True Hegemony

Ryomen Sukuna dies earlier than fated and is reincarnated into a different universe with some gifts. ------ This story is an Alternate Universe of High School DxD, do NOT expect the information you know about the High School DxD Universe to always be correct within this fan fiction. Disclaimer: I do not own the story, world-building, or the characters from the original author. My claim of ownership is limited to the original characters I have created and the changes in the story that are a result of the presence of the MC. I do NOT own the cover art! If the original owner sees the cover art and wants it removed please leave a review and upon confirming your identity it'll be done immediately.

outsidr · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
9 Chs


Author here. I'm gonna be very blunt with this. I've been diagnosed with a pretty wicked disease which blindsided me and caused many changes within the last bit of my life. This means many things for me and a few things for you the reader. I will not be writing anything. No new books or updates to any books for the forseable future, I'll be spending time with family and trying to take care of myself so there's no time for that. Frankly, if you hear from me again then I got pretty damn lucky but for now, outsidr will be afk.