Twilight: Really! I Didn't Ask For This!

Well Ryan is in the world of Twilight now, it's time to see what his adventure can bring. /////// Updates when I feel like it. This Fic has characters from different movies and TV shows, it also does not follow canon a lot, you are warned! Not everything follows Canon so do not get on me about something being different. This is what Fan fiction is for. Also random number of words, usually between 1,500 and 3,500 though. /////// Warning!!! Mention of drugs so read at own cost, I am not promoting it, just using it in here. (Really just Weed) I own nothing but my own ideas and OC, image cover not mine.

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Here we go!

Sorry guys this book was something that I did as something to help me relieve stress for my other books. I will have to go back and see what exactly I did with this book but when I figure it out I will post chapters for it, give me a week or two.

I might just start post again for this starting January 1st or 2nd just depends.