True Love and Other Lies

All she wanted was to convince Qin Zhan, a well-known patisserie, to join her in her new restaurant. But, everyone who she had sent returned with bad news: Rejected! Rumor has it that Qin Zhan quit life as a reputable chef to stay in the small town and run a small noodle stand. No matter how much anyone offered to hire him, Qin Zhan had rejected every one. No! That man would not even hear a word before he showed everyone to the door. Since everyone she sent returned with no good result, Gu Xin Ye had no other choice but to do everything herself! Just as Gu Xin Ye thought that she will be able to convince Qin Zhan with her persuasion skill and charm, a misunderstanding led her to work for Qin Zhan instead, as his helper! ----- Illustration: kirinlukis ----- Shared universe with: 1. Loving You Too Much 2. A Lifetime with You 3. You're My Only Star 4. The Dragon Beside Me 5. Love So Sweet 6. Commander Qi's Runaway Wife 7. The Wedding Planner's Romance

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"Did you get everything you need?" Gu Xin Ye asked when Qin Zhan returned to their table. She gave Qin Zhan a lookover and saw that Qin Zhan was carrying a plastic bag with him.

The plastic was transparent. So she could see what was inside.

Gu Xin Ye looked at Qin Zhan in puzzlement when she saw the bottle of drinking water that he bought with him. 

They were already at the cafe. He could order some drinking water if he wanted to. Why did he go out to buy some drinking water? 

Then, she finally saw the packet of lozenges in the plastic bag as well.

"Hmm? Qin Zhan, are you feeling uncomfortable? Did your throat hurt?"

Qin Zhan followed Gu Xin Ye's line of gaze and coughed. "Hmm... It's a bit sore."

"The air is chilly at night. You shouldn't stand on the balcony at night." Her brow furrowed. She already reminded Qin Zhan that he should stay warm, but he was not listening to her.