1 Chapter 1 At least let me finish the trailer...

"The second trailer of 'No Way Back' just got released today, let's see if there's Tobi and Andy.."

'Ever since I got bit by that spider....'

Suddenly, vision starts turning black, feeling indescribable pain on his heart, trying to gasp for air, the last image XXX saw was spidey jumping towards the three villains.


"Where the hell am I? I can't move freely... What is this warm feeling on my back? And who is singing?" A black haired woman is looking at him lovingly, stroking his head, singing ever so softly.

"Man... My eyelids feel so heavy, and why would I feel like this is the best voice I've ever heard in my 30 years life? WAIT, more importantly what kind of cliffhanger is this? Did the two OG spidies appeared or not?!"

"Sleep, Ji Hoon, sleep... my baby boy..." The woman whispered softly.

"Ah yes, I should sleep now... Let's think all this madness through once I wake up..." Fail to fight the drowsiness, 'Ji Hoon' fell asleep peacefully.


"Hmm... this doesn't feel right... It wasn't suppose to be like this..." I'm Kim Ji Hoon, it's been twelve years since I came to this world. Some might ask why I feel this way, because it's currently year 1998, which means I have to wait at least 23 years to watch that freaking movie, TWENTY THREE freaking years. Oh and guess what? That's not the worse, I regret now more than ever that I never learn anything about stocks and shares in my past life, I would've been RICH, ugh...

Right now, our MC is having a mental breakdown, and there's a little girl sitting beside him, who is she you asked?

"Oppa, did you listen to what I said just now?" She looked at Ji Hoon impatiently.

"Ah, of course 'wuli'(means our in korean, usually for someone close to you) Soo Yeon, you gotta do it like this, this, this...."


Soo Yeon looks at Ji Hoon sadly and starts to pout. "Oppa... If you have something else to do, you shouldn't have promised to teach me..."

"Don't be silly, nothing is more important than you Soo Yeon, I'm sorry I blanked out just now, where were we?"

Kim Soo Yeon, she was born 3 years after Ji Hoon. As someone who didn't have any siblings in his past life, he treated her like a treasure. As a result, she relied on him 'a little' too much, even more than their parents.

An hour later, Soo Yeon finished her homework and they went downstairs to eat dinner together with their parents.

Let's talk about their parents, the mother of two Im Seon Hwa, she is the first person Ji Hoon saw when he came to this world, and she is the person he respects the most in the world. She is also a semi-retired actress. Their father, Kim Dae Yeong, he is a retired musician.

Because of Ji Hoon's interest and knowledge from past life, he quickly learned acting skills and some instruments from the parents from an young age, while Soo Yeon only has interest in music.

After dinner, Ji Hoon went back to his own room. He looked into the mirror and asks himself: "What should I do in the future? I didn't come this world with nothing, I loved movies and music in my past life and got lots of knowledge about them for the next twenty plus years, I should take advantage of that. I think I look pretty good too, at least better than my old self... right? All I need is an opportunity..."


P.S. Guys, do you think I should use some Korean terms here, because I wanna make it more relatable.

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