action, a hint of humor, and a slight taste of drama, then you could take a peek and see if you like it. If not, then I suggest you just ignore this story and find a better suiting one for you because I also cannot assure you that this story is the best. Thank you for your patronage~


I think the story is amazing and very interesting. I would recommend to others, but this is just my opinion. Also have a great day everyone.


I'm still in chapter 7 so I cannot say anything about this however the concept is interesting. Also I like the MC having this ppersonality. Please don't drop the story Author-san


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I absolutely love this novel, like wow! I've been reading this since 2019-2020, and I just love it!!! I adore this book so much. Like the author, you did such a good job with writing and the characters and the plot, and everything. Geez, how did you even come up with this. The terrible thing is that I've been waiting for like a year just for the next chapter😭😭😭 I mean, are you not going to continue it, cause if you don't, I'll be really sad and devastated🥺😭😣 Anywayz this is like my favorite novel ever! Good job author and thank you for this🥰😆🤗




It's interesting, intense and really well written story. If you like mystery and mind games this one is definitely worth reading. It makes you engrossed from the very first chapter and gets only better as the story develops.


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Tbh I think this novel is way too underrated... I love how unique is our mc personality the most. He may looks like a cinnamon roll but~~~~. I also like the side characters that also play an important roles to make the novel looks more unique and interesting... Cant wait to read about our mc and side characters backstory~~ Oh yeah! Will this novel have a lil bit of romance or it will only have mystery and actions? I asking this because well i kind of ship our mc with that computer genius ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ I hope there will be a romance even though it was slow paced one 👉👈






The characters are really well developed, and I like the sense if mystery with the mc. Currently gathering as much fast passes as possible. :)


Great novel! It reminds me Assassins C lassroom, however, darker. I like it. I wish MC was more wit. He seems a little bit lazy to solve mysteries. But in overall is's great novel :)


I really love this novel and it's characters especially the MC, The MC is so intriguing that at times I cannot predict his thoughts or actions and can't help but wonder , why did he do this?


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