6 [6]

Raising my arm up to about midchest height, activating the Omnitrix which displayed a green hologram of Humungousaur.

"Omnitrix, show original preset playlist." I commanded the Omnitrix.

[Confirmed, displaying preset 10.]

'Haa.' I sighed in relief as even though I have hella love for Alien Force and Ultimate Alien the original Alien list and show would always be my favorite.

"Omnitrix, remove the Ectonurite transformation from preset playlist 10 and add the Necrofriggian to the preset playlist in its place, make it so that it is impossible to transform into an Ectonurite, without using voice authorization code 1552." I commanded the Omnitrix and saw that the Omnitix displayed the Ectonurite transformation being removed and replaced with the Necrofriggian transformation.

[Confirmed, voice command saved.]

"Shoo, that's a weight off my chest already." I muttered to myself as I swiped some imaginary sweat from my forehead.

'No freaky ghost alien is gonna possess this guy.' I thought to myself while turning the dial, stopping once XLR8's hologram appeared.

Pushing the dial back down into its recess, causing me to be enveloped by a flash of green light.

'Wow, it feels like my mind is moving as fast as light.' I thought to myself as I thought out over a hundred story ideas in a fraction of a second before zooming out of my trailer going right through the wall of it.

"Oops…hahaha" I muttered to myself while breaking out into laughter as I felt the wind break around me as I moved faster than I could have ever dreamed even in my wildest of dreams.

It didn't even take me a minute to travel the twenty or so miles, or thirty minutes it should have taken me to reach the city of New Hartford, since I was traveling at a speed of over five hundred miles per hour.

Coming to the shopping center where I planned to…"borrow" some clothes and whatever else I wanted from a couple of the shops there which are Best Buy, Walmart, and Staples…the other shops there that I don't actually care about right now are Barnes & Noble, a pet supply store, an arts and crafts store and a few other shops that sell home items, like furniture and junk.

Zooming through an open door at Walmart following/passing a group of attractive young women probably in their late teens early twenties smacking their firm ass's, before making a bee-line for the men's clothing section grabbing some button-up long sleeve shirts, and a few pairs of jeans in sizes I figured would be pretty close in the right size I would need to fit me.

Zooming into the back of the store where the customer service desk used to be and where the bathrooms are.

Going to the single unisex bathroom that is large and handicap accessible, finding the door locked, I figured it was just locked because they didn't want another junkie overdosing inside.

The reason I chose it is that this is the only bathroom with a deadbolt that requires two keys to unlock…well that'd usually be the case but using my telekinesis I concentrated on turning the lock from the locked position to the unlocked position all while moving fast enough not to be seen on camera.

Entering the restroom, closing the door behind me tapping the omnitrix's faceplate, turning back to human.

"Wahh wahh wahh." Pulling on the pair of jeans I thought would fit the best when I heard the cries of a baby.

Actually, I took a moment to look around and saw a woman with a dope kit on her lap, a tube wrapped around her arm and a needle stuck into it while she was passed out on the toilet, the toilet seat was down and she was fully clothed.

The lighter and spoon sitting on her lap in a portfolio the baby was crying loudly and she showed no signs of waking up.

"Haa." I sighed as I walked over checking the woman's pulse who'd be beautiful if her cheeks weren't sunken in, probably from letting herself go hungry so she could get her fix.

'Is it just me or…does this girl look familiar?' I asked myself while feeling her pulse was a bit on the low side.

"Stupid junkie whore." I muttered while picking the baby up out of the stroller.

"Shh shh…it's okay, it's okay little one." I said softly while gently rocking the baby girl back and forth finding that she had a dirty diaper.

"Let's get you a clean diaper, little one." I said softly to the probably eleventh month old baby, who calmed down while I held her.

Looking through the diaper bag finding some small balloons filled with more junk and only one clean diaper and an almost empty container of wipes.

"It's been awhile since I did this last so be patient with me little one." I smiled at the baby while keeping my voice soft and steady for the baby to keep her calm.

"Kee." The baby made a happy sound by waving its arms around as I set her down on the changing table.

"Whoa, you a stinky baby, yes you are yes you are." I babbled, making the baby smile and make excited baby noises as I changed her diaper.

"There, all clean now." I said softly while walking over and washing my hands, and then going over and buttoning the baby's onesie back up, and putting her back in the stroller.

'Sorry little one.' I thought to myself as I clipped her back into her stroller's harness and looked between mother and child sadly.

Activating the Omnitrix, turning the dial until it displayed XLR8's hologram, turning back into the speedster alien running around Walmart grabbing more clothes in the sizes that fit me comfortably, running back home to my trailer to drop things off on my bed this time managing to open the door.

Just as I was about to run out of the trailer again, I stopped to look at the hole in the wall.

"Better fix this first." I muttered to myself as I tapped a clawed appendage against the faceplate while thinking about transforming into a Galvanic Mechamorph, taking the metal springs from the couch bed and then fusing myself with the trailer repairing the wall, before diffusing from the trailer and resolidifying inside of the living area tapping the omnitrix's faceplate once more turning back into XLR8 with the intention of taking off again.

'Wait, I should probably call the EMT's for that woman and bring something to carry all my loot.' I thought to myself as I transformed back to human again activating my omnitool with a quick flick of da wrist.

Bringing up the cellphone and calling 911.

"911 what's your emergency?" I heard as I held my thumb to my ear and my pinky near my mouth in the universal gesture of call me.

"Hi, this may be nothing but a woman who looked pretty strung out, and looking for a fix pushing a baby stroller, went into the bathroom here at the New Hartford Walmart supercenter and she hasn't come out yet it's been nearly an hour and the baby is crying fiercely…I'm worried for the baby's safety." I told the emergency services dispatcher who made a slightly disgruntled sound and was about to probably kindly tell me to fuck off.

"Look Miss this isn't a prank call, I know what a junkie looks like, please send someone unless you want to read an article tomorrow about a woman od-ing and an orphaned baby." I told the woman before hanging up the phone, deactivating my omnitool by turning my wrist sharply while looking around for anything I could use to help me rob…I mean borrow things that I want from stores.

'That'll work…I think.' I thought to myself as I spotted Charmcaster's bag or rather my bag sitting on the now sunken and depressed couch cushions, while the staff of…Ages stood leaning against the wall.

"Wait…isn't it kinda stupid to go around and steal shit that I want? When I could just try and use the green screen portal thing to try and take what I want from an advertisement?" I questioned myself while tapping the faceplate of my Omnitrix returning to regular old human me.

Selecting the YouTube app on the Smart TV hoping the wifi stayed strong enough to actually actively stream something.

Searching for an Xbox Series X unboxing and setting up video, finding one from Vlad something or other, clicking on the video, which opened to that annoying miniscreen nonsense YouTube does when using a larger screen size.

'Huh, that's interesting…I sure hope I didn't lose my superpower.' I thought to myself while finding that with this type of screen setup the green dot is dull and unresponsive to my touch, as I felt myself slowly start to panic as even though I have some awesome stuff now I didn't want to lose this new ability to take things from tv shows and wanted to experiment with it further.

"Before you have a mental breakdown, try the simplest options first." I told myself while clicking on the expanded screen button using the tv remote, and was rewarded with the green dot returning to its vibrant attention grabbing green color, instead of the dull inert green that it was before.

"Haa, that's such a relief." I sighed to myself while tapping on the green dot which caused the green film to cover the entire screen and just as the YouTuber was about to cut open the security stickers on the Xbox of the three year old video I used Telekinesis to pull the box towards me and through the screen on the TV into my waiting arms.

"FUCK YEAK ! ! !" I shouted out in pure happiness as even after three years of being released it was almost impossible to get a series X where I live, unless you're willing to pay scalper prices.

"Hehehe, so many possibilities…hehehe." I found myself giggling in both excitement and greed.

'First thing…I do when getting superpowers is abuse them for personal gain…guess that says a lot about me. Hmm I wonder if I can use the holo-screen of my omnitool to nab things as well, or if it's limited to the TV…in my old ff pretty much any viewing screen would suffice.' I thought to myself in a slightly derogatory manner while another question about my new ability popped into my mind changing the track of my thoughts slightly.

"But since this isn't an ff…I'll need to play around with it a bit…you know so far my actions with this power have been pretty similar to my SI character in TV Items." I muttered to myself while thinking, 'Ehh, it's just cause I know myself so well.'

Setting the Xbox down on the TV stand while putting Charmcaster's bag over my shoulder, grabbing the Staff of Ages practicing my use of telekinesis by hovering two fingers over the zipper making it slide open.

Storing the Staff of Ages inside while calling over the grimoire with mere intent that flew into my hand happily, like a dog welcoming home its favorite human.

'I wish this bag wasn't so ugly.' I thought to myself which made the book open to the glamor spells page.

"Neat, thank you…but I'll keep it the way it is, do you have a loyalty spell or something so the bag doesn't betray me or something?" I replied to the grimoire as it took a few seconds to turn its pages.

"Hmm, so…I should make my own magic bag, since it could potentially develop its own sentience, due to me breathing life into it during the creation process from infusing it with my magic and will. that's good to know, Thank you." I said to the grimoire running my finger down its spine feeling it lean into my touch like a happy puppy.

'Before I get too invested in this magic bag business I should get a few more things to protect myself…like say Ban's immortality from the Seven Deadly Sins.' I thought to myself as I moved to sign into a friend's Netflix account, finding the anime, scrolling through episodes until I found the one of Ban's origin, fast forwarding the episode until I reached the part of Ban's backstory where the flute glass containing the Fountain of Youth water was revealed, reaching through the green film that still felt like a liquid as I pushed my hand through it, gripping the glass pulling it back out through the screen, taking a second to inspect the ornate looking crystal wine glass with gold loops on it before shrugging and bringing the flute up to my lips knocking it back draining the glass dry.

A strange warmth chased after the water…that somehow tasted…like…life, a fire started in my stomach that spread throughout my body. A new strength, vigor and vitality suffused my body, making my recent magical metamorphosis pale in comparison next to the effect of the fountain of youth's water.

My magic sang happily as the effect of the fountain of youth water made it increase in both potency and strength.

'It's a little odd that I consider it "my magic" it's so foreign yet familiar at the same time it's like I've always had it.' I thought to myself, feeling ponderous as I sat back down in my chair and closed out the green screen, making it return to a green dot up in the right hand corner of the tv.

"Man, this is so awesome." I softly out loud to myself in a whisper, as I hit the home button on the tv remote not sure what to do next.

'Ya know, I kind of wish…that I could share this with my little brother, but I don't think I can…since usually in fanfictions and other Isekai media revealing shit like this is a death, for both the person with powers and the person or people they tell.' I thought to myself, while my earlier elation dimmed a bit with some depressed feelings, at not being able to share my abilities with my closests family member.

"Hmm, I know what I could do…I could get him Captain Rex's helmet or the Master Chiefs." I muttered to myself as an idea to try and do something certifiable popped into my head.

'If I can take things out of…a tv show…then maybe I can travel into a tv show or movie world as well…but the question is which world…or rather universe should I try to travel too first?' I thought to myself while contemplating on which world I should try and travel to first.

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