33 Chapter 33- Retaliation

With Souei's arrival it's time to actually fight back. I announce, "With that over with it's time to actually retaliate! First of all," I call over Myulan and Shuna, "You two will be very important. What's keeping the souls from leaving forever is the barrier. However, this barrier does have its downsides because it weakens us. So to fix that I will destroy the barrier. That's where you come in. As soon as the barrier is destroyed you two need to put up a new one. That'll keep the souls safe inside. This barrier is to stay up all the way until we become Demon Lords and revive them, understand?"

"Yes, Lord Migeru!"

I put my hand on their shoulders, "I'm counting on you." Shuna goes red as I turn around. "So, moving on..."

The rest of the plan after that remains pretty much the same. Our fighting forces are to split up into groups and take down the crystals keeping the barriers up while Rimuru and I harvest souls from the main camp. The reason why is a little different however. We don't really need the crystals destroyed to stop the barrier. The Adamant Blade can do that. It's disruption effects can be targeted and last quite a bit so I can destroy the barrier for a solid amount of time by just cutting part of it. Which is exactly what I do.

I run up to the barrier and stab it with my sword. Sprouting my Phoenix Wings I fly upwards and destroy the barrier. As this happens, Shuna and Myulan, each at the center of each city, this is the reason why I enhanced Myulan's magic with a new heart, and put up a barrier around each city to save on cost and efficiency. No one died on the road connecting each city so there's no reason to cover it.

With that complete we get ready to head out. But before we can, Benimaru and Souei walk up to us.

Rimuru asks, "You two wanted to talk?"

Oh, it's this conversation. Benimaru says, "No, we just wanted to tell you two something. We were always part of a fighting race. Souei and I have killed many monsters and humans. To us there has never been any hesitation or difficulty slaughtering our enemies for our comrades, but you two are different. Especially because you two can remember being formerly human. You two have compassion for the humans," Oh Benimaru, I smile, you have no idea, "that's why when you started this village you two made the rule not to harm humans. Even if they were a band of thieves. Slaughtering over 20,000 may leave scars in your hearts. It may not be the case but that possibility worries me."

Rimuru thinks carefully before responding, "That's why, in the event we are no longer ourselves. In the event we, Truly, become monsters, command those who can fight to defeat us." He turns to me, "If it is only me who becomes a true monster, I want you to do it, Migeru."

I give him an actual caring smile. The first one in months, "Alright then, I understand. In that case, you can do the same to me." He's just as naive and optimistic as before. I know I would never become a Demon Lord if I thought it was a dice roll, even to save my friends. [Genius] has given me the ability to guarantee I won't become a monster, but you can't do that. You really are a protagonist. Risking your life for your friends and family, I guess that's why you're so likable right?

Benimaru nods, "I understand."

Rimuru says, "I'm counting on you two."

I smile a bit wider, showing my teeth a little bit, "I guess, so am I."

After that the phrase to prove our sanities becomes the same one as the original. Shion's cooking-tastes like shit. Souei caught on to what was going on but remained silent, simply observing.

As we set the code words up, in my mind I say, apologies Benimaru but the face you'll make when the tables are turned on you will be too funny. I'm not changing the words. At least you won't be tasting poison powerful enough to kill Milim now.

After that is over we leave. Transporting troops actually proves to be easy. "It's been a while since I used this." Using [Spatial Travel] and my World Map, I can teleport anywhere that is registered on my map, which happens to include the entire Forest of Jura. With this, teleporting people to the crystal locations isn't hard at all, even if it is only one at a time thanks to problems concerning teleporting large groups at once. Rimuru and I use this method to teleport everyone to their respective areas and finally teleport to the main attack force we are to slaughter.

Thanks to Razen being off with Geld, he hasn't really arrived yet which is good. I want him to come back and see a destroyed army.

Before we attack I tell Rimuru, "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like Benimaru said, this might be too much for you. You never know."

He puts his mask on, "Don't worry about it. I can handle it."

I smile again as I put on my mask. "Alright then, let's do this."

We both use Megiddo at the same time which would normally confuse Rimuru but given how we can share information through our [Great Sage]'s, he probably figures I learned it through that.

Below us are droplets of water which confuse the people at the base. I watch as one poor idiot walks up directly next to one and looks at it curiously. Let's just say he didn't get to finish his analysis. The droplets of water begin focusing sunlight into lasers which begin killing everyone at the camp in seconds. As panic sets in they run for their lives, only to discover a barrier set up by us to keep them from escaping. As hundreds die by the second panic sets in worse and worse.

Some people try to calm everyone down by telling everyone to simply hide behind a barrier giving a tiny spark of hope to the people, only to have it immediately be dunked in water and buried 6 feet under when the light goes straight through the barriers like it didn't even exist. This is because Megiddo is Physics Magic. Using physical phenomena instead of Magicules makes magical defenses ineffective. With these lights coming from seemingly random directions at light speed, dodging is quickly considered impossible.

That's when Rimuru gets [Merciless] and the death rate skyrockets. Upon its activation the deaths goes from 13,457 according to [Great Sage], to 27,326. When I see a couple stragglers still surviving with a higher amount of willpower I finish them off with [Death Stare]. Total number of deaths, 27,356.

I watch as Rimuru begins absorbing their souls with [Merciless].

{Notice- Unique Skill [Sage's Link] has been activated.

Beginning to obtain souls from other [Great Sage]. Number of souls to be absorbed, 13,678. Once absorbed the transfer of souls will stop.}

I feel as [Sage's Link] transfers souls from Rimuru to me as Magicules begin to accumulate in my body. Then, I hear a voice in the air.

{Beginning of the Harvest Festivals of subjects, Rimuru and Migeru Tempest have commenced.}

As it starts I feel myself getting incredibly tired. Dropping out of my human form and falling to the ground as a Slime, I land on Ranryo. As I can feel myself almost melting around Ranryo's face from failing to muster the strength to hold myself together Ranryo worriedly asks, "Master!?"

I say, "Take me back to the Twin Capitals. I'll complete my evolution there."


As Ranryo runs back to the Twin Capitals I feel an extraordinarily powerful energy appear nearby. Must be Rimuru summoning Diablo. Ha, I'm that case...I call...dibs on...Testaro...ssa. I lose consciousness.

A white flash appears as the evolution to Demon Lord commences.

{Notice- Beginning process of evolution.

Notice- [Genius] subskills [Optimize] and [Zero Time] have been activated.

Notice- As a bonus to evolution into a True Demon Lord the Intrinsic Skill [Demon Lord Haki] has been acquired.

Notice- Unique Skill [Sage's Link] has been activated.

Obtaining [Receive, Provide, Food Chain, Rot, Corrosion, Synthesis, and Separation] from saved skill data.

Notice- Beginning fusion of all skills.

Fusing extra skills into new skills.

[Infinite Regeneration, Universal Thread, Omni Duplication, Perfect Magic Plating, and Omni Strengthening] have been obtained.

[Sage's Link] subskill [Familial Connection and Thought Communication] have been fused into Unique Skill [Tempest Link].

Fusing Extra Skills [Receive, Provide, and Food Chain] with [Sage's Link] subskills [Shared Power 1 and 2] to obtain Unique Skill [All for All].

Using Magicule knowledge to make new skill.

Extra Skill [Manipulator] has been obtained.

Fusing Extra Skills [Hive Mind and Manipulator] to obtain Unique Skill [Alphas Call].

Fusing Unique Skills [Tempest Link, All for All, and Alphas Call] to obtain Ultimate Skill [Alpha King Saul].

Fusing Unique Skills [Cremation and Detonation] with Extra Skills [Rot, Corrosion, and Black Lightning] to obtain Unique Skill [Annihilation].

Using Magicule knowledge to make new skill.

Extra Skill [Bad Breath] has been obtained.

Fusing Extra Skills [Paralysis Breath, Noxious Breath, and Bad Breath] to obtain Unique Skill [Demonic Breath].

Fusing Extra Skills [Death Stare and Menace] to obtain Unique Skill [Demonic Presence].

Fusing Unique Skills [Annihilation, Demonic Breath, and Demonic Presence] to obtain Ultimate Skill [Destruction King Mephistopheles].

Fusing [Predator, Absorption, Dissolve, and Soul Consumption] to obtain Unique Skill [Apex Predator].

Using Magicule knowledge to make new skills.

Extra Skills [Skill Analysis, Copy, Edit, and Solidify] have been obtained.

Fusing Extra Skills [Skill Analysis, Copy, Edit, and Solidify] into Unique Skill [Plagiarizer].

Fusing Unique Skills [Apex Predator and Plagiarizer] to obtain Ultimate Skill [Selfish King Judas].}

A brighter flash appears as the evolution continues.

{Obtaining subject Rimuru's gift. Using Rimuru's Gift to create Unique Skill [Relativity Manipulation].

Fusing Extra Skills [Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Wind Manipulation, Earth Manipulation and Electricity Manipulation] to obtain Unique Skill [True Elemental] and Extra Skill [Molecular Manipulation].

Fusing Extra Skills [Molecular Manipulation and Magic Jamming] to obtain Extra Skill [Magic Manipulation].

Using Magicule knowledge to obtain new skill.

Extra Skill [Law Manipulation] has been obtained.

Fusing Unique Skills [Relativity Manipulation and True Elemental] with Extra Skills [Molecular Manipulation, Spatial Travel, and Law Manipulation] to obtain Unique Skill [Hermetic Reality].

Using Magicule knowledge to obtain new skills.

Extra Skills [Molecular Displacement and Magic Absorption] have been obtained.

Extra Skill [Ranged Barrier] is being upgraded.

Extra Skill [Multilayer Barrier] has been obtained.

Fusing Extra Skills [Multilayer Barrier, Magic Absorption, and Molecular Displacement] to obtain Unique Skill [Dimensional Barrier].

Fusing Unique Skills [Hermetic Reality and Dimensional Barrier] with Extra Skills [Phantasm and Gravity Manipulation] to obtain Ultimate Skill [Spatial King Barachiel].

Extra Skills [Sense Sound-wave, Sense Heat-source, Keen Smell, X-Ray Vision, Night Vision and Magic Sense] have been fused to obtain Unique Skill [Universal Detect].

Using Magicule knowledge to obtain new skills.

Extra Skills [Instinctive Reflexes, Battle Analysis, and Attack Prediction] have been obtained.

Fusing [Great Sage] subskill [Auto-Battle Mode] with Extra Skills [Instinctive Reflexes, Battle Analysis, and Attack Prediction] to obtain Unique Skill [Master Warrior].

Using Magicule knowledge to obtain new skills.

Unique Skills [Magicule Manipulation and Skill Manipulation] have been obtained.

Attempting to evolve [Great Sage].


Using Magicule knowledge to obtain new skill.

Extra Skill [Calculation] has been obtained.

Attempting to fuse [Great Sage] with remaining [Genius] subskills and Extra Skills [Calculation, Cartographer, and Thought Acceleration].

Fusion successful, Unique Skill [Greater Sage] has been obtained.

Fusing Unique Skills [Greater Sage, Magicule Manipulation, Skill Manipulation, Master Warrior and Universal Detect] to obtain Ultimate Skill [Intellectual King Solomon].

Fusing all resistances.

Absolute Resistance has been obtained.}

A blinding flash of light appears as the Harvest Festival almost ends.

{Notice- Using Magicule knowledge to obtain new skill.

Replication Skill [Magicule Fusion Reactor] has been obtained.}

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