1 Where am I?

Falsely accussed, I was wondering how I end up in a jail. This jail is different. There is no door. No bar. No Cage. Everything is unlock. There are mobile phone anywhere in this LARGE jail.

I looked for an empty room, looking for a glass of water since it's been about 8 hours since I drink once. To my concerned, I figured out that I was standing in a hall. A big hall. There is about a dozen of light equipment in every of the corner. To my surprise, the light never went off. NEVER.

I found it interesting about the LIGHT equipment. As I go closer, step by step, the equipment was grayish in color of the round body. It have about 7 to 8 light bulbs in the center of it. Or even more bulbs. I wanted to go even more closer. But the light hurt my eyes. Despite that Istill can move even more nearer, but then I feel my entire body suffered cause by the light. It make me cannot moved. I thought I gonna died by that but then I heard someone shouted: "What are you doing there!!!!!" . I cannot reply cause the dryness of my throat. The voice keep repeating, echoing my mind until I thought I gonna faint because of the light. Then, someone grab my hand and sent me flying. I saw the redness cover my whole body. I wanted to screamed so badly but only tiny little voice come out from my mouth: "Th....Th..Thank....y.....y...". I fainted and unable to finish the sentence. Before my eye close as I fainted, I clearly saw a disgusting face with a evil smirk.