Twin Reincarnation: Epics Of The Worldline

Warning!: There might be some 'red' graphic chapters. Suggestion: The main tags are #Reincarnation, #System, #R18. MCs practically aren't heroes but defidefinitely crazy in many ways. * Two people, different from each other and yet quite similar. Unique, and still strangely too compatible. Special on their own, yet when together, nothing might possibly defeat them... Inseparable, even through the vicious cycle of life and death. Intelligent and wise, so much so that the whole world might envy her gift. Stubborn and gentle but a perseverance so great that even geniuses would long for his finesse. They were special. And they were also together. So the bitchy world got jealous and played his dirty tricks infamous throughout the countless tales of the world. They were amazing, but at the end of the day, they were mortals, bound by the inseparable chains of death. So... just when they finally felt like they had everything they could ever wish for, the bastard gave them the ultimate gift and curse—a miserable end. They died, but it wasn't the end of story though. Death wasn't enough to separate the two stubborn individuals. They were reincarnated after cutting off the strings of fate but still, the world was a bitch, and doing nasty things was its calling. They found each other again in a familiar world this time. From the start too. They were happy for a moment but then they found out... they looked too alike to ignore. The world was a jealous bitcha and they were most likely twins. (Yeah... they still love each other.) It would have been more than enough to separate two people with normal thinking, no? Alas for the world, they were anything but normal... * Expect some bad things and some good things. I'm humbly open to any and all suggestions and some actually good ones might actually get mentions in the story. The updates might not be consistent till May because of my very good (so good I want to punish the higher ups like El) Uni stuff. I will do my best and all but hey, I'm hoping this one will be good. Try it if anything caught your attention. * (Ch. Name)* = Little inappropriate content, strong language. (Ch. Name)** = Actual pink stuff. (Blush). You know... what people might like. #(Ch. Name) = Graphic content. Read at your own risk (Red chapters). * Every 201 PS: 1 bonus chapter by the end of week. Every 30 GT: 1 bonus chapter by the end of week. Every gift worth 1000 coin: 1 bonus chapter by the end of week. Every gift worth 5000 coin: 3 bonus chapters as fast as I can.

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273 Life of an immortal

[OP: ]

What is it to like to live, longer than everyone else?

To not die?

To just live on, not age, and do not suffer from any kind of illness or disease.

To not be affected in any way physically or mentally due to the passage of time, to have greater strengths than most of the other beings present all around you, to have experienced all the things there were to experience in this world… to have lived a life too long to have forgotten most of the things that you have already done, experienced, and gone through?

Is it possible to know how it is like to have lived like that?

To have lost the people that you ever attached yourself to because of the curse of eternal mortality?

To have seen all kinds of destruction, massacres, wars, deaths, and carnage that the mortals are capable of?

To live, and see others die… can someone imagine how it feels to long for death, but be restricted to attain it by their own hands?