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Sliding my hand along Peggy's stomach made me wonder how my pregnant girls back home were doing. 

But since not even a week had passed back home I decided to stay at least until Steve's plane goes down in the arctic. 

Closing my eyes hoping sleep would take me at least for a little while since the more powerful I got the even less sleep I need.

Not like I really needed sleep after drinking the fountain of youth water but I always liked to sleep. 

(Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock) 

"Fucking christ stop the bloody knocking." Peggy groaned as she rolled over and tried to snuggle into my chest. 

"Haha, I can't do that with you clinging to me like this." I laughed softly before replying. 

"Mmm-figure-it-out-you're-so-warm." Murmured Peggy in response. 

'Okay she can be so frickin cute, just like Shmi can be god damn it's still a little jarring to see two Hayley Atwell look alikes and be intimate with them. Plus young Shmi looking like Hayley Atwell who honestly looks like a younger version of og actress is just awesome.' I thought to myself as I used superspeed to see who was at the door.

"Steve…can I help you?" I was surprised to see Steve at my door so early in the morning. Steve embarrassedly rubbed the back of his head before opening his mouth. 

"I…was…looking for Peggy…Lorraine said she saw you two together last night and that Peggy never returned back to her quarters." Steve replied while he looked at the floor while blushing. 

"I take it you and Lorraine danced the night away as well?" I teasingly asked Steve. 

"S-something like that." Steve replied while blushing, through my enhanced senses I could smell a strong scent of sweat and mask on him but there wasn't any womanly smell. 

'Ohh shit…Bucky and Steve are really like that. For one another the rescue and drinking must have pushed them over the edge.' I thought to myself while eyeing Steve critically.

"I'm happy for you buddy." I said while patting him on the shoulder. 

"You should follow your heart when it comes to love even if it's not socially acceptable by those around you…you..and…Lorraine was it? You should follow your feelings for each other." I told him, making him blush even more deeply while his mouth gaped open and closed like a fish out of water.

"I-I wasn't with Lorraine last night…Buck and I…" Steve stopped talking out of embarrassment. 

"I know Steve." I told him before giving him a one armed hug.

"Wh-what?" Steve questioned. 

"It's alright Steve…you and  Bucky have my support homosexuality is nothing to be ashamed of." I told him as I felt something soft against my lower chest. 

"Wait what…N-no that that's not it." Steve suddenly protested and his voice sounded less man-like and more feminine making me scrunch up my eyebrows. 

Removing myself from the hug that Steve seemed all too eager to stay in looking at him…no her now I was noticing details I hadn't ever seen before Steve looked like Diane Kruger but with short cropped hero styled hair. 

"And why do you keep calling me Steve? I told you it was Stella when I confessed my feelings to you…for you." Replied the now named Stella that moved forward kissing my lips like they were hers in the first place. 

'Wait what? But you were a guy, I know you were, we all literally took showers together during basic.' I thought to myself as I returned the kiss even if Chris Evans was now a woman the genderswapped Mc of this movie was just too damn hot and passionate not to kiss back. 

'Did I get forced into an alternate dimension or time line when I was under the assault of the Hydra weapons? Or is someone like the Beyonder, One Above All or someone else fucking with me?' I continued asking myself even as I found myself sinking my hands into fem captain America's ass.

'Mmm, America's ass is perfect.' I thought to myself.

Space found herself smirking as she watched her chosen champion give into his primal urges towards the woman who he was used to being a man. 

"Enjoy the alternate dimension my Champion." Said the woman with long white hair, crystal blue eyes translucent skin the was like looking through cobalt glass with a buxom body that would make most men and women drool. 

"Space you shouldn't be playing around with him, you know the rules." Said time who looked exactly like space but was green instead of blue.

"Ohh hush you know I know how much you want to change the future for the better he offers us this chance." Space replied to her sister Time. 

"Did you at least attempt to contact our other sister's before doing this?" Time questioned her sister Space while rubbing her temples. 

"Ha ha ha, No…Reality has gone crazy thanks to the dark elves. Power is shielded from talking back to me on Morag, Soul is well you know how she is always being like sacrifice your love for me. Mind is hidden from my reach because of that stupid staff she was put inside of. you're pretty much the only sister I can reach out to that isn't insane." Space replied to Time sounding as though she'd actually put a lot of time into trying.

"Sometimes I wish Mother never gave birth to us." Time replied referring to Nemesis the infinity stones mother. 

"I do wish she could be with us…but I'm happy we were created even if we have been used in committing terrible atrocities." Space replied to her sister Time with a pondering look on her face.

"I lent you my power for this sister. I hope our new champion does not disappoint us." Time finally said as she slowly faded from Space's domain.

"He won't sister…I can feel it…I felt it when he withstood a fraction of my power he might have his own issues…but I know once he meets us he'll do everything he can to help us reunite with our sisters and keep us safe." Space said to her empty domain.

"He-hem Stella we had an agreement my time with him is my time with him." Peggy suddenly said as she sat up on the bed letting the blanket slide off and exposed her breasts.

"S-sorry Peg, it's just I'll be leaving on a long campaign to hit Hydra bases…and wanted to talk to you about spending some time with him but…I couldn't resist him." Stella replied to Peggy while blushing deeply, making Peggy sigh as she got up from my bed and pulled my green army jacket over her head while looking for her heels.

"Bollocks, my shoes must have fallen off on the way here." Peggy said while looking at me accusingly.

"Ha-ha-ha, sorry Peg, I'll run you back to your place quickly. Stay here Stella." I said while I scooped up Peggy and teleported us to her quarters.

"Where did you even get all these powers? Stella doesn't have them so they're not from the serum." Peggy stated while almost demanding an answer while laying down some facts.

"Would you believe me if I told you it was magic?" I asked her in a way that was serious yet light.

"Yes…I've met sorcerer's before on missions for section six…you could have just told me." Peggy replied with her lips forming a pout.

"You could have asked sooner and I would have." I replied easily.

"Are you really Sean Clark?" Peggy finally asked and seemed so very timid while doing so it just did not seem like her at all.

"Yes but I'm from an alternate earth…where superheroes and supersoldiers are just fantasy." I replied honestly seeing no real reason to keep it a secret from her.

"So I was right to be suspicious of you." Peggy replied with a nod at having her suspicions confirmed but not making any move to get out of my princess carry I had her in.

"Yes..but for the wrong reasons." I teased before kissing her nose and setting her down on her bed.

"See ya later Peg." I said as I teleported myself back to my quarters to find Stella very embarrassedly sniffing one of my dirty shirts.

"Huh, wouldn't have taken you as the closet pervert type." I joked making Stella jump and hit her head on the ceiling.

"I'm not." Stella replied while spinning around to face and trying but failing to hide my shirt behind her back.

"It's alright…I don't mind perverted girls." I said while smirking as I superpeeded my way across the room taking my shirt from Stella's hands with one hand while wrapping one arm around her waist pulling her tightly against me.

"In fact I'm a little perverted myself." I said as I leaned in taking deep breaths through my nose, smelling Stella's natural heady scent.

Kissing her neck while giving it little love bites as Stella became puddy in my embrace.

Stella was putting her dress uniform back on trying very hard not to make a sound but in doing so made more noise than she would have just moving around naturally.

"Isn't it the guy's job to sneak out before the gal wakes up?" I teasingly joked, making Stella jump which like a frightened cat which caused America's ass to jiggle slightly.

"Mmm-mmm-Mmm, America's ass and pussy are so fuckable.' I thought to myself.

"I have to go, we're moving out in twenty minutes." Stella replied, sounding regretful that she was leaving.

"Stella…look out for yourself out there." I told her while I stood up and casted a cleansing spell on her so she would have to waste time getting cleaned up while materializing some pants onto myself.

"This is war…Sean I'll die if I have to for my country for the families and their home's." Stella replied almost tersely.

"I know and I love that about you I do. Heck we both want to do this for the families…but I also want a chance at a family with you." I said softly as I hugged her from behind kissing the top of her head.

"Y-you m-mean m-marriage and Ba-babies?" Stella asked with a stutter as she became stiff in my arms before relaxing into my hold.

"Duh." I replied ineloquently.

"Wh-what about Peg an-and Jenny I mean Bucky?" Stella asked still with a bit of a stutter.

"Ohh definitely, I want to put babies in both of them too." I replied honestly as I rubbed my hand over Stella's still exposed abdomen feeling her abs.

"St-stop that tickles." Stella replied as she started to squirm and giggle in my embrace.

"Aright aright, you better get going Stella." I told her as I reluctantly released her and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Mmm, you make me not want to leave now." Stella said honestly as she spun around, cupped my cheek with her hand and kissed my lips chastely.

"You better save a dance for me when I get back." Stella said with a smile on her face, making me freeze up.

"Of course…all the dances you want gorgeous." I replied trying to keep an honest smile on my face when I really just wanted to tie her up and lock her away in my inner world.

I watched her prance away as she finished buttoning up her white dress shirt while pulling her coat over her shoulders

Moving through the halls of the underground base reaching the Colonel's office completely ignoring and bypassing Lorraine the sexy blonde sexretary barging into Phillips office.

"I want you to deploy me with Stella." I said to the Colonel who was reading reports and smoking a cigar.

"No can do son…I'm deploying you and Carter here and along this router." The Colonel said while running his finger along a length of Hydra bases marked in red while Stella's were marked in blue.

"Sir." I started to raise a protest but stopped when I felt Peggy's hand on my elbow and realized I was still only in my pants.

"Look son…I know you and Rogers are close…but sending both of you out on the same campaign is overkill especially when you can be better utilized by lessening her load." The Colonel said as he put down his cigar and drank a sip of whiskey from his whiskey glass.

"We understand Colonel Phillips. I was on my way to meet Mr.Clark and debrief him on our mission parameters…but I saw him bursting through your door on my way there." Peggy replied as she gently pulled on my arm and turned to leave the office.

"Agent Carter, I am not a fool or a young man please don't try to pretend as if you didn't spend the night with him. I don't care if you fraternize amongst each other, just don't make it my headache." Phillips said we were stepping through the door which Lorraine hurried over to shut.

"Come on Sean, let's go talk somewhere private." Peggy sighed as she openly took my hand and pulled me to a briefing room.

"You knew we would be getting deployed together last night and you didn't think to give me a heads up?" I accusingly pointed a finger at her.

"Well I thought we could enjoy the night together and I'd tell you in the morning but of course Stella had to come and interrupt our time together." Peggy expressed back just as accusatory while motioning with her hands.

Crossing my arms over my chest while looking at her pointedly letting my stubbornness show.

"How can you be so bloody irritating at times?" Peggy nearly shouted as she slammed a folder down on the interrogation table with enough force to make the sound echo throughout the room.

"The same question could be asked about you." I said back, slapping my palms against the table making it fall apart. Which made Peggy and I both look at it before we broke out into small laughs which turned into large ones.

"I'm sorry." I finally said.

"I just have a feeling that something bad is going to happen to Stella and Bucky." I continued as I ran my hand through my hair on both sides of my head while letting out a sigh.


"I'm sorry too…I guess seeing you want to run after Stella and leave me alone to take down these bases even though you didn't know about them made me…" Peggy replied while letting her sentence trail off.

"I get it Peg…if I'd known about this I probably wouldn't have reacted that way." I replied while she hugged me resting her head against my chest.

"Now…let's go over our mission and get it done as fast as possible so we can connect with Stella and Bucky and eliminate Hydra once and for all." I told her and she moved to pick up the files before leaning her back against my front while having me look over all the Intel and information on the bases on our list.

Deploying my rock monsters while also zooming in, ripping hearts from chests while also ripping heads off with my bare hands.

Clearing a base in under ten minutes before moving onto the next one while Peggy and I went radio silent the whole time.

'Eat your hearts out Mikealson's.' I thought to myself as I went full on Vampire Diaries on these sumbitches.


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