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Trustworthy Agents


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Seanan Mitchellson only wants one thing in his life... To be like his grandfather, his only idol, a trustworthy agent. But, his condition says the exact opposite of his grandfathers. His grandfather was strong, he's weak, mentally and physically. His grandfather was intelligent, brave... He's not. He has no social skills, no actual friends or people to help him. His life is the definition of 'unlucky'. So, his dreams are just so childish and silly. Then, there is Ansell Damien Feirefiz Walter... or just Ansell Walter. He seems to have a great life! He's a champion of various martial arts competition, famous in the school, basketball player, has a lot of friends... But, despite all of that, the 'behind the scenes' of his life,... It's all a wreck. Everyone he cares keeps going away from him and the 'ones' he desperately wants for them to die, is still alive and healthy. You know, the ones who 'neglects' him... His parents. Who never come home and just leaves him alone. And, last, meet Sammy, Ansell's cousin. Who's not so different than him. Her family life... Is also a wreck. Everyday is like a competition with her brother. Her brother gets all the attention, yet there's nothing left for her. So, this is the journey of three of them... Surviving and maybe, growing stronger. [On hiatus till November]


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