1 Character Introduction (SPOILERS)


Davin/ Velian Keller: 24/14

Davin Keller is a handsome young man with black hair and with a sharp jawline. He is said to be a top celebrity in his previous world who won the Piscar award.

After reincarnation Velian Keller has pure white hair and golden eyes with a god-like handsome face with an athletic-type body. He is 6.2 feet tall and usually wears a white colour shirt with a jacket mixed with a golden colour and white trousers full white colour and the belt is a golden colour with a white cloak mixed with golden colour and white.

Daphnia Bersa:38

Velian's mother is a beautiful woman with an hourglass shape body and white hair with F cup boobs and a godly butt. She is a kind woman who is known as a saintess among common people. She loves her children very much.

Delviny Bersa:19

Velian's big sister is a tomboy girl with red colour hair which is quite long. she hates her hair colour so she later cuts it to her shoulder level. She has a well-developed body with C-cup boobs. She is a little muscular. She is a bro con but she isn't aware of that.


Lyra is a former slave who is rescued by Daphnia. She is a soft girl with brown hair and B-cup breasts. She has a huge crush on Velian and dreams to steal his virginity. Velian calls her big sister even though they are not related by blood.

Aiko: 13

Aiko is his Childhood friend of Velian. She is considered to be a cool beauty by the village people. She has black hair which falls perfectly with C-cup breasts. She has a less muscular and little thick body. She is a Mage.


Juno is a tiger-kin girl and a former bandit leader who joins Velian after he promises to provide a better life for her people.

She has an athletic body with a B-cup breast.

Sariya Cantrell:33

Sariya is a concubine of a viscount from the Rapidclaw kingdom. She is a tall woman with a well-proportioned body having a big ass with matching big boobs giving her the mature lady vibe. Her hair is a black colour which gives a feeling of a strict mother. She highly disapproves of what her former husband does in his duchy and because of that, she is isolated in the family despite being a kind and loving woman. Later Velian manages to win her heart and eradicate her depressed character.

Elda Cantrell:17

Elda is the daughter of Sariya. She is a kind girl and strong-willed girl who wants to help her mother. She is bullied by his step-sisters and brothers because just like her mother she wants to stop duke from doing illegal things in his duchy. Later confront Velian and falls in love with him because he showed him love and care. She also has black colour hair with big boobs and a curvy ass which looked seductive.


Kyla is a member of the A-rank adventure party in Malfoy kingdom. Velian gets invited to her adventurer part for a while and they get to know each other. The more they fight together more her feelings toward him rise. She is a little conscious about her muscular build. Kyla has bob-cut black hair with fairly big boobs and a well-sculptured ass.

Naomi: 16

She had beautiful violet colour hair which looked perfectly matching her round face. When I first encountered her she had a little pale body but she became a bombshell with time. Her boobs were bouncy and her curvy ass which can induce lust in any man was a beautiful sight to behold. Davin (Velian) rescued her from the slave traders and took care of her. She has the highest influence in Davin's firm after the owner himself.


John Sacredmore XI:59

Velian's father is a muscular man with red hair. Emperor of the Sacredmore Empire. Even though he looks fierce he is a useless man the only thing he is good at is prosecuting innocent people.

Pete Sacredmore: 36

Velian's half-sibling lust after Velian's mother. He is the crown prince of the Sacredmore Empire.

Andriya Malfoy: 57

Pete's mother is the queen of the Sacredmore Empire. A cunning old lady but she has the look of a middle-aged woman.

Asumiko: 34

Asumiko is the mother of Aiko. She was a former adventuring partner of Daphnia. Asumiko considers Velian as her own son and helps him with village affairs. She has a little muscular body with a beautiful-looking body. Her personality is very cheerful and a loving lady.


The ages mentioned above are considered when the Velian is 14 years. It may change in future and also I will add other characters who have certain impacts on the story.

I will add 8 or 9 harem members to Velian's harem if u want more or any recommendations ask me I will consider them.

I'm a newbie author so please be patient with me.❤

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