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Adam smith all his life he tried to repay the debt he owed to the loan sharks. In the end he got killed during a police shootout. Now gets a second chance to truly live his life and enjoy a little at least not try dying a visit again. _______________________________________ Overpowered MC: NO, Weak to Strong: Yes, smut: little bit, r18 or sex scenes: depends on power stones, ______________________________________________________________________- Disclaimer none of the characters in Tvd belongs to me just writing for fun

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chapter 05 New Arrivals in Town [Updated]

I was astonished and unconsciously just smiled at her as she walked by. 

The beautiful lady noticing someone staring at her also turns to look at that person and smiles back at the man and walks into the Lockwood Mansion. 

That' it looking at her smile at me. I threw my shovel away and sprinted towards the Lockwood mansion to try to get to know who she was as I walked through the corridors of the mansion searching for her

Searching for her. I found her near the entrance of the Mayour's Office. She was talking to Mr. Jacob Lockwood the current Mayor of Mystic Falls.

I quietly sneaked near an open window and crouched down near it. As I was a little far I could only hear them speaking about buying a few properties.

I knew I couldn't get any information here. So just as I was about to return the moment I quietly walked back without making any noise I felt bumping into something I turned back to look and I was caught.

"Now what are the chances of a farmboy entering the mansion during the day only to be eavesdropping on the mayor." James looked at Adam who was behaving very suspiciously.

"Ahh, it isn't like that brother I was just here to discuss a new business deal with the Mayor and I heard that he was currently occupied so I was just on my way back home," I said to my brother using my best serious plus poker face.

"Hmmm! I never heard that there was a new entrance at the Mayor's window. Why don't I give him a message." James just looked at Adam and quietly started walking towards the Mayor's Office as he spoke in a light tone.

"No no nono it's not like that brother I was just curious you know, she might be new to the town she might need someone to show her around you know you can get lost if you are not careful" getting caught by his brother adam still didn't want to admit that he was here for a woman.

"Getting lost that too, in a town like Mystic Falls," James replied in sarcasm.

'although I don't want to embarrass my little brother, I might as well help him.' James silently thought.

As they both were conversing the office door was opened and Mayor and Ms. Pearl looked at both of them standing in the hallway.

The moment he was about to speak the doors of the study were opened and the Mayor walked out with his company.

"James what are you doing here and how are you Adam" Jacob Lockwood asked them.

Jacob's voice startled both the brothers.

I'm fine sir. just visiting my brother." Adam also greeted Jacob as he was a good man who also helped his family. He was also a little bit guilty about using compulsion on him last time.

"Sir, I called my brother as I heard our guests were new to town so Adam can show them the town," James replied ignoring the flustered gaze from his brother.

"That's great Adam this is Ms. Pearl new to the town. show her the town and the city's available properties." Jacob left after handing the matters to Adam.

"Yes sir, "

"Then I shall also be taking my leave" After walking a few steps ahead this time only Adam can see his brother. He raised his hand and gestured to him 'Best of luck brother'.

I just ignored my brother's antics as I vowed silently to take revenge on him.

"Hello Mylady, I'm Adam Smith. Farmboy, retired Military soldier, owner of the largest printing press, and last but not the least author of famous Romance novels." Since no one was around I just Introduced myself and end of my sentence I didn't forget to give my best charming smile with a pose.

A maid walking nearby thought ' What a creep'.

Pearl "....."

Pearl just looked at him blankly as if not understanding anything that was happening.

'yes, I forgot I'm in the 1800s and a woman doesn't know what a pick-up line sounds like.' I thought to myself and silently gave her a pitiful look.

[Author: Yeah you who died as a virgin because he couldn't even date a woman should be talking about pick-up lines.]


Realizing his own failed attempt. He just showed her around the town and explained to her all about Mysticfalls and its founding families and its influences around here.

Finally, by the end of our tour, she decided to buy an apothecary. Although the building was a little small it comes with a large land of medicinal garden.

As we were on our way back I happened to catch sight of Damon escorting a lady.

"Hey Damon, who's the beautiful lady," I called to him and gave him a knowing look.

Damon without hinting at anything just replied maintaining a poker face.

"This is Ms.Katherine Pierce, and Miss Katherine this is my close friend Adam Smith." Damon introduced them to each other.

"Hello Mr. Smith" Katherine smiled and shook hands with Adam.

I just stood there in silence. the moment I shook hands with her something felt different and I knew what it was because every time I touched my necklace I felt the same way because it contains magic in it.

'Maybe she's a witch I mean it's not that weird as I also encountered them before but this feeling or the vibe she has just didn't sit right with me.' Adam silently thought.

Seeing that he was still holding her hand he quickly let go and apologized for his rude behaviour.

"I'm sorry forgive me its just some times I zone out for no reason."

Damon just looked at him weirdly thinking something that I couldn't comprehend.

"No, it's alright I usually get that a lot" Katherine just smiled and said nothing but her eyes said something different.

"This is Ms. Pearl she's also new in town." seeing that the situation getting awkward he just shifted his attention to Pearl.

"Hello Ms. Katherine"

"Hello Ms.Pearl"

They both smiled and introduced themselves to each other.



Ignoring the previous incident Adam escorted Ms.Pearl back home.

In front of Pearl's house

"Thank you for taking the time to show me around Mr. Smith." Pearl looks at him with a small smile on her face.

"Please no need to call me Mr. Smith you can just call me Adam and if you need anything in Mystic Falls you can just ask me I would love to help you" Mesmerized by her smile I just replied staring into her eyes.

"Mom your back" a voice interrupted us, A young lady came out of the house. she looked like she was 15 or 16.

But that was not I was focusing on 'MoM' I just thought silently.

"This is my Daughter Anabelle" Pearl introduced her daughter to him.

I just stood there stunned again thinking just how many times I was getting stunned today met a beautiful lady who has a 16-year-old daughter but still beggars can't be choosers. at least in this life, I need to get rid of this curse and I choose you.

Looking at Pearl I just silently vowed to myself.

"Hello" I just greeted her but she also looked beautiful.

'Suddenly I looked back I felt like I heard a Police siren. Nah!! It was just my Imagination anyway nothing is impossible in the future and Hehehehe' Adam silently had an evil laughter in his mind keeping his poker face on the outside.


Later that night at the bar.

"Hey," I and Damon were drinking.

"So what's the deal with her," I asked damon because I just wanted to make sure nothing was weird.

Damon questioned me giving me a bit serious stare "What about you I saw you giving her weird looks"

"It's just when I touched her something felt different"I replied to damon not wanting him to misunderstand.

"you into her, " Damon asked me again looking doubtfully at me.

"No no God no, it's not like that its like when I touched her I sensed she had magic in her," I confessed to damon about the doubts and the weird feeling I had on her. no matter what I didn't want my friend getting hurt.

"Here take this bracelet I added a spell to it If any supernatural tries to harm you it would in turn knock her out buying you enough time to escape." I didn't know what she was so I just added a general attack spell to the bracelet but only if I knew what she was I could have added a specific spell.

"Woahh calm down you must have guessed it wrong I mean I was with her and I did not sense anything wrong and also she came from Atlanta her family died in a fire accident. So give her a break." I didn't want to continue arguing with him and it's not like I have any solid proof instead of a vague guess.


After drinking I was on my way home and was recalling my first meeting with Pearl.

I didn't know but as I was reminded about her unconsciously a smile appeared on my face. How beautiful she was and her body although she having a kid kind of stunned me I didn't mind it after all Im from the modern era where all kinds of shit happened. and I just wanted to get to know her and if possible date her.

Thinking about her I already reached my home but what surprised me was why she was standing out there. Looking at me she smiled.

"Hello, Adam." Pearl smiled and for a moment we both kept staring at each other.

"A-" Just as I was about to reply she came up to me and kissed me. Her lips were very soft as if they were about to melt away and sweet I couldn't get enough of it. we both kept kissing for a few minutes just like that.

Something felt a bit different about all this but I ignored it and just enjoyed the feeling of her lips and we hugged each other closely. The night seems to be going to be a very long one.


A few minutes ago, Somewhere near the forest.

"Do we have to do this I mean going this far?" Pearl asked looking at Katherine.

"We need to know who he is and who he works for we cant be careless after all we've been through we can't afford to make any mistakes. Emily is everything ready?" Katherine warns Pearl and looks at the other person who was present just standing there calmly 

"If I cast a spell he would notice it. I have heard about his kind just didn't know that they existed. f you use magic even a tiny bit of it. it wouldn't go unnoticed but there are loopholes for everything. So the best thing to do is do it the old-fashioned way. you just need to keep this ring near you at all times this ring will hide the fact that you're a vampire so even if he touches you it will dampen his senses but be very careful this spell won't work for long the more he gets used to this spell the faster his body will adaptable to it and then he will be able to find out the problem and also don't let him touch this thing. it only has a radius of 5 meters so be careful. " Emily calmly explains as she hands the ring.

Pearl hesitates for a moment and looks at Katherine then nods silently takes the ring from Emily and goes ahead with the plan they prepared for Adam.


Word count:2001

Sorry for the delayed release of the chapter. I have been making adjustments to the plot so had to rewrite many things.

Once again thank you for reading. 

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