TVD: reborn Heretic Vampire

Adam smith all his life he tried to repay the debt he owed to the loan sharks. In the end he got killed during a police shootout. Now gets a second chance to truly live his life and enjoy a little at least not try dying a visit again. _______________________________________ Overpowered MC: NO, Weak to Strong: Yes, smut: little bit, r18 or sex scenes: depends on power stones, ______________________________________________________________________- Disclaimer none of the characters in Tvd belongs to me just writing for fun

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chapter 01: Transmigration

Somewhere around the dark space a soul keeps floating.

"Hey where am I." the soul Questioned and looked around the space in question.

There is nothing but silence no one responds.

A flash of light appears in front of him.

"Hi, I'm Rob." the rob spoke staring at the being in front of him.

The soul was stunned for a moment but replied to him back.

"Hello, so are you the guy who keeps going around and granting people wishes around."

"Yes, I do and no I don't grant wishes to anyone but only to those who can attract my attention like you." the rob replied to his question.

"Ok, I actually read quite few web-novels and understand the procedure. So, what's it going to be wishes or the spin roulette."

"Both, where you will be going will be decided by the spin and you will have three wishes. Before everything gets started, I want to make sure you understand there will be no such things like saying 'I wish to have 10 wishes' or ' I wish to be like you' or 'I wish to be omnipotent being' or 'my wish is to fulfil everything I wrote on this page' No such things are allowed Ok. " Rob spoke with very visible frustration in his voice.

"Oh man!!, listening to all that you must have dealt with quite a few problematic ones" soul spoke trying to console the being Infront of him and not get on his bad side. 

"Ok, Let's begin the show."

As soon as the Rob spoke a large, magnificent roulette appeared Infront of them with many names written on it like My Hero Academia, Naruto, One-piece, Bleach, even T.V shows and movies like Marvel, D.C comics, Modern Family, Vampire Dairies and many .....

"How do we start do i get a button or should I spin" soul asked with doubt.

"You just need to touch it." Rob replied.

As soon as I touched the roulette it started to spin and after few minutes the ball fell stopped on top of Vampire Dairies.

"Ok, so its T.V.D and let's begin the wishes." the Robe spoke.

"Vampire dairies it is its okay, but I have a question will it just be vampire dairies, or the originals and legacies will also be involved. Because you know some insane shit will be involved in originals and legacies I don't want that." the soul questioned him

"Sorry it's all part of the same universe so it's a family package can't be separated." Rob replied back to his question.

"Ok, times running out I have lot of things to do, so wishes please."

"ok ok , for my first wish I want to be a Siphoning witch no wizard actually I don't want my gender changed because of a spelling mistake that would be horribly horrifying." the soul exclaimed at the major blunder he almost spoke.

"There you dodged a bullet so next time be clear with your words. ok, first wish Siphoning wizard done next." the Rob jokingly said but became serious at the end.

"Can you make a few changes in my first wish like to make my body hold onto the siphoned magic for a few months and also with increased capacity." the soul requested.

"Alright no more changes that's the first next."

"For my second wish, I like to have a library of all the magical spell knowledge books in Vampire dairies universe."

"Ok, and the last." Rob said.

The soul pondered for a few minutes and said with a determined look on his face.

" For the last wish, I wish would have loving parents and also normal wealthy." the soul replied to the rob.

The Rob was momentarily shocked with his last wish.

"Wait that's it no wish to be hybrid, tribrid or at least a vampire." Rob was stunned and questioned the soul.

Understanding the Rob's stunned voice the soul replied

"Actually, there is a story behind it. My name is Adam smith just after I was born both my parents died and I was left behind with lot of debt. So, all my life day and night I just kept working for money and on top of it. I didn't have money to go to college so the places where I can earn are mostly limited so i had work for the loan sharks who i owed just when I was about have my freedom, I was shot in police raid and I was crippled have to spend my whole life on a wheel chair so I took a chance threw myself down the stairs that's how I died. "

"25 fucking years of my life I had dreams for my life. I wanted to have a girlfriend, get married buy a house have children all gone to drain and most importantly I had to die a virgin so much unfair, and I never received any parental love so at least in my next life I wish for a happy family."

the soul spoke with so much of emotion and at the end Adam started to cry as how much hardship he had to endure in his life.

Rob looked at him and tried to console him, but he kept weeping like a child.

" Mr. Rob I have a few requests if you don't mind." Adam innocently looked at the Rob and asked him.

"Ok, tell me I will grant you."

"Can I have a pen and paper I need to write few things down."

as he got pen and paper Adam started to ponder for a few minutes and write it. the Rob curiously looked at him but still did not try to sneak a peek at what Adam was writing.

After finishing the paper and folded it like a letter and spoke to the Rob " Mr. Rob can you erase my memories of all vampire dairies."

Once again the rob was stunned at his request but still granted him.

"Ok, but why? " Rob was curious why Adam wants his memories erased.

"well, I read quite few fanfics how they get transmigrated to a new world with all the knowledge about it, but it looks good at the beginning but after a few chapters the novel gets extremely boring as I can predict what the MC will do next and also, he won't feel connected to the story always calculating pros and cons. To me I just want to live like a blast and for your earlier question with all the magic knowledge I can just become a vampire myself so no sweat."

"It's not like I'm going unprepared. So can I have this letter delivered to me after i get transmig- wait I have a question will I get reborn or transmigrated to another body.

"Listening to all that I will definitely let you be reborn." Rob was stunned at his explanation and replied.

"Then I want this letter to be delivered when I am like 10 or 15 like that and also, I have another Request can I modify my body like you know increase my package." Adam shamelessly begged the rob to grant him another request.

Rob looked at Adam's shamelessness and pondered for a few seconds and replied "Ok, but in return for this request you have to accept my suggestion."

Adam looked doubtfully at the Rob, thinking about what the suggestion would be.

"Ok, before i accept I just want to be clear I'm not into gay stuff or will i be changing my gender." Adam replied.

"Heyyyyy!!!! its not something like that you fucking idiot. My suggestion is I want you to not change the plot by interfering too much so whenever you try to interfere too much or interfere before the time when it needs to be interfered. But if you ever do that you will receive a warning." shouted at the stupid soul and his corrupt mind filled with corrupt thoughts.

"Ok if that's it then I will not interfere it's not like I will be remembering anything." Adam accepted even though he was feeling wronged with how judgementally Rob stared at him.

The moment Adam accepted the request a panel appeared Infront of him with his thin sickly body in it.

Adam looked at it for a moment and increased his muscle mass giving him lean fit eight pack body a bit like captain America' body. He also increased his normal ordinary package to abnormal extraordinary package.

Looking at the increased package Adam sighed in relief as he accomplished his original and true goal.

Thinking for a bit he also increased his height from 5'8 to 6'1. The overall he didn't touch his black hair and eyes but beautified them a little and also his face. Since most of the survival in vampire dairies depends on how beautiful his face would be. finishing all the changes Adam pressed apply on the screen.

"Ok that's it I will give a preview on all the wishes and requests, and you will be sent to the world. First wish, you want to be a Siphoner magic and with a few changes in threshold capacity of your body. Second wish, you want all the magic related knowledge of tvd in the form of books done. Third wish, you want a normal wealthy family done. Next first request, erasing your memories done and the letter will also be sent on your birthday at least until then you can live a normal life. Second request already done. before you go your First and Third wish are contradicting so you will awaken your abilities on the day you receive your letter until then have a normal happy life."

The moment Rob finished his words a vortex opened behind Adam and he was sucked into it.

Before Adam could go, he thanked the rob for giving him a second chance and he disappeared.

Looking at the empty space Rob spoke with emotion.

"With all the request your story will be damn fun to watch."

New beginning for Adam


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