39 Entering the Unknown III

It was refreshing to see greenery in the middle of nowhere. No matter where you look it's always green which brings a calming effect to the mind, unlike the hectic village's mornings.

Daphnia yawned while waking up feeling refreshed. Her stomach growled due to the sweet and savoury smell that was spread around her. She quickly followed to where the smell comes from.

"Ohh~ Mother you're awake since you made food for me yesterday I decided to cook something for you for breakfast," Velian said with a smile which caused Daphnia's ice-cold heart to melt like butter.

"Darling early morning you're making food for this old lady, how sweet are you baby?" She quickly went for a hug without caring about her cleanliness. Velian also returned the hug in hundred folds because how can someone reject those huge mounds suffocating someone to death?

"Mother, I think after breakfast we should clean ourselves and find the way back to the village," He quickly breaks the hug because today will be a busy day for both of them.

"Dammit, baby tells me the truth when I taste your cooking I feel like the foods I cook are garbage," Velian just laughed it off and quickly finished the breakfast to start his second day in the highly dangerous calamity forest.

"Mother, what direction do you think we should go to find the village back," I asked her to see whether she had some hint about the correct direction.

"I don't know Veli, everywhere looks the same I haven't been to this part of the forest," She said in a dejected voice thinking I will be disappointed in her. I was actually rather happy about this situation.

"I think we should go in that direction and see," I said while pointing at the path which lead to my destination.

She agreed wholeheartedly because she had no clue about the directions. We travelled for about a couple of hours until we found a small pond.

"Mother, should we take a bath I feel really nasty like this," She quickly shined like a sun seeing the pond unlike me she was greatly disturbed by the fact of not being able to take a bath.

We quickly undressed ourselves and entered the bath. It was a sight to behold mother undressing her pants. Her thick thighs were tightly bound to the pants that while she was removing the pants they almost burst.

We quickly entered the pond naked and enjoyed a quick bath before wearing a new suit and storing the old ones.

"Ahh~ that refreshed me baby now I can travel even to the dragon mountains," She said while posing a gut pose.

I couldn't help but laugh wryly at her words because that's the place we are going to explore now.

It took whole five hours to reach the end of the high-level area at our current speed but I didn't force her this time because we can reach the cave today or tomorrow according to my estimations.

We entered the unknown area after taking a break because the mother was exhausted by the endless walking. This area was highly dangerous so I had to keep a constant watch on my surroundings. It was fairly easy to find the dragon cave of Yuvanna because I got the vision and information on how to enter and the correct oath so I won't have to risk meeting other dragons.

According to big sister Yuvanna, she was the most active dragon and the others were basically like introverts and doesn't come out of their personal space.

Mother followed me this all time keeping watch of her surrounding. Even she could tell this area was highly dangerous than all the other places we entered by the aura and feeling of the forest.

"Veli, are you sure this is the correct path? I feel like we are going deep and deep," She said while looking at all the strange plants.

"I don't know mother but don't worry if a strong monster comes out I will protect you," I said to reassure her.

"I'm more worried about your safety baby than mine," She murmured thinking that I couldn't hear her.

I flashed a little smile to her and continued our journey. I felt the presence of a lot of string monsters but I repelled them since all of them were weak than me with my unique skill.

Daphnia got the idea of returning back but she couldn't find the way they entered this area since all of the places looked alike.

Suddenly the bushes started to shake revealing a terrifying-looking monster. It had long nails and three eyes with four legs. The aura it showed was nowhere near the Cyclopes or the hell hound we confronted earlier it was definitely an S-Class beast but it was lacking when compared to a certain old dragon. Velian used appraisal to find the race of this monster and the result was as he expected it was an S-class monster who had no danger perception so it tried to encounter the foolish humans who entered its area. It's a gargoyle-type monster which evolved and is a rather rare type of beast.

I decided to enter the cave because if I fight I will be exposed now and I will have to tell mother the truth and she will be angry with me. No thank you, I don't want this beautiful woman pouting a whole day because of that. We quickly ran while I hold the hand of the mother leading the way.

It took about another few hours to find the cave entrance of Yuvanna's cave I searched for at last I reached my goal. I felt internally happy for finding it and I quickly dragged her and entered it. Since this area was restricted to most monsters gargoyle didn't try to follow us to the cave but I was met with a disgusting smell of the waste material of animals.

"Tsk~ that damn old hag couldn't even properly go and dump this in a proper place, are all the dragons this dirty or are they that bored to walk a little," I thought while looking at the huge dump in the cave.

"Veli, this place looks dangerous we should find the exit quickly," She said feeling uncomfortable about this cave. Well, it's understandable because this was the cave of a former dragon.

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