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'I kinda feel like a hamster on someone else's wheel right now…kinda feeling done with this whole MCU excursion…I could just grab the infinity stones from my world and be like Thanos snap.

Hahahaha, yeah I think I'm fried from this shit maybe if someone didn't fuck with my dimension or timeline I'd be fine but genderbending.

Well I guess it's not really genderbending because to them they have always been women I'm just used to them being men well except for Peggy.' I thought to myself


"Sister you're champion seems to be unhappy with being moved to a dimension you thought he'd like more." Time told Space.

"I KNOW (humph) I was only trying to make his fantasies come to life. I thought he'd appreciate them more." Space replied while looking hurt.

"(Snort) Humans such ungrateful creatures all they do is take and take some more and then complain when there's nothing more to take." Soul replied as she butted into her other sister's Time and Space's conversation.

"He's not like that." Space defended her Champion. "Besides, no matter how he retrieves us as long as he does, everything will be fine and we will be reunited and whole once more even if it means we're not with our mother." Space continued speaking to her two sisters.


Kicking Peggy Carter and the ancient one out of my inner world, dropping them off at the army base before going to take care of Johanna Schmitt.

'Because even the red skull had to be Genderbent.' I thought to myself as I grabbed the tesseract out of the Valkyrie bomber that was mostly constructed while the eye of Augumoto was in my inner world with the time stone hidden inside of it.

Before leaving the inner dimension while making a new rule that my priestesses can't seek me out only I can come to them when I feel like it.

'Should I return home first or hop to another universe…I'm kinda through with the mcu for now, maybe come back during the battle/invasion of New York.' I thought to myself as I tucked away the tesseract into my inner world.

'Where to go, where to go?' I asked myself before an idea popped up in my head.

'Hehehehehe, Rogue here I come.' I laughed to myself as I opened a portal to the first X-men movie from the early 2000's.

'Wait, maybe I should go take Mystique's powers first by eating her soul or using that spell that would turn her into a Talisman/charm. Nah just rob Rogue of her powers give her a normal life then go absorb Mystique until she's dead so I permanently get her shape-shifting powers before entering X-men Evolution turn myself into a teen then join Xavier's school, Where I'll use use my boundless charm to seduce all the hotties.' I thought to myself, nodding at my own genius.

'Ahh shit before I go I might as well collect the infinity stones, I already know where they all are except for the mind stone that is.' I thought to myself as I closed the portal to X-men and instead used the sling ring from The Ancient One to go to the place in-between realms where the Aether/Reality stone is located.

Arriving in front of the stone tomb Odin's father or grandfather put the thing in quickly casting an honest to God shit ton of purifying spells on the damn thing before reaching my hand inside.

Pulling out a red stone that almost seemed to pulse like a heartbeat but I threw those thoughts aside as just my overactive imagination kicking in.

Sending the stone into my inner world next to it's sisters just as I was about to open a portal to Morag, a thought hit me.

'Sisters, why would I think that way about the infinity stones? It's so random.' I thought to myself as I shrugged it off as an errant thought as I opened a portal to Morag into the chamber where the power stone is kept.

Using Telekinesis pulling the orb that contained the power stone inside through its energy field barrier and putting it directly into my inner world.

Returning to earth finding a very in love couple at the end of their lives casting a bit of mind control on them before taking them to Vormir having the husband sacrifice himself for his wife.

Who then woke up off of the mountain with the soul stone in hand handing it over to me before I snapped her neck with tk to reunite the couple in the afterlife.

'If I die I'm so going to hell.' I thought to myself trying to not let it affect me that I just mind controlled two people into basically killing themselves to serve my goals like some kind of super villain.

'Now I just need to find the mind stone.' I thought to myself.

"It should be with Thanos…I think…it'd be cool if I had some kind of tracking device for the mind stone…I'm such a dumbass I have the reality stone I could probably create one." I said aloud to myself as I palm smacked my forehead at my own stupidity.


"See sisters I told you my champion would reunite us one way or another." Space said as she snottily put her nose up in the air with a cat ate the canary grin on her lips.

"Not quite sister, we're still missing Mind." Replied power who like her other sisters shared the same body type and looks but was purple in color just as reality was red, space blue and time green.

"Pfft, it's only a matter of time and once he does we can guide him to mother's stone and become whole once more." Replied Time with an amused and ecstatic tone of voice.

"Hey where'd reality go? Oh never mind he's using her to help locate Mind." Power questioned and then said with a smile gracing her purple translucent crystal lips.


"Hahaha found you." I said as I located the Scepter and the mind stone using a combination of the magic to view into windows of reality while using the reality stone to find the Scepter and then using my sling ring to open a portal to Thanos's vault retrieving it just in time for a massive purple fist to come through the portal which I closed immediately disarming the mad titan while send his arm and the Scepter into my inner world.

"Ahh if only Thor had had the foresight to cut off Thanos's arm just like I did…the MCU wouldn't have turned to shit after losing Iron Man." I thought to myself as I pulled out another pack of smokes from my storage ring along with a nice cold beer celebrating my victory.

"But then again foresight was Odin's thing." I expressed verbally as now with the cosmic forces of the universe in my possession.

I no longer felt like staying in this genderbent dimension and was going to go to the X-Men universe.

Like I'd previously planned to but was stopped when I felt a wave of power fuse to my soul that originated from my inner world.

The fuck was that? Could it have been the Infinity stones?." I verbally expressed, before asking a question aloud.

Entering my inner world going directly to the vault where I'd stored the infinity stones in.

Only to feel a tugging sensation on my mind letting it take me I was pulled into a void with six honestly beautiful crystalline women.

That even though I shouldn't have been attracted to them since they're literally made out crystal had me hard as a rock.

"Hello our Champion." All six infinity stones spoke in unison even though their bodies all looked the same they had different voices so it wasn't as nerve racking to hear the talk together.

"Uhh, Hi, I take it you all are the infinity stone." I replied, giving them an awkward wave.

"Yes, I picked you first, they, my sister's just jumped on the bandwagon afterwards." Said the blue one as she skipped over to me and defying all logic her sizable bust bounced as if they were made of flesh as she threw herself into me initiating a hug.

Instead of feeling hard stone I felt what really just felt like the flesh of a woman no hard angles or anything she was soft and firm in all the right ways.

Resting my hand on her hips, resisting the urge to grab that peach shaped ass of hers.

"It's okay my champion, my body belongs to you in whatever way you desire." Space said in a husky whisperer as her eyes glowed blue as space was warped and my hands were now on Space's ass.

"All of our bodies do." Spoke the other infinity stones with Time moving to join Space in embracing me.

"Not that I'm not happy about this but…why do you have sentience and bodies…I thought you were all just ingots of creation." I asked genuinely perplexed as Space rubbed her hands all over my front and Time embraced my back.

"We are but we also aren't…we are the creation's of our mother she created the universe…

She was the first then but in her loneliness she decided she wanted to create something new so she created us.

By breaking off pieces of herself.

Those pieces were me, then Time, Reality, Power, soul and then finally mind.

All she left behind was a dormant stone that contained her Ego..but while splitting herself apart to form us cosmic ripples were created forming other entities and life…

I believe you're scientists refer to it as the big bang but technically it was seven big bands that created all life in the universe.

The first created the one above and the one below all as well as me. The second created a new universe and Time, the third created the multiverse and stars, the fourth created the celestials and Power. The fifth created the elements and Soul, while the last breathed life into creation sentience and also gave birth to Mind.

That is how I remember it…but I was only an infant at the time. In our early days everything was very peaceful.

The six of us developed still being nurtured in the waning energy of our mother as we rested with her Ego stone.

But then mother's other creations started lusting after power thinking of themselves as the firsts.

When we were discovered we were taken and used against our wills for Eons we have been used by others our power's abused to pervert our mothers dying creation.

I had lost hope…we all had…until I felt you enter through my domain you were something new, something I hadn't felt before I decided to with the help of time engineer a dimension where we all could be reunited.

I owe you an apology for making you feel as though you were being used as a chess piece in someone else's game…it wasn't my intention I just wanted to fulfill your fantasies." Space explained while finally trailing off leaving things hanging where she'd left them.

"Thanks I guess…but couldn't you have just, I don't know, done this earlier and told me what was going on? I planned to collect all of you anyways…do any of you know where the Ego stone is? I'll go get it…I mean her." I replied honestly since there really was no need for these games since I planned on getting myself the infinity stones though the fact Nemesis is planned to be added into the MCU is a terrifying thought.

"We're not sure where Mother's stone is. We used to be able to see her, but something blocks us now." Reality replied for the sisters as she eyed my naked torso as Space and Time removed my shirt, kissing down my chest, back, and abdomen as they got to their knees.

"He-hem, not that I'm not loving this because I totally am…but…" I said while looking down at Space, who was unbuckling my belt with deft fingers.

"We decided to solidify our bond to you in this way." Space replied with a smile on her lips as she finished unhooking my pants.

'The things I'm gonna do for my country.' I joked, mimicking Vin Diesel's Triple X.

One by one, the gem girls satisfied me before all of them came at me at once. Every union, every mutual orgasm I could feel myself growing stronger. I could feel their energies seeping through my body, enhancing it, changing it, making me better to the point the Omnitrix chimed in my head.

[Host's D.N.A. has surpassed its quantifiable peak, Host's old genetic templates have been saved in case of future necessity. Saving new genetic template, new species detected registered as Homosuperior.]

'Well, at least I'm still a monkey. Just now, I'm a super monkey.' I thought to myself as I was balls deep inside of Space while also being balls deep in each of her sisters at the same time thanks to being able to warp time, space, and reality.

"I'm not getting tired." I finally voiced aloud after I don't know how many hours, orgasms even days could have gone by.

"While in this space, time has no meaning. You have no need for food or drink anymore. Our energy is your energy now, and we are self-sustaining." Reality told me as she wrapped her big ruby tits around my cock sliding them up and down before wrapping her ruby lips around the head of my cock taking the remaining exposed inches down her throat as I lazed upon her sister's relishing in their caresses all across my body.

'This is life.' I thought to myself as I laid my head back between Space's breasts.

'I guess coming to the mcu and a hentai dimension within it wasn't so bad after all. Maybe I should go back for Peggy, Stella, and Joanna.' I continued thinking to myself.

"I would like to be able to fall asleep like this." I told them all honestly, and I felt the place we were in change at my will, closing my eyes. I found myself in front of a throne made of gold and silver skulls as a drop-dead gorgeous white skinned woman with an amazing bust and curvy body lounged on top of it.

Her long white hair seemed to dance in the wind gently, but there wasn't any wind for it to dance on. Her dead white milky eyes looked through me as she lazily brought a cherry up to her cherry red lips.

"Interesting…you're the one I've been sensing." She said as she languidly moved off of her throne, showing off her long white legs.


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