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Adam smith all his life he tried to repay the debt he owed to the loan sharks. In the end he got killed during a police shootout. Now gets a second chance to truly live his life and enjoy a little at least not try dying a visit again. _______________________________________ Overpowered MC: NO, Weak to Strong: Yes, smut: little bit, r18 or sex scenes: depends on power stones, ______________________________________________________________________- Disclaimer none of the characters in Tvd belongs to me just writing for fun

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chapter 04: 1864 Past Begins

After reading the letter it disappeared. I opened the box there were a few old books in it.

five books in total. Witches Basic Guide for spellcasting, Introduction of Vampires and spells, Introduction of ritual magic, Introduction of alchemy, and Introduction of werewolves and spells.

There was also the magical parchment which was a bit like this(📜) like a scroll easy to hold and hide I guess and also a necklace which I'm guessing is a magical artifact. Dont know what it does as there was no item status.

Catching the artifact I tried to absorb its magic but nothing happened seems like I need to train my body from tomorrow onwards.

Placing all the items back in the box Adam hid them under his bed and went to sleep.


Next day.

Waking up early before sunrise Adam started to follow the famous OP god Saitama's training schedule 10k runs, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 squats.

"Ha Ha Ha " Adam started heavily panting as he just finished his training schedule. His body was totally tired but he was able to manage it thanks to his years of farm work. Guess body needs to be the top priority.

Knowing that I can't youse my magic for at least a few months and also need to travel. And also being low on cash I guess I need to make a harsh decision.


[Time Skip-1864]

I couldn't travel around because I needed to train my body and there weren't exactly any martial arts academy or a dojo to speed up my process. So I joined the army after leaving home. Guess my brother was a little angry with my decision but he was okay with it.

Within just two years after joining, I was put through literal hell guess no matter what era it is there is no easy in Military training. But I was able to survive and my body also managed to reach the fully awakened my siphoning powers.

Although I didn't test it on the necklace because staying military I didn't quite have the time to finish my magic books but I was able to get the general knowledge of how a human becomes a vampire or how the intent is crucial in spell casting and also bloodline is very important if you want to be a witch. And also to be very careful during full moon not to go into woods, etc...

The moment I wanted to resign from being a soldier and go home civil war began so I couldn't get home and Damon also had to join the army mostly because of his father. We met a few times he and I were posted in different regions.

In 1863 I received a letter for which I had no choice but to drain a bit of magic from the necklace. (P.S. I have been wearing the necklace and never left it behind. I just used to get home to study since books needed to be hidden).

I used witch compulsion on my senior officer so that he could stamp my Resignation on the grounds of being injured in battle. and I returned home it was my brother's wedding finally but that wasn't the reason I had to come in the letter he mentioned there were a few recent animal attacks in which victims were drained of blood.

So I had to make sure my brother was okay but after I arrived I started to focus more on witchcraft magic it took a few months but I was able to get proficient in it. And also a new location appeared on the map.

So took a travel, and I had to go to Portland, Oregano specifically. my journey would have taken months but thanks to trains which were already established during 1827. So my journey just took a few weeks.

I met quite a few witches they belonged to a coven they call themselves the "Gemini Coven." They basically behaved like some kind of supernatural police but they were quite powerful and they always travelled in groups. So any lone vampire or werewolves sited they will be killed.

I was able to get my books they were literally inside a library and used a little compulsion to sneak them out. So during my journey back I wasted no time and started to learn as much as possible mainly focused on things that can protect me and my brother's family.

After I returned with my current knowledge I created a magic spell that blocks any magical creature entering our house. for example, if someone was compelled by a vampire to invite them in those creatures still can't come in. I got the inspiration from how vampires couldn't get in without an invitation. So only if their name is written on the book on which I cast can they enter the house. Even witches can't but powerful witches might be able to enter.

For now, the house was Safe, I started working on a few spells that could protect them and also some life-saving spells cast on a few rings and chains. Just in case I already died once didn't want to go threw it again.

A few months back this crazy thing happened I was able to save someone who was also a witch from a vampire.

So here I am thinking all the problems were solved there were no attacks again and me back to my old life as a farm boy.

"Hey farmboy want to grab a drink." a voice exclaimed me out of my thoughts.

"Damon how did you get here I mean you are supposed to be still in the army. I mean how did they even let you go." I was surprised by seeing Damon in front of me that too now when the war is in full swing.

"I had to come brother problems I received his message. So I rushed here." Damon answered back.

"how about you I heard that you got injured and I came here to visit you and you seem more than fine," Damon asked curious even though he saw him in the army.

He must be curious about how much I changed I mean my own brother couldn't recognize me I grew tall, and even though I looked lean I was still like a hunk with muscles and a handsome face. 

"I don't know guess I'm natural " I replied funnily 

we both laughed went to the bar and had some drinks.

"Damon do you want to know a secret but first you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone. " I asked Damon I mean I'm getting bored with all the trouble gone I wanted someone to share my secret and also talk about all the things happening I mean his my best friend I don't want him to get hurt.

 "OK, why are you being all that spooky about" damon looks at his friend with a questioning look.

We were sitting inside a booth inside the bar. I looked around once to notice if anyone was watching and I slowly cast a spell on the whiskey and it slowly started to float out of the cup.

Damon was instantly shocked at how it was happening and looked at his friend to verify if he was the same one that he knew.

"What, I mean how can you do that," Damon asks Adam.

having prepared an answer Adam answered damon question.

"Well I could do magic since I was little but I only got proficient a bit now. I mean after I came out of the army I traveled a lot and met a few witches. Damon witches are real I mean magic is real." 

Like that I shared my secret with my best friend but I didn't know then that this would be the most regretted moment of my life.


Ever since sharing my secret, I felt a little of my burden relieved I mean there are times when even the main character has to take his friend's help and I was very excited to cast a few spells in front of him and Stefan also got to know to which I didn't mind it was more like my arrogance was way above my head.

As usual, I was doing my routine of work on the farm even though my brother asked if I didn't want to work I didn't have to, and thanks to my help we recently started a printing press Thanks to a little compulsion on Lockwoods they gave us the town contract so from now on we get to print the newspapers, books and also my own novels which are quite a Hit and also earning a very good amount of money.

'Me singing and doing my work that's when I noticed a lady was passing by towards the Lockwood Masion instantly the moment I saw her I was stunned because I kinda knew her and had a crush on her when I was a teen before I was reborn"

On the road, a young woman wearing a corset shows the hourglass shape of her body, and her facial features were American Chinese walking towards the mansion with a few women by her side.

Adam just stood there like a statue looking at her stunned as if he had just seen a celebrity.


P.S."If someone says that she is not beautiful then they damn sure haven't seen The Scorpion King" 

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