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"Maybe I should take part in this fight instead of leaving it to my droid army…after all I did start all of this over a girl." I said out loud to myself as I stepped back into my inner world.

Noticing droids were now patrolling around the palace and the ships there were a few more dead snakes not as big as the one I killed with a sabre but still pretty large.

'I hate snakes.' I thought to myself and ordering some droids to cut them up preserve the meat and deliver it to the people living in the cities to eat.

"I wonder if there's anyone even left alive in the cities." I said out loud only for a HUD screen to pop up in my line of sight and I could see some broken buildings and dinosaurs. I couldn't even place walking around but the people of Tatooine easily adapted to the new guests.

Some dead dinos were left laying about and some people were cutting them up but it was business as usual for most people.

"What did you do?" I heard Zendaya ask me in a very irate tone of voice.

"I made Tatooine not a giant dust ball anymore but I didn't plan on the new indigenous species being so prominent or predatory. 'After all I only played Ark a handful of times.' I replied to Zendaya's question while tacking on a mental thought.

"Yeah it's awesome, Fri was showing me there's these big furry dog things called Dire wolves they are so pretty and then there are these big cats with really long teeth that are called Sabretoothed tigers." Zendaya started to babble about animals Friday had told her about.

'Huh, I thought I was in trouble or something. Probably will be after I tell her I don't want her living here because it's too dangerous.' I thought to myself as I opened my mouth to vocalize my thoughts.

"Hey Zen." I called over to her.

"What is it babe?" Zendaya asked back curiously as she started to walk back up the ramp into the ship.

"I think it would be best if you didn't stay in this world until."I started to say only to stop short at the very very hurt and betrayed look on Zendaya's face like I'd just told her I didn't want her in my life anymore.

"Until I get the population of Dinosaurs, snakes and everything else under control so it's safe for you and the baby." I said to her quickly so the misunderstanding didn't grow, making sure to mention the baby putting a lot of emphasis on the word.

Zendaya pouted slightly. "Fine but I want a Dire wolf puppy and a saber-toothed tiger kitten." Zendaya said while acting petulantly.

"Zen…they're wild animals, not house pets." I protested gently.

"But-but if you get them as puppies then you can raise them up as pets." Zendaya protested Petulantly.

"Zen, domestication is a very long process of breeding in desired traits and out of others it'd take a few hundred years to turn them into pets." I replied while rubbing my forehead.

Zendaya crossed her arms and put on an expression that said she was very willing to turn this into an arrangement.

'Nope gotta put my foot down if I cave I'll be a doormat.' I thought to myself as I crossed my arms and looked back at her with a no nonsense look only for her bottom lip to start quivering and some tears starting at the corners of her eyes.

"Fuck I can't believe I caved so easily." I said out loud as I flew to the winter biome that the Dire wolves live in.

'Seeing your pregnant girlfriend cry over a puppy and a kitty though…is a good enough excuse that doesn't make me a doormat…you're totally a doormat.' I tried excusing my caving to Zendaya and not seem like a doormat in head but I relented and admitted I was a doormat.

Finding a pack of wolves hunting a wooly mammoth calf I waited and watched for when they'd lead me back to their Den where I'd take a pup.

'Glad, I found a spell that erases my scent.' I thought to myself as I hovered up in the air using my glasses to keep a zoomed in image of the wolves.

The wolves attacked at once ripping apart their prey, dragging away pieces back to their Den while a few others ate the edible interns and quickly caught up with their pack.

Observing the wolves with a small invisible nanites drone seeing how there was one scrawny sick looking pup being annexed by his pack I snuck in and nabbed it.

Having my nanites form a syringe jabbing the needle into my neck filling it with my blood giving the pup an injection so it wouldn't die on me.

Before I flew to the location of the Smilodon prides stealing a kitten I hadn't even noticed was that the wolf pup had nuzzled in tightly against me as if it was meant to be there the cat was like any other cat biting and clawing at me I nearly dropped it into a frozen river to teach it a lesson.

Flying back to my palace keeping the pup and kitten out of the heavy winds landing on the open area connected to the master bedroom of the palace that was separated by a ray shield.

Having my nanites form two large cages while I turned into Greymatter and had Friday give me everything on domesticating dogs and cats along with emotional training.

While turning into Greymatter creating a serum to lower their natural aggression towards humans and other species while programming a pheromone strain and special protein sequence that would prevent it from hurting me, Zendaya, our baby, Shmi and her baby.

Injecting both the Sabretoothed cub and the Dire Wolf Puppy both animals becoming very docile even with easy to eat Galvin form both licking me like I was part of the family.

Exiting Galvin form letting out a big sigh at the cute little buggers giving me puppy dog eyes.

'Dammit you big softy.' I chastised myself as I picked up the puppy and Kitten that were both the size of a large house cat making them both yip and purr contentedly as they each licked a side of my face.

'They are pretty cute and cuddly.' I thought to myself as the idea of casting the anti-aging spell popped into my head so I could keep them as a kitten and puppy for a long while and slowly lift the spell as mine and Zendaya's baby grew so that the puppy and Kitten would have a close bond with the baby.

Muttering the incantation for the spell that would keep them as young pup and kitten for years smiling to myself as I flew myself and them over to the XS.

"EEE YOU REALLY GOT THEM FOR MEE THERE SO CUTEEE AND THEIR FUR IS SO SOFT OOO I JUST WANT TO SNUGGLE THEN FOREVER ! ! !" Zendaya squealed loudly and continued to talk in a squealing loud voice as she stole the puppy and kitten right out of my arms and started rubbing her face against them while both animals tried getting away from her.

"Zen, you probably should give them a cleansing before you do all that they are wild animals after all." I told her as I stealthily casted a cleansing spell on the three of them along with a bug, tick and flea repelling spell.

"R-right, thank you so much babe you're the best boyfriend ever." Zendaya said happily as if nothing could bring down her mood as she kissed my cheek, nearly crushing the two animals between our chests before skipping away happily.

'Sorry you two.' I sent a small mental apology out to the two little critters and wondered whether or not Zen would get tired of them after a few months and I'd be the one having to take care of them.

With a flex of my will I moved the XS and the Z-95 onto the replacement Tatooine while also reaching in and pulling out one of my nine Death Stars.

Throwing it up into the sky commanding it's thrusters to activate and once it hit the gravitational ring of the planet to return to full size and then send a battalion of Mando-droids to protect the two ships.

Returning to my inner world I moved all the treasure and Shmi to the duplicate palace on replacement Tatooine as well leaving the other various humans and humanoid species behind to populate my inner world and to provide my soul with nourishment.

'Maybe I am an evil person and being possessed by Zs'Skyarr and The Brother just brought who I really am to the surface.' I thought to myself as I looked down at Tatooine feeling like what I imagine God would feel looking down on his creation.

Quickly shaking those thoughts away as I strategically put things in place that would when they were discovered lead people to believing I was a god and responsible for the sudden changes that took place on Tatooine before exiting my inner world.

What I didn't know though is my being a god was already being spread by the slaves I'd freed, pretty much all of them becoming my profits and the red skinned Twi'lek becoming my head priestess of my new religion.

'God Ki here I come.' I mentally joked to myself, getting a kick out of these cultivator-esqued actions I was taking without even having a cultivation technique.

'You are but a frog in a well young brother Chen you know not how high heaven is from the earth nor the sacred treasures that fill the land. Okay okay stop that shit now do not go to that dark place from whence you came after discovering Webnovel.' I joked and then berated myself not to fall into the endless dark chasma that was wuxia and XianXia novels.


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