True Love and Other Lies

All she wanted was to convince Qin Zhan, a well-known patisserie, to join her in her new restaurant. But, everyone who she had sent returned with bad news: Rejected! Rumor has it that Qin Zhan quit life as a reputable chef to stay in the small town and run a small noodle stand. No matter how much anyone offered to hire him, Qin Zhan had rejected every one. No! That man would not even hear a word before he showed everyone to the door. Since everyone she sent returned with no good result, Gu Xin Ye had no other choice but to do everything herself! Just as Gu Xin Ye thought that she will be able to convince Qin Zhan with her persuasion skill and charm, a misunderstanding led her to work for Qin Zhan instead, as his helper! ----- Illustration: kirinlukis ----- Shared universe with: 1. Loving You Too Much 2. A Lifetime with You 3. You're My Only Star 4. The Dragon Beside Me 5. Love So Sweet 6. Commander Qi's Runaway Wife 7. The Wedding Planner's Romance

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Qin Zhan Seemed to be in a Bad Mood

Gu Xin Ye stared at the message on her phone screen with her mouth slightly agape.

Yesterday, she sent a few messages to Qin Zhan, hoping to schedule an appointment with him so that they could discuss his collaboration with GDB Group.

She sent her first text to him in the evening after working on a suitable proposal that she could show to Qin Zhan later. 

However, the man did not reply to her text even when she was heading to bed.

Gu Xin Ye wondered if Qin Zhan was very busy at work. 

After all, he had taken a long break to look after his niece and nephew in Z Town. Surely, there would be a lot of work and business that Qin Zhan had to manage.

She wondered if she should give him a call. But then, she did not want to disturb him if he was busy. 

However, Gu Xin Ye did not expect that Qin Zhan would finally reply to her text early in the morning.

Her eyes fell on the time stamp.