Turns Out, I'm from a Real Aristocratic Family!

After living with the Fang family for eighteen years, Fang Yuan discovered she was a fake heiress. When the real heiress returned, she was abandoned and was about to be sent back to a poor and remote area... But little did she know that the so-called poor and remote area turned out to be the country's most expensive wealthy villa district! Overnight, she went from being an ordinary heiress of a wealthy family to becoming the true heiress of a top-tier wealthy family! Her biological parents doted on her excessively. With a casual wave of her hand, she had millions in allowance. She could casually drive any of the luxury cars in the garage and buy high-end designer items from around the world. Want to go to school? She could choose from any top-notch prestigious university! Don't want to study? Well, take control of the family's company here and play with it! What surprised Fang Yuan the most was that she even had a fiancé. However, before they could meet, the fiancé came to her doorstep to break off the engagement. Fang Yuan didn't really care, but why did this person talk about breaking off their engagement, then turn around and cling to her? He always wanted to hold her hand and kiss her. Fang Yuan was annoyed and asked, "Excuse me, who are you, sir?" The man smiled and said, "Darling Yuanyuan, I'm your future husband!" Fang Yuan replied, "Sir, you've mistaken me for someone else. I don't have a husband, only a former fiancé who wants to break off the engagement." Bao Yi, the feared wealthiest man in the city, had an embarrassed expression. He thought to himself, 'I really want to kill that idiot who made a high-profile break-up without even meeting her!'

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Future Granddaughter-in-law

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"Mu Qing, along with the doctor who advocated heart-suppressing medicine with her yesterday, claimed that if something were to happen, the blame should be placed on the girl. Find all of them and dismiss them. They lack the qualifications to be doctors!"

Having voiced his displeasure, Old Master Bo glanced at the person lying beside the bed. "What are you waiting for? Should I kick you out myself?"

"Old Master Bo, please calm down. You haven't fully recovered yet. Ms. Su, do you not comprehend the discussion we were having?" Mu Qing's tone turned cold.

Realizing the futility of the situation, Su Jing muttered an apology and exited the room.

"Who was the girl who performed the surgery on me yesterday?" Old Master Bo inquired after Su Jing's departure. "Have you properly expressed your gratitude?"

"We gave her a monetary token of appreciation," Mu Qing replied, admiration evident in his voice as he spoke of the girl. "I can hardly believe a teenage girl possesses such exceptional medical skills! It's truly astounding!"

"She stumbled upon your condition and acted swiftly to save you," Mu Qing explained. "If she hadn't intervened, Old Master, you might not have made it."

"Healers are indeed compassionate beings!" A faint image of a young face formed in Old Master Bo's mind. Though her features were blurred and she wore a mask, her eyes and facial structure suggested she was a charming young lady with a pleasant voice. However, she was too young to be considered an adult, and Yi was already engaged to Cheng Yuqi. Otherwise, she could have been welcomed as a granddaughter-in-law!

"Do you happen to have the girl's contact information?" Old Master Bo suddenly inquired. "I would like to personally express my gratitude."

Mu Qing was taken aback, recalling that Old Master Bo had asked for his phone number the previous day!

"Just leave her be," Bo Yi interjected, refusing the request.

"Why would it be wrong to meet my savior? Can't we extend our gratitude directly?" Old Master Bo contemplated the situation. He was ill and bound by various limitations, but this young lady had directly saved his life. What did that signify? Her medical skills far surpassed those of any doctor!

If he had heard correctly, the girl was around 17 or 18 years old, roughly the same age as his grandson. If they were to be matched, they might have a promising future together.

"Did you manage to obtain her contact information?" Old Master Bo pondered, recalling the exchange between Mu Qing and Bo Yi. That rascal must have asked for her WeChat or phone number!

"I don't mind; just bring the girl here!" Old Master Bo shamelessly insisted.

Ultimately, Bo Yi relented. "I will assist you in locating them. However, it depends on whether she is willing to come."

Old Master Bo's plan had succeeded. He replied, "No problem!" If he hadn't insisted, he might have been intimidated by his grandson's stubbornness.

Bo Yi was preparing to depart.

"Hold on a moment!" Old Master Bo seemed to have had an epiphany. "When you speak to the girl, be courteous and gentle. If you're uncertain about how to act, let Mu Qing guide you. Don't scare her away, understand?" After all, she could potentially become his future granddaughter-in-law!

Bo Yi retorted, "Am I not already polite and considerate? Are you teaching me how to behave?"

Mu Qing interjected inwardly - Old Master, please don't conspire against me. I merely forgot about the project in Africa…

"The girl is my savior; let's not frighten her," Old Master Bo expressed his concern, worried that the girl might be overwhelmed due to her young age.

Meanwhile, on the other side…

Cheng Ye and Qiao Xinhui sat at the dining table, placing various breakfast items in front of their two daughters.

"These pastries were just made in the kitchen. Here, Yuanyuan, this one is for you. Be careful; it's hot."

"Yuqi, you've been away at school for a month, and it seems like you've lost weight. You should eat more as well."

Cheng Yuqi smiled sweetly. "Mom, Dad, you don't have to worry about me. Just give some to my sister. I've had plenty of good food growing up."

Qiao Xinhui smiled, appreciating her child's thoughtfulness. Cheng Yuqi didn't resent Fang Yuan for returning home; instead, she was concerned about her sister. It was a heartwarming scene beyond her expectations.

"Dad, this is your favorite tea of Da Hong Pao. Allow me to pour you a cup," Cheng Yuqi stood up and served Cheng Ye with a cup of Da Hong Pao. Then she reached for another teapot, adorned with delicate blue ice cracks, and poured a cup of chrysanthemum tea for Qiao Xinhui.

"Mom, this is your preferred chrysanthemum tea."

Qiao Xinhui hadn't anticipated that her daughter would understand their preferences so well. She smiled and savored the tea.

Observing their delighted reactions, Cheng Yuqi cast a triumphant glance at Fang Yuan, as if she had emerged victorious. So what if she was the youngest daughter? After spending countless years together, she knew her parents' habits better than anyone else.

Fang Yuan could discern Cheng Yuqi's thoughts, but she remained composed and unruffled. She leisurely enjoyed the snacks, appearing as if she was unconcerned.