21 Assembly

As Lu Shen returned to his ship.

The patriarch respectfully approached the ancestor, seeking guidance. "What should we do now, ancestor?" he asked.

With a hint of disdain, Ancestor replied, "Are you an idiot? We shall follow the young master's command and spread the news. If they come, it will be advantageous for us. And if they don't, it will be even better, as their entire force will be annihilated."

The patriarch was taken aback by the stern response. "The aura I sensed on their warship... they were all in the Nascent Soul realm. With that much power, they could easily decimate our world," he explained, highlighting the immense strength of the opposing force.

Understanding the severity of the situation, the ancestor reprimanded the sect leader and returned to his colleagues to discuss how they could gain the favour of the young master.

"Let us officially declare this to the entire world," the sect master decisively declared, recognizing the need to make their position known.

As Lu Shen returned to his ship, Trio Xiao Long, Zhao Qing, and Li Qinglan followed behind him, showing respect and deference.

Li Qinglan's expression was bitter, indicating her acceptance of her fate. She seemed to be a clever girl, already understanding her position in this situation.

"You are quite an interesting girl," Lu Shen whispered to Li Qinglan in a flirtatious tone, bringing his face close to her ear.

Li Qinglan's eyes caught a clear view of Lu Shen's handsome face, causing her young heart to flutter. Although she had seen him before from a distance, being this close made her heart skip a beat, as if it was love at first sight.

Despite her intelligence, Li Qinglan was still young and inexperienced in the ways of the world, leaving her flustered by Lu Shen's striking appearance. He truly possessed a captivating handsomeness, akin to an untouched fairy that would enchant the dreams of young girls. His bloodline and genes granted him this inherent charm, even as a mere peak Qi Refining realm cultivator. It was clear that as Lu Shen progressed in cultivation, his appeal would only increase, making him the embodiment of every girl's fantasy.

In any world, being handsome bestowed countless advantages over those who lacked such appeal. It was a cold reality that remained unchanged. The saying "first impression is the last impression" held true in most cases.

Although Lu Shen had captured and essentially made Li Qinglan his slave, she harbored no resentment towards him. This was largely due to his power and, to a small extent, his attractiveness. It was the cruel reality of the cultivation world that if one possessed power, they could do as they pleased.

"Unlike the novels I read, where there is often excessive drama, in this world, the iron rule is might is right...." Lu Shen mused to himself, observing Li Qinglan bow her head in embarrassment.

"Look at me," Lu Shen commanded in a domineering tone, firmly raising Li Qinglan's chin. His piercing gaze locked onto her eyes as he spoke in a flat tone, "Do you truly understand why I have chosen to keep you? And do you have any knowledge about the true effects of your rare physique?"

Li Qinglan, still feeling flustered, gathered her courage and responded, "Yes, young master, it is because of my physique. As for the exact effects, I am not fully aware, other than its rarity."

A sly smirk played across Lu Shen's lips as he continued, his hand beginning to explore her body with a deliberate touch. The sensation elicited an involuntary moan from Li Qinglan as her body reacted to his advances. "I will enlighten you about the truth of your physique," he whispered, his voice laced with desire. "But in return, what are you willing to offer me?"

Li Qinglan felt a sense of despair wash over her as she contemplated what more she could offer as she was already enslaved. However, she wisely refrained from voicing her thoughts, understanding her position as a servant and the need to appease her master.

"Master, I..." Li Qinglan began to speak, but her words were abruptly cut off as Lu Shen spoke, disregarding her and gave her a detailed description of her physique.

Upon hearing Lu Shen's words, despair engulfed Li Qinglan's heart. Any glimmer of hope for her freedom faded away, leaving her with a profound sense of helplessness. She realized that she was destined to be a slave, whether to Lu Shen or to some other male figure.

Originally she still felt a shiver chance of her freedom after she became powerful enough but now helplessness came from the bottom of her heart as she was destined to be a slave either by lu shen or some other male.

Bowing to Lu Shen, she cast aside any remnants of her dignity as a saintess. "Master, please, I will do anything you say..." Li Qinglan pleaded, her voice croaking with desperation. She had nothing to offer, and she knew that Lu Shen had the power to forcefully take her virginity and make her nothing more than his tool. She felt powerless, unable to resist or change her circumstances.

Desperate to prove her worth, Li Qinglan searched for something, anything, that could demonstrate her value. Meanwhile, as Lu Shen played mind games with his new slave, the cultivators of the lower realm reacted with uproar upon hearing the announcement from the Dragon Sect.

While many were skeptical of the announcement, the other golden cultivators of various sects were not skeptical at all. They were well aware of the Dragon Sect's connection to the upper realm and had allowed the sect to assert dominance over them for a long time. However, this secret realm presented an exceptional opportunity, too enticing to pass up.

In response, these cultivators banded together to thwart the Dragon Sect's pursuit of excessive benefits. They cursed the Dragon Sect for betraying the lower realm, yet they also knew that their survival depended on swift submission to the young master. Without wasting any time, they swiftly departed with their sects, bowing to the decisive power of the Dragon Sect.

Little did they know that even if they had not united against the Dragon Sect, the sect would have still called upon its backers. After all, their only hope of returning to the upper realm lay in the assistance of these influential figures.

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