1 Rebirth,10,000-times amplification

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"Don't... Don't come over!

"Someone... Someone save me!

"I don't want to die, I haven't lived long enough!" Li Cheng roared and suddenly sat up, causing the wooden bed beneath him to creak.

At this moment, his head was covered in sweat, his chest was heaving up and down violently, and the terror in his eyes had yet to fade away.

However, he quickly came back to his senses and was pleasantly surprised to find that he was not dead!

"What's going on? I actually survived?"

Li Cheng shook his head fiercely, trying hard to recall what had happened earlier.

A moment ago, he was being pursued by the demon army.

The demons that filled the mountains and plains were like demons from hell, covering the entire sky in a black mass.

He had no way to escape and was devoured by the crazy demons.

Then, he fell into endless darkness.

When he opened his eyes again, he was here.

"Could it be a dream?"

After looking around, Li Cheng was a little lost.

This was a narrow bedroom. There was only a bed, a chair, and a computer.

Everything seemed so simple, but there was an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

"F*ck, isn't this my bedroom?"

After a long while, Li Cheng finally understood why he thought it was familiar.

This narrow bedroom was where he used to live many years ago.

The problem was... Why did he come back here? This house was demolished a long time ago, no?

Could it be...

After being stunned for a moment, Li Cheng suddenly stood up and went straight to the only computer in the room. The computer screen lit up.

When Li Cheng saw the date on the lower right corner of the screen, he froze on the spot as if he had been struck by lightning.

The lower right corner of the computer displayed [June 15th, 2020]!

"I've been reborn?!"

Li Cheng stared at the computer screen in shock.

Wait a minute!

[June 15th, 2020]?

Wasn't this the day of Tribe's open beta?

Li Cheng suddenly reacted.

As a senior player of Tribe, Li Cheng knew the game very well.

It could be said that Tribe gathered the wisdom of the entire human race to create this game.

It was a game that combined war, exploration, farming, and survival.

The realism aspect was as high as 99%, almost equivalent to the real world.

In Tribe, players needed to develop their territory, recruit troops, explore the fog...

They could even enjoy the thrill of fighting everywhere!

At the start of the open beta, there were already six billion players around the world.

With Tribe's outstanding gaming performance, they quickly occupied the global online market.

It could be said that Tribe was a game that could transcend eras.

However, such a great game hid a shocking secret.

Li Cheng, who had reincarnated, was naturally very aware of this secret.

A few years after Tribe's open beta.

It would fuse with Blue Star's real world.

At that time, the entire game world would migrate to Blue Star, and the equipment, troops, and resources that players obtained from Tribe could all be brought back to the real world.

However, at the same time, the evil demon army from the game also migrated to Blue Star.

The entire human race on Blue Star was facing an unprecedented crisis.

From the high officials to the commoners, there was no exception.

After all, with the technological level and military strength of the humans at that time, they could not withstand the evil demon army.

Just a week after the world merged.

The human population was reduced by 90%, almost to the brink of extinction.

Ordinary people did not even have the right to choose to live.

Only some high-end players barely survived under the protection of the Gods...

Thinking of this, Li Cheng's eyes were like torches as he made up his mind.

"Since I've been reborn, I have to rely on my own strength to survive!

"The situation of being chased to death by the demon army will never happen again!

"In fact, I want to have the strength to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Gods!"


Tribe's open beta time was at 12:00pm.


Li Cheng had already laid down on his bed and put on his gaming equipment—a sci-fi style gaming helmet!

The crisp and ethereal female voice of the system rang in the air.

"Lords of other worlds, please, take note. There are still five minutes before Tribe opens. Would you like to start creating your characters in advance?"

"Create!" Li Cheng said solemnly.

Just as he finished speaking, a ray of light flashed.

In Li Cheng's line of sight, a few human male bodies appeared.

Some were tall and some were short, some were fat and some were thin.

After Li Cheng chose a normal body size, the system's female voice resounded again.

"Body size has been chosen! Please, name your character!"

Hearing this, Li Cheng said without hesitation, "Netherworld."

Netherworld was the ID that Li Cheng used before he reincarnated. In this life, he had no intention of changing his ID.

"Name has been chosen. Please, choose your class!"

The classes in Tribe were roughly divided into five middle classes—Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Assassin, Priest.

Apart from the Priest, the other four classes were all damage-oriented classes with powerful attacks.

The Priest was the only healer class that could provide healing and various buffs to the player's troops.

In Tribe, if one wanted to become stronger, the level of the player's class could not be ignored.

There were even some players who obtained hidden professions by chance, where they could solo tens of thousands of soldiers.

They were extremely powerful.

At the same time, there was a limit to the level of a soldier's profession, but there was no limit to the level of the player's profession.

From this point, one could see that the player's profession level had huge potential. It was an existence that the soldier profession could not compare to.

Li Cheng thought about it and decided to choose the same class from his previous life. He said, "Mage."

"Class selection completed! Character 'Netherworld' has been created successfully!

"Welcome to the world of Tribe!"



There were still three minutes before the game was going to start.

Suddenly, the system's abnormal warning rang in Li Cheng's ears.

"Warning, warning! The system has been invaded by an unknown enemy!

"Warning, warning! The system has been invaded by an unknown enemy!


The sudden change made Li Cheng somewhat confused.

What was going on?

An unknown enemy had invaded?

Where did the enemy come from?

Before Li Cheng could think about it carefully, another extremely mechanical voice rang in his ear.

"Ding, dong, the host has successfully created a game character. The 10,000-times amplification system is starting...

"One percent, two percent, three percent… one hundred percent...

"Ding, dong, the 10,000-times amplification system has successfully started!

"Ding, dong, you've obtained the only SSS level talent—the 10,000 times amplification!

"Ding, dong, you've entered the game ahead of time. The coordinates have been sent to you!"

[2,314; 8,762]

Li Cheng was speechless.


"10,000-times amplification system?

"Could this be the reward for the reincarnated?"

Li Cheng did not react. Before he could think about it, he was dazed.

He had entered the world of Tribe.

The next moment.

Li Cheng landed on a plain.

"Phew, not bad. At least the birthplace isn't a dessert or a swamp."

At this moment, the system notification rang again.

"Welcome to the world of Tribe. This lost continent is filled with all kinds of mysterious opportunities and challenges. I wish you a happy game!

"Detected that you're the first player to enter Tribe. You've received a special reward—one S-Class Hero Recruitment, additional one Luck Value!"

At the same time, Li Cheng's system notification followed closely behind.

[Host has triggered the 10,000-times amplification system. Reward: S-Class Hero Recruitment x 1, Luck Value +10,000!]

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