1 The Wandering Soldier #001

Life and death, what is the meaning of those when we have people dying and coming back to life.

Has God forsaken us?

Is he punishing us?

Is this a trial?

I sure am done believing in such trivial matters. I was sent home just before the dead started rising. They called me back, but the rendezvous point where I was supposed to meet my captain was eliminated by those flesh eating monsters.

It has been quite a few weeks since it started. 3 to be exact, I am traveling alone with my assault riffle, a gun, and a knife.

I supposed it is useless to have guns now that the world has completely shut down, but as soon as I saw those monsters and the public still were mostly oblivious to them, I raided a gun shop.

I mean, the world was gonna go to shit and I didn't have money, the goverment doesn't really pay us soldiers well enough. The only good pay would be if I die and my family gets my insurance, that's the only way, but then I'll be dead.

So I raided a store and stole as many bullets as I could and some guns.

Still, even the store didn't have a lot of ammo, so I took what I could, I have them in my backpack.

Family... mom died when I was a kid, and my dad became a drunk and abuser due to her passing early. He was bitten and was turned.

I killed my dad with a bullet on the head, since it is the only way to kill these motherfuckers. I am an only child, so I guess I am the last of my bloodline. I don't have many friends.

Girlfriends... well, there was this girl I talked to a lot for about a few months back, I met her in a trip to vacation in California, we got close and we started sharing long phone calls and even sexy photos, well, that was until I realized she was still 17 years old.

Man, my friends in the army roasted me because of that, me sending pics of my huge cock I am proud of and her sending me pics of her small pink pussy.

But ever since this started, we lost contact, I don't know where she is. She doesn't know where I am. I just hope wherever she is, she is alright.

I can't go looking for someone when I don't know where they are.


Honestly, I feel pretty fucking lonely about now, I even miss that one slut in the army who would let anyone fuck her, not that I ever had sex with her, she was STDs walking in front of me.


My ears twitched, and I turned around, my M4 on hand pointing towards the sound.

A blonde girl widened her eyes and started shaking as I was aiming right at her. She looked as if she was about to cry.

"D-don't s-shoot!!" she said in a panic, low voice.

I furrowed my brows. This looked like a setup, but the way she is sweating and shaking in fear makes me think otherwise.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. I feel like 'who are you?' wouldn't matter here, not like someone with ill intentions will tell me what they are doing either, but this young girl is frightened to the core.

"I- I was j-just l-looking for s-someplace t-to p-p-pee!" she stuttered nervously.

"I searched her body with my eyes. She was wearing very short shorts and a blouse that didn't hide her belly button, I looked for a few seconds longer on her flat stomach, her hair was in a pony tail.

I sighed. "Turn around," I said in a comanding voice.

The young girl flinched and slowly turned around. She wasn't carrying any guns or weapons. Again, my eyes stayed a few seconds later on her perky bubble butt.

Damn! could it be I'm seriously backed up? My brain is imagining me pinning the young girl and making her moan beautifully.

'Men do really think with their lower heads first!' I couldn't help but feel dread. I'm not a rapist but I sure as heck would be flirting with this girl if this world wasn't fucked already.

I had encountered people who played victim only to be assholes in the end. Well, I'm glad I was in the army and was taught how to defend myself. Otherwise, I would have been long dead by now.

"I-I'm sorry... p-please let me go... my s-sister is waiting for me! I-I didn't tell her I was going out! p-please don't kill me, " she said, starting to cry.

I sighed and lowered my gun.

"You are with a group?" I asked, her back still facing me.

"Y-yes" she answered, unsure or whether she should have said anything but her fear won the best of her.

I walked up to her and spoke right next to her, making her jump in surprise.

"Hiiigh," she screamed but covered her mouth to muffle her scream.

I looked at her weird. "You okay?" I asked.

"I-I just... you just appeared beside me!" she said, her cheeks reddening as she looked over my body.

I can't really blame her for the first part, I was known as the Silent Cat in the army, and I would infiltrate and attack. Now, her eyes roaming my body, I'm not narcissist, but I know why she is ogling me.

In short, I am a stud, 6'2 ft tall, tanned skin due to so much time spending under the sun, blonde hair and sky blue eyes, a blonde handsome devil.

My cargo baggy pants, my tight black shirt hugging my thick arms, chest, back, shoulders, and abs. I am built to last.

My blue eyes with my crew cut blonde hair, medium stubble beard. I looked good.

"Well, you just don't pay attention," I say to her.

"Are you lost by any chance?" I asked, I knew for a fact there wasn't anything around. A mile away, there was a small lake. She couldn't have been that far if that's where she is... right?

She blushed at my question and looked down.

"I... am... I d-didn't mean to be t-this far b-but I wanted to be pretty far to pee, b-but I think I got lost and I don't know where we are either, " she said, nervous thinking she messed up, which she did.

I nodded, " I know a place near here, a lak-"

"Yes! that's where me and the others are!?" she said, interrupting me. I raise an eyebrow at her.

She blushed and looked down, embarrassed. "S-sorry!" she said in a mosquito voice.

I wonder how old she is to be acting this childish and cute.

"Sorry for not introducing myself, I'm Gabriel." I said, extending my hand toward her.



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