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It took a week to eliminate all the Hydra bases on my list. When Peggy finally turned on her big radio backpack setup, she heard a transmission about Stella attacking an armored train transport to capture Dr.Armin Zola.

My eyes widened at hearing this, I quickly asked Peggy the location, but she said she didn't know.

"Damnit." I growled not at her but at how the military handled information.

'The fuck I'm even worrying about plot for this shit has obviously been fucked with by some higher beings.' I thought to myself as I sent out a mental prayer that Bucky and Stella would be fine.

"Can't you just use a spell and find their location?" Peggy asked, making me look at her like she was crazy.

"You need a personal item of said person you want to scry for." I told her while sighing.

"Sorry I didn't know that." Peggy replied while her shoulders slumped.

"It's alright…hopefully I'm just worrying for nothing." I replied while sliding my index finger underneath her chin and lifting her head up to look me in the eyes.

"Let's lighten Stella's burden by wiping out some of her bases for her." I told Peggy who immediately nodded and took out her map while looking over the bases that weren't marked off yet.

"Peg, look at this they have bases in a ring around the Alps wouldn't it make sense for home base to be here?" I asked while pointing at the map.

"Yes it would…there's also multiple rail lines running through the mountains the scouts have reported about." Peggy said quickly with the topographical map.in front of her as she drew on it marking places of interest for Hydra's main fortress.

"So we have three places that could be their main encampment." I said out loud as I pulled out three dozen Mando-droids dispatching them to scout out the locations while putting on the Saturday control glasses Saturday being the A.I. Friday and I in Galvin form made before I left for my earth.

"You've never shown me those golems before?" Peggy stated questioningly.

"Mmm, it's time to pull out the big boy toys." I replied calmly as a portal opened up next to me and out walked none other than the ancient one, her bald head glowing in the sunlight.

"Ancient One." I greeted.

"Yao, it's so nice to see you again." Peggy said while folding up her maps.

"It's nice to see you again as well Peggy Carter…and you Mr.Clark…I was wondering when we should meet…the eye of Agamotto has shown me giving it to you…but I feel like your magical knowledge is lacking to keep it safe from those who want it." The Ancient one said as she tried pushing my soul out of my body.

"Yeah…that won't work on me you're not powerful enough." I replied while smirking.

"No it is because you are incomplete." The Ancient one said her face was calm but I could tell by her body language she was quite perplexed by it.

"I will take you as my apprentice and train you enough till I feel competent that you can protect the infinity stone." The Ancient One spoke calmly as she opened a portal and expected me to follow.

"I think not." I replied while pulling her and Peggy into my inner world.

"This…how?" The Ancient One suddenly questioned while her hands sparked with golden red energy.

"This is my inner world…if you think I'll willingly follow you into the mirror dimension or your warrior city…you aren't as wise as your title is revered to be." I told her snapping my fingers making the ground swallow her up to her neck.

(God I felt so weird writing this LMFAO.)

"In this world IAM GOD." I told her gesturing grandly with my hands out to the sides as I levitated into the all four elements circling around me like they did with Aang in Avatar along with crackly lightning and an aura of Magenta colored mana.

"Even you can't withstand an entire planet's might, Ancient One." I continued as I released her from the earth.

"Just kidding…but seriously if you want to train me here would be the best place to do it since I can control the time dilation in here a week will pass in a five day week." I told her while I moved us to my palace, formerly Jabba's palace.

"Aww hey Greenie did you miss me? Aww who's a good girl you are yes you are." I greeted and petted Greenie, one of my pet raptors as she jumped on me and started licking me like a dog while rubbing her head against me.

"What is that thing?" I heard Peggy gasp in shock and one thing about Greenie is she did not like being called a thing.

(Angry clicking sounds and claws being scratched against the sandstone floor.)

"Easy girl…she didn't mean anything mean by it, she's just never seen any of your kind up close before." I soothed the angry raptor turning her into a puppy again.

(Clicking sounds and a snort.)

"You're such a good girl Greenie. Now go get out of here and play with the others instead of spending all your time here waiting for me." I told Greenie while rubbing her snout.

Greenie took off walking out of the palace not before stopping sniffing Peggy, taking a few steps and whacking her in the ass with her tail. Peggy caught herself before falling down and I noticed Yao hold back a snicker.

"Can you return us to the real world so I can go collect the materials I will need to properly instruct you?" The Ancient One asked to which I nodded to.

"You want to stay here Peggy?" I asked which made her look around and nod yes, making me take out a necklace I enchanted to make sure all my pet dinos wouldn't hurt her and that she had mostly full access with the Sunday A.I. monitoring her.

Smiling at her. "Feel free to look around…there's some spaceships and speeders down in the vault and even more in the hangar." I told her before moving Yao and I back to where we came from before handing her a ring.

"I'm not interested in marriage…maybe a bit of relief but no commitment." Yao said as she ran a hand up my bicep.

(Cough cough cough)

"This is a storage ring you can put the stuff you need into it." I told her while taking a peek down her robes.

'I just thought of something: if Steve or Stella in this dimension are America's respective asses, does that make me America's cock?' I wondered to myself as The Ancient One made a portal to Karma-Taj.

Pulling a chair and a pack of Marlboro Reds out of my storage ring kicking back while I waited for the Bald One taking a calming pull.

'So glad I don't have to worry about getting cancer anymore or an asthma attack.' I thought to myself as I continued to smoke my cig.

Peggy was shocked by what she had seen in the time since Sean had left her in his inner world whatever that meant.

She'd met dinosaurs, a religious cult and priestesses that worshiped her lover like he was a god and wanted to take his seed and bear his children.

Even more surprising was that her boyfriend had been a conquering warlord that eliminated the criminal underworld that had previously owned this planet and eliminated slavery.

To say she felt a little overwhelmed by all that she'd learned was an understatement so she returned to the palace and by some stroke of luck she ended up in the master bedroom.

I was just finishing off a pack of smokes when the Ancient One walked back through a portal in a much lighter set of robes revealing more of her slim figure.

"Smoking is bad for you and it's a filthy habit." The Ancient One said while looking at me oddly.

"Immortality…makes a lot of bad things for the body uncircumstantial." I replied with a laugh as I moved the Ancient One and I back into my inner world and was surprised by my head priestess, the red skinned twi'lek and a dozen other priestesses kneeling on the ground in front of my throne.

"Oh great one, we have come to be bred." Replied a young Tiruguta girl of probably 18.

Mentally commanding one of my Mando-droids to escort the Ancient One to her quarters while I licked my lips at the bevy of alien beauties before me thirsting for my cock.

Using telekinesis, lifting up and bringing the young Tortuguita to me as I sat on the throne in my palace.

"You have my permission acolyte." I said as if I was doing her the utmost service by allowing her to hop up and down on my cock.

"Thank you oh great one I will do my best to please you with my unworthy lowliness." Replied the pretty Tortuguita that reminded me of Ashoka in looks if it weren't for her skin tone being slightly more red than orange.

"Shh, don't disparage yourself like that." I told her as I caressed one of her montrils.

"G-great one mmm." Moaned the Toruguta girl.

"What's your name, little one?" I asked her as I removed her slave girl attire.

"M-Mela ahh great one." Replied Mela with a moan as I brushed my finger against her wet quivering cunny.

"Mela, such a pretty name for one of my beautiful future priestesses." I whispered to her as I slid a finger into her virgin cunny.

"Th-thank you, great one." Moaned out Mela as I slowly thrusted my finger in and out of her virgin cunny.

I left my throne room the next day leaving behind my now thirteen priestesses with my new tortuguita Princess lying asleep on my throne smirking to myself as I went a little wild last night even using my alien transformations to get a deeper understanding of myself being them.

'It's funny how Fourarms really does have two cocks just like in those hentai comics.' I thought to myself while having the urge to jump over to Ben 10 just to fuck Gwen Tennyson maybe her mom, aunt and cousins that are Lucy the mudpuppy and the anodite one.

"Are you ready to start our lessons or do you have more people you need to have sex with first?" The Ancient One questioned.

"Ready when you are." I replied as I took out two talismans from my storage ring.

"What are these for? " The Ancient One asked with an arched eyebrow before gasping and clutching her chest.

"I severed your connection to the dark dimension when I brought you here so you wouldn't corrupt my soul.

I figured you'd start to feel the effect of that around now. These talismans will grant you immortality when you want it to end just remove them from your person." I told her and was shocked when long luscious red hair started growing from her previously shiny dome reaching all the way down to her back while her cup size increased by a whole cup size.

"This magic works with chi. How did you come by these?" Asked the Ancient One in a shocked tone.

"Ehh, they're nothing special, see." I said pointing to my arm where twelve Talismans rested.

"This." The Ancient One replied gobsmacked.

'Heh, pulled one over the Ancient One.' I thought to myself as I followed the Ancient One through the corridors to her Quarters.

I started studying dead languages while learning to speak them under the Ancient One's tutelage before moving onto eldritch energy manipulation which was easy for me since I already had experience shaping Mana.

But the Ancient One taught me to make stronger constructs with various mental practices and moving/layering the energies together.

Then came the infamous sling ring test. Can you believe the woman tried sending me to the arctic in my own inner world like LMFAO, I don't even need to wear a jacket and I'll be fine.

"He-hem I already apologized for trying to send you to the arctic now please stop spanking my bottom and release me from these cuffs." The Ancient One put up a tiny protest over having her bare rump spanked and rubbed by me.

"You and I both know that if you wanted this to stop you could make it stop, beautiful." I retorted as I slipped my middle and index fingers into her drooling cunt.

"Uu-unhand m-meee you cretin." Moaned the Ancient One as she squirmed in my lap.

"Uhh uhh yes right there that's th-the spot ohh it's been so long s-since I've been played with ahhhnnn like this." Moaned the Ancient One.

"Not since you and Odin right?" I asked while increasing the speed at which I moved my finger in and out of her.

"Ohh no not him ahh that man isss, heh, Frigga on the other hand mmm we had some fun times together." Moaned the Ancient One in a much more fond tone and she reminisced.

"Hahahahahaha, you green hatted the all father major props to you teach, you are one badass sexy redhead." I told her and I wasn't even joking about it either.

"I ahh was quite mmm wild in mmm-my younger days and these ohh yes right there Talismans you have given me are restoring my youthful vigor I might Shit I'm cumming yes you bastard make me cream all over your fingers…YAAAASSSS! ! !" Replied the Ancient one before begging and then going into a screaming orgasm.

"You are quite skilled at pleasuring a woman…but you still need much tutelage as your teacher. It's my duty to teach you…in all things." Yao finally said as she licked her lips and tucked a few strands of her long luscious voluminous red hair behind her left ear giving me a thirsty look.

"I can see why you have taken multiple lovers." Yao finally said while we were laying in bed together.

"Yeah…you were my first that could go as long as I could…sometimes I go overboard and hurt them…even though they don't put up much protest while it happens I can tell afterwards…and none of them have accepted my offer to make them immortal…I guess the thought of staying with me for eternity is too daunting.." I replied back to Yao dumping some emotional baggage.

"They are right to do so I have lived a long time long enough that I have lived to regret it but the world needed me. You need to have a bigger purpose than just desire or poultry love…

I watched the man or rather men I've loved, the women I loved, our children our grandchildren and so on die after the death of my daughters sons and daughters children died I stopped interacting with them it became too much.

Too much loss, too much heartache and that's not including friends, allies or even enemies…the pain only gets worse the longer you love..the longer you live unless you love someone with the lifespan of an Asgardian." Yao confessed and I could hear the pain in her voice, a pain that should have debilitated her but was kept at bay due to her duty of protecting the world and training sorceresses and sorcerers.

"How do you do it?" I asked, hoping for some wisdom.

"Hahaha, I found some hobbies, one of them was brewing the perfect cup of tea that took me a hundred years to perfect.

"Hahahahaha, I was expecting some fortune cookie shit…not, find a hobby, hahahaha. Haa." I replied in a laugh.

"Thank you Yao." I continued and realized my mistake when the Ancient One tensed up beside me in bed.

"That name I haven't used in centuries…I prefer my birth name Scáthach." She replied with a bit of a laugh in her voice.

"Scáthach as in thee Scáthach the wielder of the spear protector of the gate of death, the blood haired warrior goddess Scáthach?" I questioned in shock as I leaned up on my elbow and looked down on her.

"I see your family hails from the isles to be that familiar with my name." The Ancient One replied in an almost haughty time but I could tell she was just kidding around while I nodded dumbly.

"My grandmother would tell me stories about the fae and the faerie but my favorites were about you. I guess you were the first redhead that made me have a crush on almost any redhead." I admitted while feeling my face heat up.

"Hahaha, you know most of those fairy tales aren't necessarily accurate…yes I did wield a spear at that time but I didn't guard any gates except for the ones as a sorceress." The Ancient One replied as she got a faraway look in her eyes.

"Aww man, you're ruining my childhood crush on you." I joked back.

"Truth be told you probably had a crush on my daughter the spear you are referring to was one forged by Odin given to me that would have granted me immortality if a kind…but I gave it too my precious daughter at the time who then went on and took up my mantle as a warrior and then guarded the doorway that would lead to Princess Hela Odindaughter's prison." The Ancient One replied back to me with an amused tone of voice. 


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