2 Prologue

"The award for the most popular male actor goes to Mr Davin Keller" I went onto the stage from my VIP room with a big smile.

"Thank you for your support guys! It is my greatest honour to get nominated and win this award it is not only my effort my friends my family this award goes to everyone who supports and encourages me."I gave the usual formal speech with a big smile and went back to the VIP room with the clapping sounds from the audience.


" My friends?My Family? Who do I have in this world?" With a sad smile, I lay down on the sofa and drank the luxury-looking wine bottle.

I am Davin Keller a 24 years old man who owns different multinational companies' brand names with shares over 30 famous companies. Some say I am the most successful man in this modern era. Some say I am the young prodigy of the modern age but in my life, I have nothing but regrets.

When I was 12 years old my so-called parents abandoned me well they didnt actually abandoned me they tried to kill me to take my insurance courage so they can live. I later got to know that my father was a drug addict and my mother was a prostitute. Somehow I got the chance to leave that hell hole and start a new life in an orphanage managed by nuns until I got the chance to act in a supportive role in a Hollywood film with many famous actors. I am not being hypocritical but I relatively look handsome therefore I got some main roles with some effort somehow I started many businesses and now they are so successful that I am a millionaire at the age of 24.

When it comes to romantic relationships I tried many girls but none of them truly wanted me they wanted my status and my money or they want to marry me to build up their reputation. Once I dated a girl for 3 months she wanted me to buy a whole fucking Island for our 3 months anniversary I could have easily bought her an island but the look in her eyes when she proposed to me it is not love it is pure greed like a dog who saw it's favourite food but I am not a virgin either I had a lot of physical only relationships but none of them couldn't do anything about my loneliness.

After 4 hours at the end of the award ceremony, I got up from my seats with 4 bodyguards who were forced to me by the firms I work with and went out to go home and get a good sleep. The moment I opened the door I got shocked by the shouts of the people outside and the media,

"DAVIIIIINNN~~DAVIIIIIIIIN" all girls shout with a crazed look in their eyes.

"Mr Davin what do you have to say about this award"

"Mr Davin what can you say about your new films"

The reporters were surrounding me asking different questions.


This is nothing new to me but today I got a strange feeling about it.

The moment I finished answering the media and other people, someone wearing a black colour tight dress in the media section tried to aim his gun and shoot at me.


Luckily I used to practice martial art for self-defence. I grabbed his hand and aimed the gun toward the sky and punched his face with my elbow another man wearing the same type of dress took a knife and came running toward me to stab me. I grabbed the gun and aimed it toward the other assassin and shot a bullet. The bullet punched its way through his chest and he dropped the knife and knelt touching his chest in agony.

This all happened within 1 minute or 2 minutes the moment the crowd understood what was happening they started to run in different directions. I ran toward my car to avoid more assassins aiming at me, at that moment car exploded with a booming sound.

"ARGGHHHH How did my car explode? Did someone betray me?" I thought looking at the surroundings to my shock I was lying near the car with one of my legs missing.

"Where are the so-called bodyguards?" I looked around to find them but none of them was lying near me or injured they were far away aiming their gun at me and coming toward me.


"So this is how my life ended *haha but why do they want to kill me I never did anything to offend any big shot, to be honest, I never did anything good with my money either I donated a handful of the sum to an orphanage I grew up in"

"Maybe this is that damn old man's work"

Last month I got invited for a dinner by a big shot mafia boss he wanted me to marry his youngest daughter after the dinner I wanted to go to take a leak but when I am returning someone grabbed me to a room when I opened my eyes I was shocked to see the wife of the mafia boss wearing sexy lingerie which barely covered her private parts. Even though I called her the mafia boss wife she is 35 or 40 years old beautiful woman.

"DAVINNNN~~I waited for you to visit me why didn't you come sooner" I was confused I tried to think who this woman is and why is she asking me like that.

"I am your biggest fan baby, I waited 2 weeks for you to come to me, come show me your beautiful body," I got bad vibes from this woman the moment I enter this room now it is confirmed. I would definitely have sex with her if not she is the wife of the mafia boss and I am sure she is asking me to knock her I don't want this crazed women who ask a random man to knock her up to have my children.

"Ehhh Miss I got a meeting to attend I think I should go now" I tried to avoid this crazy woman but she pushed me down suddenly and started to unzip my pants with a crazed look in her eyes. I pushed her to the exit of this damn room with my dishevelled clothes, the moment I opened the door I was greeted by the old man's mafia boss. He was staring at me and his wife simultaneously. It took him a few seconds to understand what was going on but he clearly misunderstood.

"You damn bastard! What did you do to my wife?" I didn't even get the chance to explain the situation that damn hot-headed old man took his revolver and tried to shoot me I greeted his face with my fist with full power because I couldn't keep my anger controlled by this whole situation. I saw 2 or 3 teeth flying at the same time. I quickly went to my car to leave this crazy household from the next day onward I got several death threats but I dealt with them smoothly. I didn't think they would attack me openly attracting the attention of the media. I was at my death door when my life flashed before my own eyes.


"I never got to experience parental love or family love in my life. Life is nothing but regrets, In the end, I die like an orphan,"

"I have everything in my life except the things I wanted in my life," at that moment I lost all the light in my eyes and I died or so I thought.

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