TWD: A New Beginning From the End of the World

"I only know what will happen in this world." One day like any other in the madness inside Arion's head, he wakes up and learns he is in the world of The Walking Dead. After a heavy sleep, he discovers he doesn't have depersonalization disorder and all that stuff he felt was just his inner self warning that something wasn't right. What does he do to survive? In a world plagued by walkers and danger everywhere. His power? He knows the plot well enough to know the ending. Because he was one of the many fans who finished watching it. Read Arion Darcy's story to see how he survives and takes advantage of his knowledge according to his abilities. At least, you should know that this is not the first world he wakes up in. You can read more chapters in my P_treon: SrCuervo. Note: This is a sort of prequel to my latest fanfiction Infinite Worlds: Attack On Titan. The MC doesn't know much about his other lives, but that won't stop him from living a new one. Read the auxiliary chapter before reading the story, thanks for your support.

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Airon, since arriving at the base, did not want to waste any more time and led a strike team to clear a complicated area outside the university. 


Howls characteristic of walkers echoed outside an apartment building, and dozens of walkers moved forward, walking towards the stairs of the second floor at a normally fast speed. 

When there are many walkers, some would fall down due to the somewhat complicated climb, but then those walkers would get up and continue climbing.

Airon, who was silently waiting for all the walkers to be lured into this building, slowly listened to the commotion outside, walked towards the stairs and then gave a signal for the team behind him to prepare. 

"Remember ammo is important, in a situation like this if you run out of ammo a melee would be very disadvantageous as we have no way out!" 

"I understand sir!" 

Airon pulled the assault rifle from the side of the backpack behind him, pulled the bolt, and pointed it towards the corridor where the walkers were exiting and pulled the trigger. 

"Bang bang bang bang bang bang!" 

Bullets shot out of the chamber, all heading for head height and some even hit the legs of the walkers ahead and splattered dark blood to the sides. 

The walkers who were shot in the legs, the bullet broke the bones inside and consequently, the walkers at the front of the small horde could not stand and fell forward, knocking down numerous figures behind them. 

One by one, the walkers fell and the walkers slowed their forward speed. The soldiers in front of Airon slowly and unhurriedly shot many of the walkers, some were eliminated with a single bullet piercing their rotting heads, this slowed down the ammunition consumption a lot. 

Seeing this, Airon kept firing after expending all the bullets in his magazine, he turned back and said, "Reloading, your turn has come gentlemen!" 

"Yes sir!" 

After Airon stepped back, several soldiers with nervous expressions replaced those who were about to change their empty magazine, causing the shooting to never stop. 

As Airon changed magazines, he looked at the walkers crawling on the ground, pulled out his pistol with silencer and shot them all in the head without exception. 

After dealing with the walkers on the ground, Airon looked at the group behind him and said, "The time has come to move forward, remember the rules of movement and always be vigilant." 


As he moved forward, Airon checked the distance of the targets ahead and silently calculated how long it would take him and his group to eliminate them. 

"Bang bang bang bang bang bang!" 

"Reloading, cover me!" 

"Zz... Commander..." 

Just as Airon was having fun in this cleanup, the radio in his ears rang and it came from a soldier who was guarding the grounds outside the building. 

Taking out a few more walkers, Airon's group descended the stairs littered with corpses and continued clearing the path without any casualties. Seeing that the ground was slightly under control, Airon touched a button on his chest and asked, "Zzz.... What's going on?" 

In addition to the movement and the sound of gunfire in this apartment building, the movement had caught the attention of many walkers in the vicinity and they began to approach. 

"Zz... Sir, there are at least dozens of walkers surrounding the armored cars, plus many are being attracted due to the movement of this place." 

As Airon advanced down there, he looked at many walkers on the street and they all began to be cleared. The soldier in the armored car thought that Airon would lose his patience due to this unforeseen event, but he underestimated his commander who led the whole group without any fear on his face. 

These small actions that Airon does without realizing it, inspired all the soldiers around him to keep moving forward. Who wouldn't be proud that their leader is on the battlefield? 

"Switch to cold weapons and take out the remaining walkers by making a circle, two more take charge of watching the surrounding area for enemies!" Shouted Airon as he pulled a machete from his back. 

"Roger that, Carter and Charlie look for enemies on top of the armored cars." Shouted a soldier of the group who was the captain of this squad. 

In his eyes, he learned a lot from what Airon was showing him, he had originally thought this commander would be no big deal, but unexpectedly it turned out he is endowed with knowledge and many skills to fight the infected head on. 

Raising the assault rifle in his hand, the captain slammed the butt of it into an approaching walker and knocked it to the ground, then smashed its head with his boot. 

They all pulled out cold weapons and began to eliminate the walkers without expending more ammunition, they had all learned the process in different ways so as not to get hurt by mistakes, processes for dealing with crisis situations. 

The most important thing about this is that humans are faster and smarter than the living dead, so it is impossible for a walker to bite someone in a squad of ten to fifteen people. 

What about considering the hordes? 

In normal situations there are effective methods to go unnoticed, there are protocols that must be carried out even if walkers attack the base. That is why the walls are large and resistant, they are impossible to climb and be destroyed in normal situations. 

And now, with the passage of time it is difficult for a large horde of walkers to be found in the city and even if so, there is enough equipment to eliminate large hordes of walkers. Also, when winter arrives is when large scale cleanups will be done around the base with cold weapons. 

The frozen walkers should be eliminated by having those advantages, so now everything was going in perfect condition. There were weapons, military vehicles and helicopters at each of the bases so there was no concern about a threat like the walkers. 

It is true that the walkers destroyed armies and numerous soldiers, but now the soldiers and people who survived are incredible soldiers who can be trusted. 

Upon returning to the base, Airon shared some things he had observed in this place and also showed everyone that there was a large stadium not far away which could be used to harvest crops, all important spaces must be utilized without delay. 

The bases in the city are the most dangerous but also the ones with the most opportunities to get resources, there were factories, pharmacies, hospitals, police stations, stores and many other structures that would make things easier to survive and would also offer the central base a source of stable materials.

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