Twist and turn the life of Agatha

Author: Tinekerr
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What is Twist and turn the life of Agatha

Read ‘Twist and turn the life of Agatha’ Online for Free, written by the author Tinekerr, This book is a LGBT+ Novel, covering REINCARNATION Fiction, SLICEOFLIFE Light Novel, YURI Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: In a mysterious turn of events, a man finds himself reincarnated as a baby. Confused and disoriented, he grapples with h...


In a mysterious turn of events, a man finds himself reincarnated as a baby. Confused and disoriented, he grapples with his newfound existence, gradually realizing the implications of his situation. As he navigates the unfamiliar world of infancy, he encounters different caretakers and begins to piece together the relationships in his new life. however its just the beginning of twist and turn of reincarnation. #Note# -Gender Bender -Futa

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SheniSWAT007 · Sci-fi
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Sorcerer who delivers death

“What ways can the living be tarnished by the evil deeds”. He asks Zihan hoping for an answer but was met with none, Jia sarcastically laughed inkling with regret for he knows that the end has come. "Die for the sake of peace, Jia." Zihan spits heavy words in his shaky tone, pointing the tip of his sword at man’s neck. Staring at the shaken man Jia’s eyes was full of adoration with a bitter smile; he stretches both his arms in the vast. "Zihan, I haven’t got the faintest idea that meeting you will be my happiest moment in my life.” waiting for his execution Jia shut his eyes facing the heavens. Hearing those, Zihan's face gets blotchy, eyes bloodshot and a mist forming in his puff eyelids. Then as swift as the wind blew, a “thud” was heard from the distance. “The witch has died…. He has died.” the crowd behind was cheering overjoyed as the turmoil has finally ended. Just like that, An Jia died in the hand of his confidante. His fated soulmate…... Just like how the bond between the two crumbled. Tears fall unto Zihan’s cheeks. The grieving crows cry as the resentful screams of Wu remnants were heard all over the hail valley for the last time. And then, as night was full of lament, it was followed by a painful silence. They thought the war has ended, but- The gossip around, flared like a blazing fire in the whole city with great horror once again. Yang Zihan the Bai Ling Sect Lord leaves his position, becoming a madman after the turmoil. Sects were collapsing………… And As the lustful glowed of the crimson moon once again emerge The name “Wu Siwang” has finally been born bearing all the resentment of the world. This time the story has officially begin………….

Yin Hu · Eastern
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13 Chs


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