16 Lyra's Awakening (R-18)

"What are you guys doing," Lyra asked with eyes wide open. I was kneading Sister Delvi's breast and quickly stop doing it and looked at her.

"Veli, I asked a question what're you doing with Sister Delvi," she asked while coming close to me.

"Nothing I was just massaging her because she was tired after training," I said while asking for Delvi's help.

"Yeah he was just massaging me, especially this part~," she said while puffing her breast and letting out a playful moan.

"Ohhh Velian, can you come with me, please there is a part in a book that I can't understand," she said while dragging me to her room.

"Sister Delvi, I will send him after learning a lesson from him," she said while showing a sinister smile at her. Sister Delvi just nodded her head and waved her hands at me laughing at me.

Sister Lyra grabbed my hand and went to her room then she closed the door then she started to undress.

"Sister Lyra, what are you doing," I asked

"Massage me as you did with Delvi or you don't want to," she asked while showing a fake sad expression. I'm already used to her behaviour that's why I said she is a Dangerous sister. If my dragon can get up she will be the first one to ride it I'm 100% sure. Well, I won't say no at that moment because no matter how I see my both sisters are in love with me. I won't say it is good to have a relationship with the family but to be honest I don't care about what others think. I will love them as a brother as well as their man.

"Ok, don't give me that look and remove your underwear and get on the bed," I said while looking at her body. I took a towel and tried to give it to her but she was already lying on the bed naked without even trying to cover her pussy. She had a blush on her face even though she wanted to act cool if I had libido I would be already pouncing on her.

"Do you like what you see, Veli?" she asked embarrassingly.

"Ugh, this succubus sister of mine," I thought inwardly.

I decided to give an answer which will cause less problem because if I said you're the most beautiful next day Delvi will be sad.

"You all are the most beautiful girls I have seen, sister I love you," I said while finishing the first step of massage and asked her to turn around.

"Whoahh, so this her pussy no hair whatsoever," I thought inwardly.

"Brother, don't look too much even I feel shy," she said.

"Well to begin with you're a shy girl," I thought while looking at her and kneading her small boobs.

"Brother, do you like my breast," she asked

"Yes they look absolutely stunning but they are a little small," I said without thinking twice but I started to sweat when I realised what I had done but contrary to my answer she was calm and put on a determined face.

"I knew it, I have seen you greedily eating the mother's breast I will make my boobs big as mother I swear," she said but something unexpected happened she started her awakening.


[Mana awakening detected]

[Master is advised to stay away from the awakening person]

But before I do anything she hold my hand and said,

"Veli, Do it faster please sister feel strange don't go"

I decided to stay with her despite the danger and do as she told me,

"Ahhh~ Veli faster, Ahhhhh~" she had an orgasmic face even though she can't release it yet.

[Mana awakening 80℅ Completed]

[Master I got to say this is the most bizarre awakening I have seen in all my system life]

She completed her mana awakening, then looked at me and said,

"That was great Veli," and she fell asleep, I decided to check her status for further information and I was amazed,

"What the hell!.. She also has a Unique Skill, when did she get this" I asked while amazed.

Name: Lyra

Sex: Female

Age: 9

Race: Human

Overall Rank: D

Blessings: -

Elements: Earth

Magic skills: -

Martial art skills: -

Unique skill: Seamstress (C)

• There is a 10℅ chance of being successful in whatever she plans.


"Isn't this an OP skill if she levelled it up?" I asked Luna.

[Hohhh. Are you telling me your skill is bad]

[Hmmph. I won't talk with my stupid master again]

She said while removing the status board from my view,

"What is with this Tsundere System," I asked while going downstairs to call Delvi and give her the news about the awakening.

It's already lunch time so the mother should be back anytime now.

After she came back I gave her the news and she used an artificat which she brought from the Empire to see her Element she was rejoiced to see her element but for some reason, she couldn't see her Unique skill.

After that, we had some sweet family time and went to sleep.

I tried to talk with Luna after a few hours she answered,

[Master can't do anything without Luna]

[I guess I'll forgive master]

She said so I decided not to argue now and make the situation worst.

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