True Hegemony

Ryomen Sukuna dies earlier than fated and is reincarnated into a different universe with some gifts. ------ This story is an Alternate Universe of High School DxD, do NOT expect the information you know about the High School DxD Universe to always be correct within this fan fiction. Disclaimer: I do not own the story, world-building, or the characters from the original author. My claim of ownership is limited to the original characters I have created and the changes in the story that are a result of the presence of the MC. I do NOT own the cover art! If the original owner sees the cover art and wants it removed please leave a review and upon confirming your identity it'll be done immediately.

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Regret? No, never that

Author note: Slight R-18 chapter, not much though since I'm not going too in-depth. If you don't want to read the Semi R-18 content skip to where the [ -- A few days later -- ] is.


"...Hm..?" Grayfia hummed tiredly with a groggy mind as she woke up and it was not even a second later that her eyes widened and shock filled her body.

Currently, Grayfia was lying on top of the man she had met yesterday night, Ryomen Sukuna but while this was a concerning reality, there were other things that were more concerning.

Firstly, the fact that she felt something large within her lower regions was a testament to what occurred the night before. Second, the completely wrecked apartment that reeked of the primal scent of hard sex furthered her assumption of the situation. Then lastly her aching body told her of how much exercise she had gotten last night and for her, an Ultimate Class Devil, to be aching meant she was worked out... a lot.

'This can't be happening.' Grayfia said inwardly as her mind basically shorted, this was never a situation she'd thought she would find herself in.

"You were sleeping so soundly a moment ago now you looked worried, how cute," Sukuna said as he propped his head up on his hand which was placed behind his hand and on his pillow.

"I need to go," Grayfia as she tried to pull herself off of Sukuna's chest so that she could leave and pretend this never happened.

"You're not going anywhere," Sukuna said as he flipped over placing the naked woman under him before he leaned in and placed a gentle yet purposeful kiss on the side of her neck then slightly pulled his member, which was still inside her, out then back in, at this point it was already erect and back at full power.

"Mhmf~," Grayfia released a small moan before covering her mouth and turning her head to the side whilst hiding her face with her arm as if she were embarrassed.

"What were you saying?" Sukuna whispered into her ear causing her to shake as he slowly, very slowly trusted his member which was far above the average size into Grayfia but stopped before it could reach her depths, the spot he found out was her most sensitive area.

"I need... to go," Grayfia said as she hid her face but the fact that she hadn't tried to get up said everything, she was enjoying this just as much as Sukuna was.

"Sure, I'll let you leave after a few more rounds but first..." Sukuna said before biting her ear sensually a bit whilst lightly pinching her nipple.

"What's my name?" Sukuna said wanting to jog her memory, they were both under the influence last night but still, neither of them was human, they could remember everything.

"S-Sukuna~," Grayfia moaned as she felt Sukuna's slow and steady strokes filling each and every inch of her honey pot, well, every inch but the one spot she desperately wanted him to hit.

'I have to stop this, I can't go any further.' Grayfia said before trying to weakly push Sukuna off of her but they both knew she wasn't genuinely trying.

"The other one," Sukuna said amused by her attitude, she was clearly enjoying this but was pretending as if she wasn't; it was cute to see the woman go from sucking his member like she was in love with it during the previous night to this.

'Look at her trying to gain a cold attitude mid-sex, can't say I've seen that before.' Sukuna said inwardly, Grayfia was attempting to regain her usual cold and apathetic attitude at this very moment only for her to fail miserably, and while she'd be able to do that with everyone else in the future, Sukuna would always be an exception and this was something she would learn very soon.

"I can't..." Grayfia said knowing she couldn't call him that.

"Why not? You had no problem doing it when you were gagging on my cock and showing me the image of all my cum pooling in your mouth. What's so different now?" Sukuna said causing the woman to think back on her conduct last night and the image of her saliva and tears bubbling around the base of his penis was clear in her mind.

"No... I have to fulfill my duties..." Grayfia said between moans; she was a Lucifuge who was meant to serve a Satan, a Lucifer, she couldn't abandon that duty.

"For what reason do you need to serve a Satan when you have me? As you said new Lucifer's don't pop up every other day, there's a large possibility that no new Satan could ever come about." Sukuna said, she had told him of her trouble regarding a master and how she wished to serve a Satan but they had all chosen everyone other than her which she blamed on her cold attitude but it wasn't something she could change on the flip of a hand.

"But my... Father..." Grayfia said but stopped as her mouth widened and she lost her breath as she felt Sukuna hit her spot causing her to cum whilst still trying to hide her face.

"You're a grown woman, your father doesn't dictate your actions," Sukuna said slowly but surely bringing her to his side.

"We're too old to let other people control our lives. You weren't chosen by the current Satan's and that is the reality of the situation. There should be no problem with you serving another who wants you." Sukuna said as he continued to penetrate Grayfia.

"...I know... but~, mhm... Ah~!" Grayfia moaned growing louder as Sukuna sped up.

"Remember that you mentioned the one who took your virginity was the one who would be your master, those are your traditions, not mine," Sukuna said reminding Grayfia of her clan rules but in fact, that wasn't simply a rule specific to only her class, it was a common rule amongst noble families, the man who takes a noblewoman virginity must be their partner.

With those words said, both Grayfia and Sukuna stopped speaking and instead opted to continue having sex. Similar to the previous night, the sex got heated which led to them once again destroying things around the apartment. Still, nonetheless, the conflicted feelings Grayfia had at the beginning began to disappear as she took in his words and understood that Sukuna was right about everything, this was her choice. He had taken her virginity which held significance.

"I'm~ n-not sure~!," Grayfia moaned between batted breaths as Sukuna plowed her against the refrigerator like an animal but despite that, Sukuna was careful to target her most sensitive spots which kept her cumming since the beginning of their session.

"Let me make something clear to you woman," Sukuna said as he stopped thrusting into her, turned around, set her on the counter, gently grabbed her chin, and made her look into his eyes before speaking again.

"The moment we spoke I decided you would belong to me, you will have no other man in your life; you will serve no other being, there is only I, Ryomen Sukuna," Sukuna said with an insane possessiveness in his eyes devoid of any humanity, a fact which shook Grayffia but the feelings blooming within her heart said everything on how good it made her feel.

"Now, what is my name," Sukuna said still holding eye contact with the woman who would be his first lover here.

"...Master," Grayfia replied with a look in her eyes that told Sukuna he had won her over, and while it wouldn't always be this easy he was pleased with the victory, though Sukuna was unaware that his actions had filled a void in Grayfia's heart and due to that her obsession with him would reach a level even he couldn't imagine, though the same would apply for his future women and even he himself.

-- A few days later --

'What an interesting world I've found myself in.' Sukuna said to himself as he sat at the dinner table while Grayfia stood behind him with a maid outfit on, something she insisted on wearing to better fulfill her duty in 'serving' him.

Grayfia, after many hours, had just finished going over all of the basics of the supernatural society she had studied throughout her long life, and due to the knowledge she gave, Sukuna was certain that he was no longer in the world of Sorcerers.

"I was under the impression you were already aware of everything supernatural master, considering your strength." Grayfia said as she thought back on her and Sukuna's 'Wrestling', he was strong.

"I was to a certain extent, but more information was required," Sukuna said as he stood up from the table.

"I'll be back," Sukuna said knowing that Grayfia was preparing dinner at the moment so she couldn't travel with him, though he didn't need her to, he wasn't a child.

"Mhm, safe travels," Grayfia said with a respectful bow as Sukuna left the apartment, the woman had fully embraced her role with a quickness, she had wanted this for a very long to so she was enjoying herself immensely.

Now outside, Sukuna began to make his way down the road not bothered by the fact that it was night. You see, Sukuna sensed something odd nearby and while he understood it wasn't a direct threat, he was interested in seeing what it was.

Around ten minutes passed as Sukuna leisurely walked through the quiet Kuoh town until finally, Sukuna arrived at his destination, an alley well hidden behind a building.

Upon looking down the alleyway, Sukuna was soon met with the image of a man running toward him with a terrified expression on his face and his expression only worsened when he saw Sukuna who was staring at him with a nonchalant expression while his hands were in his pockets.

"Fuck!" The man yelled as he came to a halt before his eyes looked between the direction Sukuna was standing and the one behind him.

"Why can't you fuckers just leave me alone?! I can't give you my sacred gear even if I wanted!" The man shouted pathetically and due to his silence, the man only grew more erratic.

'So it was a sacred gear I sensed from him.' Sukuna said inwardly, Grayfia had already told him of the Sacred Gears, their uses, and the like but he only now knew what feeling and energy they gave off.

'Sacred Gears reside within their host's souls and I can eat souls...' Sukuna said to himself wandering if he ate this man could he acquire his sacred gear but he also knew that when the host of a Sacred Gear died the gear itself returned to Heavens system.

With a smile forming on his face, Sukuna walked deeper into the alleyway causing the human to back away slowly but the hand that reached through the man's chest caused Sukuna's brow to raise.

"Damn human trash." A man standing around two meters tall man with a well-built body and shoulder-length gray hair said as he pulled his hand from the human chest and out with him came a heart which he promptly stored in a container.

Image of the man

"Tsk, and there's another one..." The man said as he looked up at Sukuna who was staring at him.

"Blame yourself for this, you were at the wrong place at the wrong time." The man said as he slowly approached Sukuna as if he expected him to run away, but no, Sukuna stood his ground seemingly not caring for the man.

"I came all the way out for that man yet you took him in front of my eyes," Sukuna said as the man halted in front of him.

"Too bad." The man said with a scoff, he didn't know who Sukuna was and he didn't care, he felt he needed to die, after all, a man like him shouldn't be partaking in such disgraceful acts as hunting Sacred Gear users yet here he was. If word of this got out it would not only tarnish his reputation but it would also get him in trouble with the people above him.

"It is indeed too bad... though you will replace him so I suppose it's fine, but tell me, what's your name?" Sukuna said as a malicious smile appeared on his face causing the man's eyes to narrow dangerously.

"I am Heracles, your death."

To be continued...