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Adam smith all his life he tried to repay the debt he owed to the loan sharks. In the end he got killed during a police shootout. Now gets a second chance to truly live his life and enjoy a little at least not try dying a visit again. _______________________________________ Overpowered MC: NO, Weak to Strong: Yes, smut: little bit, r18 or sex scenes: depends on power stones, ______________________________________________________________________- Disclaimer none of the characters in Tvd belongs to me just writing for fun

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chapter 02: Smith Family

" Push harder." 

"I can see the Head coming out."

'am I again inside some kind of dark space what is this place i try to extend my arms but all I keep feeling is as If I'm deep inside an ocean.' Adam thought.

"Alright, the heads coming out please push harder one more time."

'I see some kind of light and hear voices wait am I inside a vag-'

Before I could finish my thought process some bitch just grabbed my head and yanked me out full force.

'Ok now I can't open my eyes everything is too bright looks like it will take time for my eyes to adjust to the outside world. but then again I can clearly see the bitch who yanked me out holding my head and carrying me in her arms right now.'

"The baby is out it's a healthy boy." the headmaid exclaimed and everyone in the room sighed a relief and began to congratulate the woman who was lying on the bed exhausted.

"wait why isn't the baby crying." someone raised their concern at the silent baby, unlike the normal babies who cry.

the moment someone voiced their concerns the mother was instantly frightened and asked

"Is he okay ?"

'I had a very bad feeling the moment someone said I was not crying and just as I was about to open my mouth.'

pat!! pat!! pat!!!

'That's it I have had enough of this crazy psychotic bitch. First, you yanked me out of a freaking vagina holding just my head now you slap my ass before I could open my mouth I'm definitely going to take my revenge on you.'

"Why is the baby still not crying" the head maid raised the baby to look at him.

'Yes here comes revenge you child ass slapping bitch.'

The moment the head maid raised to look at me I took my revenge the only possible way I could at the moment I pissed on her face.

The crowd just looked at what the baby did and laughed.

The head maid also just smiled at the baby's antics placed him near the mother and left outside to announce the news.

'As soon as I was placed beside the woman whom I only can assume gave birth to me there was only one word in my mouth 'stunning' My mother is a beauty.'

The doors of the room were opened and a man in 30s with a moustache and light beard walked in near us.

'looking at the elder man I'm guessing my father' As I was thinking the elder man looked at me.

"What do you think of naming him John." my mother asked. 

"Adam Smith" my father replied.

"Father is that my brother." a little boy of 5 years old came beside my father and was jumping to look at me.

'Ok so now I have a brother that too a big brother. After living all my life by myself this is going to take a while to get used.'


[Time skip 6 years]

 'It's been six years since I was born in 1839 yes I was transmigrated to the past unlike when I used to live in 2024 and this place is called Mystic Falls. Never knew such a town ever existed in America back then but again many towns in the past were just erased.'

'I had few problems getting used to the fact the toilets aren't that developed in this era but then again over time these six years I got over it.'

"Adam, what are you doing outside? How many times I have to tell you, you can't just walk around here." 

A young boy around 10 or 11 years old rushed near him. who looked a bit like him.

'That's my elder brother James. Currently, we are in a place called the Lockwood family mansion. Our parents moved into this town in the 1820s before James was born right now our father works under the Lockwood family. He is more like a butler and my brother also helps around, So today after my long persuasion to go outside the house to look at the world instead of going for a tour around he made me come and watch him while he worked.'

"I'm bored James you told me we could go to the town's festival and all you do is tend to the farm here," I complained, whining to my brother.

James just looked at his younger brother and sighed.

"All right but first let me finish with the work here and we both will go there in an hour."

"Yes," Adam jumped celebrating his victory by finally convincing his brother to leave.


Walking along with my brother, the streets were fi with people and many games to play. I looked around and was attracted by the laine commotion in one area.

"Woah !" exclaimed kids around the game around my age throwing rocks right at the ballon with each throw. Iballoon game called it the balloon game. My knowledge about guns is strictly restricted.

"Who is that kid brother ?" I asked my brother curious about who the kid was.

"He's the son of Salvator Jamesy, Damon Salvator," James replied to his younger brother.

"Brother can I also play that game only once please, "I asked my brother didn't know whether he was carrying cash in his pockets.

"I'm sorry Adam I didn't bring any cash," James said sadly because he couldn't fulfill his brother's wish.

"It's alright brother but can you promise me something"

"What" James questioned

"First promise me"

"Alright, I give you my word." my brother promised knowing that I was stubborn.

As soon as I got my brother's word I went ahead pushing the crowd. When I got near the booth.

I looked at the boy who was currently having fun and playing the game going near him. I started to taunt him.

"Hey kid having fun by winning over a few wimps and losers"

"Who the hell are you, don't call me kid when you're also a kid." Damon angrily retorted back to the kid who just taunted him. The other kids around him also started to stare at me with a visible amount of hate in their eyes. 

"Do you think you can beat me at this game I have been winning since the last five rounds."

Hearing Damon Salvator's challenge, I just smiled and started to laugh thinking how easily I can manipulate a kid in my mind.

"Is something wrong with you why are behaving like an idiot?" 

Hearing Damon's just snapped me out of the trance.

"Ok, what are the odds"

"For the last three rounds, I was able to strike 4 ballons with 5 stones. you just have to beat me to that." Damon announced his winning streak to me a bit proudly.

"All right let's begin." 

After I said it the handler handed both of us 5 stones. 

A few moments later...

'Ok, people who are reborn in another world do not have much great luck. Yes, you guessed it right from the beginning of the challenge I thought I would also be like that Faceslapping protagonist guess not now I need to escape this situation here quickly.' Adam thought secretly.

"yes, even this round I'm going to be the winner." Damon turned to his side to look at his opponent.

But there was nothing but empty air in the distance he could see two kids running away.

"Heyyy you wait stop running you coward," Damon shouted to stop him but as he was about to chase him a large figure blocked his view from the front.

"What do you want mister." It was the shop owner.

"Money young master Damon you haven't paid for the game yet." stretching out his hand.

"wait do I have to pay didn't the person who lost be the one to pay right."Damon suddenly realized and voiced his doubt.

"They should but the kid earlier said you would be the one paying." the shopkeeper replied to Damon.

Realizing that he was cheated by the boy even though he was the one who won. reluctantly Damon paid the shopkeeper.

"You find out about where that kid lives I need to repay the kindness back," Damon asked one of his friends for Adam's information with a strange glint in his eyes.


Outside of Adam's home.

"You shouldn't have done that If Father finds out about it then we are dead." my brother's worry kept increasing as we neared the house.

'But then again I'm also a bit worried after hearing that the Salvatore family was one of the Founding families. They have a lot of connections in this small town.'

As we reached our home suddenly the doors of the house were opened and a middle-aged woman was staring at us very angrily.

That's when I remembered that I sneaked out of the house.


At the dining table, all of our family seated together even our father arrived and my face had a red mark on one side of it. One more interesting fact about women during the 1800s was that they were very tough on their children well sometimes even on their Husbands. 

'But damn if I see ever see that Rob again I would be giving him a piece of my mind. I mean just how is this the happy family I do remember asking for a rich one on top of it.'

Adam kept eating and thinking in his mind about all the grievances a 6-year-old child has to endure.

"What are you thinking about Adam." John Smith asked his youngest child seeing that he was a little absent-minded.

"Nothing Father just the usual about what I want to be when I grow up."I swiftly dodged that bullet. but my father looked at me like he knew what I was thinking about.

After dinner as my brother helped my mother with the dishes my father pulled me to his side and spoke to me in a hushed voice as if afraid that mother would listen and give another round of beating.

"I heard about the little commotion you caused at the market today." John looked at Adam and spoke in concern.

"What did brother fess up again? I knew I shouldn't have trusted him that easily." thinking how easy my brother spilled our secret then again I should thank him for not telling Mother.

"Tomorrow I want you to go and apologize to him and starting next month you will come to work with your brother and that's final I don't want to hear any questions," John said what he had to say and went to his room.

'Now I'm helpless to guess 6-year-olds working at this age is common I miss the modern days damn there isn't even a phone nor internet.' Adam thought 

'Wait a minute I can become a writer I mean I can write novel books I read quite a bit and also watched many movies. That's it I have finally decided what I want to be in the future.


P.S.// next few chapters there will be a lot of time skip and the plot will begin shortly.

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