149 Improvement

The land which used to be prosperous and filled with green had disappeared and was already replaced by a mountain of corpses.

Even the soil which was filled with nutrients that helped agriculture is now wet with red colour blood which erupted an iron smell.

"Commander, which rebels are they? Are they from Rapidclaw or Malfoy?" With a deep voice, someone questioned as they looked at all the dead bodies and their weapons.

"These swords! Most probably they are from Malfoy," Picking up one sword, he observed it carefully before answering.

"Clean up here, I will report back to the emperor about this," Leaving those words with his soldiers, he went back to his horse.

Meanwhile, in the castle of Malfoy kingdom, Pete was sitting on the throne with a bored look.

Beside him, there were two girls using something like a fan to comfort him with a dreadful look. They knew even one mistake at this time meant the end of their life so they were extra careful with their work.


"What's that bitch thinking? We haven't made any progress with other kingdoms, she suddenly stop giving me advice without any warning as well," He thought with his eyes closed.

Pete honestly didn't understand what his mother thought. Right after she defeated Malfoy's kingdom it is almost like she lost interest of the external world. She kept torturing the royal family and a few other noble families daily basis like it was the most normal thing to do.

"Your highness, shouldn't we start our campaign if we wait until her orders, it will be disastrous for us," Ferosa was concerned about these new developments of the war.

He was mainly worried because he got news about the rapidclaw kingdom allying with the other two kingdoms. Even though the empire had a formidable number of people to fight them, it is heavily disadvantageous to fight offence than defence.

"We will look for another few days, if she doesn't want I will do this and this whole continent will be under my control then," Pete had a smile on his face just imagining a scene where his name going in the books as someone who united whole humanity.

"Oh~ by the way, what happened to that princess you took home?" Hearing his question, Ferosa showed a lecherous smile.

"She's broken, my lord, I used her for a few days but It wasn't worth it," It is rather easy for anyone to be disgusted by his words but Pete was the opposite of it.

He felt curious and aroused hearing his stories about how he broke her every day.

"You really went all out, didn't you? I gave you this position because we think alike, rather than you supporting my mother it will be advantageous for you to be with me," Pete's words were like honey to his ear as he started to imagine a scene where him being the right hand of the emperor of the whole humanity.

"My lord, if you want you can go round or two with her, even though she's broken her body is still top-notch," With a disgusting smile, Ferosa suggested thinking Pete will appreciate it but he showed a rather angry expression.

"Fool! I don't care about used tools, I only want brand new ones," Suddenly he looked at Ferosa like her remembered something.

"By the way, I heard the princess of the Rapidclaw kingdom is beautiful, did you ever see her when you visit them?"

"Indeed, I did my lord, she was a beauty, I saw her when she was small but even then she had a rather beautiful face," Pete wasn't interested in hearing about his disgusting thoughts this time, but he wanted to see this princess that is well known for her beauty.

"Ferosa, make sure our army is ready every time, when I give the order we will attack them," Pete had pride and power in his voice as he wasn't a weak emperor by any means but without a proper brain to help him like Andriya, sometimes he took foolish decisions.

"Yes my lord," Bowing his head to show his respect, Ferosa left the throne room as he decided to help Pete to conquer everything.


While they were getting ready for the war on that side, Velian kept training his mother and girls constantly trying to improve them.

Daphnia was a real monster when it comes to learning new things as she started to surpass even SS rank rather easily after she finished her body training.

"Luna, show me her status," Velian thought while looking at Daphnia who was meditating trying to get used to her new mana core which kept expanding day by day.

Name: Daphnia Keller

Sex: Female

Age: 39

Race: Human

Overall Rank: SS

Blessings: - True king's bloodline

Elements: Water, Wind

Magic skills: Glacier(SS), Aqua blade(SS), Cryogen Wall(S), Freeze Blast(S), Watershot(A), Aqua Buckshot(A), Sylph's Hymn(A), Boost(A)

Martial art skills: - Swordsmanship(B)

"Wow! Two SS rank skills, she's like a walking cheat now, honestly, why am I even worried about her safety at this point?" Velian thought while claiming the window.

He wasn't disappointed with anyone as all of them put in their effort and tried to improve their skills.

Delviny was the one who did the least training with them as she had to manage and train the official army but her improvement was only inferior to Daphnia's.

While helping his girls improve their skills and mana, Velian tried to break through his bottleneck but no matter how he tried he could find a way to do that.

"Looks like I will have to find a powerful opponent to fight or train with," He thought about some options but no matter how he tried he couldn't remember someone on the same level.

He was pretty sure dragons must be at least two times more powerful than him taking his previous encounter with a dragon. Even if he wanted to fight with the dragon he had no way to do that with this war on his hand.


"What is that red-haired cunt doing without attacking the kingdom already? Are they really not going to do it?" Thinking about all these things, Velian went to spar with Naomi.

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