Trying to Save my Favorite Character from His Tragic Fate Book

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Trying to Save my Favorite Character from His Tragic Fate


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"The end." These two words make Kyrie feel like his world is falling apart. After being a loyal reader of a novel for ten years, he feels destroyed to read that Ian, his favorite character, died without a single happy moment. Throughout Kyrie's life filled with misfortune, Ian became the light that gave him the strength to overcome his hardships to stand up again. However, seeing that Ian did not have a happy ending, he felt a thorn in his heart. [If only I can change his fate...] And that is what happened precisely. Kyrie meets the author that turned out to be a small god who records accounts from other worlds as a hobby. The small god allows Kyrie to go to Ian's world to save him from his tragic fate. Kyrie, filled with enthusiasm, declares, "Ian, this time... I will make you happy! I will not let you suffer ever again!!!" This is the story of a reader who wants to save his favorite character in a collapsing world desperately. He enters into a world ruled by magic and tries to get strong to save the world. His enemy? A fallen god. Then what about the protagonist? A crazy killing machine whom he has to team up with. What about his favorite character? Still a cute innocent bunny whom he has every desire to tease!!!! *** Warning, some chapters will contain mature content *** Discord server featuring three other BL authors: SleepyKola, LinShui, and ForeverPupa! https://discord.gg/8pnVAGqENG Please join us! ***This cover was taken from Pinterest. All credits to the creator/owner. If the owner wants it taken down, please comment on it. Thank you! I love how perfect this fits my story!! TT v TT


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