12 Mommy's Date (R-18)

Velian POV

It's been 5 years since the assassination

incident. We safely reached Zion Village where the mother's adventuring friend lives. She warmly welcomed us to the village and she gave us an empty house for us to live in.

"Ahh~ Darling, rough as always aren't you," Mother said while caressing my head.

"Mom, your milk is so tasty even when I grow up I won't stop drinking from you," I said while shifting from the left tit to the right. Many things changed in our lives during these 5 years. One thing that didn't change is the taste of Mother's milk in fact it is becoming delicious day by day and the amount is also increasing. The feeling of Mother's heavenly boobs combined with her heavenly milk is the best.

"Ha ha I won't let my baby stop drinking milk anyway when you won't drink my boobs feels so heavy," she said while blushing.

During these 5 years, I noticed that my mother gets horny while breastfeeding me. She doesn't have an idea how hard for me to control myself even though I'm 5 years and don't have libido it still feels strange for me as I'm a 24 years old man inside a 5-year-old child.

Right after we settled in this village I decided on the path I'm going to take to protect my family. I won't act all mature with my mother because in my previous life I never got to experience the thing called Mother's love so in this life I will be a good son that she can proud of and I will protect her as she protected me from those damn assassins.

"Darling, don't fill your little belly with milk you have to eat some solid food too otherwise you won't grow up to be a healthy man," Mother said while arranging her clothes and hiding her large boobs. I felt sad watching her boobs hiding inside her dress. I decided to be a little playful and kissed her on her cheeks and said,

"I love you mother"

"I love you too baby, come let's go and eat," she said while taking me into her embrace.

All these 5 years I got to know something about mom that is she can't cook. Being a noble lady she never learnt to cook it was a disaster first few years. We had to eat black colour food sometimes fortunately Big sister Lyra learnt to cook proper meals for us otherwise, I will die of food poisoning though poison doesn't affect me now. I gained (Poison Nullification) with the help of the Tsundere system Luna.

[Hmmph who are you calling tsundere]

During this period I also gained much knowledge with the help of books that mom brought with her from the Empire. I started to talk when I was 6 months old at that time mother was surprised because babies usually talk when they are at least a year old. The first word I said was "Mother" when she heard me she hugged me so tight that I almost suffocated from those heavenly boobs. It was terrific.

I went to the table and sat down to eat the food with my mom. Big sister Lyra was serving the food. Even though they are enough for someone to fill their belly there is no flavour whatsoever. The bread was really hard and the egg was just fried and no salt or any spices before I start anything I need to improve the quality of the food.

"Where's Delvi, Lyra?" Mother asked about Big sister Delvi from the Lyra.

"Mother she's been practising nonstop again even though we said no overdoing it," Lyra said while feeling guilty.


"That child, she's still stuck in the past" Mother said with a sad face.

"Lyra, how are your studies going? Did you understand the books that I gave you?" Mother asked.

"Yes, Mother I'm already ready for my mana core awakening," Lyra said.

"Big sister Lyra, I already read those books 1 year ago if you don't understand anything ask me," I said while filling my mouth with a piece of bread with some vegetables.

"Haha I knew you were a genius but I didn't know you were this much to teach a 9-year-old being 5 years old" Mother said while finishing her breakfast.

I was known as a genius among villagers because I first started to read books at the age of 2 and write at the same time. I already have a basic understanding of magic and mana even though I'm still unawakened. I'm planning to start martial art training next year.

"Haha, I can't think of a 5-year-old who already knows all the basics of the magic as expected of, Veli," Lyra said while laughing

I gave a small kiss to Big sister Lyra's Cheek and said,

"Thank you big sister for the great breakfast"

She blushed and looked at me with a dazed look. Even though she is a silent girl she is also a dangerous girl that is a story for another time. I ran into the mom's embrace and hugged her and ask,

"Mother, what are you going to do today"

"Nothing special baby, Why is there something you want to do?" She asked while hugging me back.

"Yeah I thought today will be a good day to visit Aunt Asumi and Aiko," I said while giving puppy eyes.

"Ughhhh~ If u look at me like that sweetheart, I can't say no to whatever you ask, Well let's just visit them today come I'll dress you up," She said and dragged me to the bedroom to change my clothes. It is a little embarrassing to let her change my clothes but I'm 5 Bn years old so I don't have a choice but let her spoil me.

"Blue colour match Veli's White hair and short pants Ok all ready, just give me a minute darling let Mommy also change clothes," she said and started to change her clothes in front of me I gulped.

She removed her one-piece dress and now she is only wearing her white colour underwear. I burned this spectacle to my eyes because no matter how much I see her like this I can't help but be amazed by her body.

No one can tell that she's given birth to two children. She is like a statue sculpted by Goddess herself. Her long white hair with fair blemish-free skin can seduce any man that lay eyes upon not that I'm going to let anyone do that. Her F cup boobs and that godly curve butt are so sexy that if I had libido my dragon would already be soaring up in the sky. Her nipples are rose colour and pussy is free of any unwanted hair. She releases a motherly aura in her behaviour.

"Do I look, beautiful darling?" She asked while giving a pose.

"Most beautiful in the world, Mother," I said without thinking for a second. She blushed hearing this and grabbed my hand and said,

"Let's go, darling for our date"


Author's Note:

I will R-18 chapters from here onward for the Chapter name.

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