3 Level 10 Frost Marksman!

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Li Cheng suppressed the excitement in his heart and took out the glowing totem from his backpack.

[Goddess of Wind totem (Mythical Grade)]

[Item Description: a powerful wind-type totem bestowed by the Wind Goddess to the human tribe. It is filled with wind elements.]

[Item Level: Mythical (Level 5)]

[Item type: Wearable equipment.]

[Item Level: Level 1]

[Item attributes: Movement Speed +999%, Attack Speed +999%]


"Damn! Is it that exaggerated?!"

After looking at the attributes of the Goddess of Wind totem, Li Cheng felt that it was too ridiculous.

Li Cheng could not help but sigh. It was indeed a piece of Mythical-grade equipment from the Gods. Its effects were simple and crude. It could directly increase movement and attack speed by 10 times.

With such a piece of exaggerated equipment on the body, even the weakest troops would become very fierce and strong.

For example, the movement speed attribute.

It was extremely heaven-defying in Tribe.

One had to know that Tribe itself was a war simulation game.

Therefore, it would naturally involve the deployment of countless troops.

With the 10 times movement speed buff, the troops would gain terrifying mobility.

Furthermore, some troops' skills were directly related to movement speed. For example, the cavalry's charge skill—the faster they moved, the higher the damage they dealt.

If an ordinary player's cavalry wanted to deal a lot of damage, they would need to give the cavalry a long time to run and move. Only then would they be able to increase their movement speed to the maximum.

But now, all of this was extremely easy for Li Cheng.

As for the other attribute, 10 times attack speed...

It was even more ridiculous.

If one thought about it, in the time taken for others to attack, one could attack their opponent 10 times.

That was equivalent to increasing the army's attack power by 10 times. With an increase of 10 times in attack speed, even the lowest level 1 trash soldier would become extremely powerful.

If it was a long-range soldier, 10 times attack speed and 10 times movement speed...

It was like a God flying a kite...

Li Cheng suppressed the excitement in his heart and continued to check his bag.

There were two other gift bags in his bag.

One was the basic soldier bag.

The other was the basic resource bag.

These two gift bags were given by the system to players who had just entered.

The basic soldier pack could give players low-level troops.

The basic resource pack could give players a certain amount of basic resources. Generally speaking, players needed this bit of basic resources to build barracks and recruit troops.

However, there was one point. The exact amount of resources varied from person to person.

Li Cheng opened the basic soldier pack first.

Immediately, a system notification rang.

[You've opened the basic soldier pack and obtained Archer (Level 1 soldier). You've also successfully triggered the 10,000-times amplification system. You've finally obtained Frost Marksman (Level 10 soldier)!]

[Congratulations on obtaining Frost Marksman (Level 10 soldier)x100, Frost Marksman (Level 10 soldier) Recruitment Authority!]

[Congratulations on successfully unlocking the new building—ice shooting range!]


As the system notification rang, a hundred slender figures instantly appeared in front of Li Cheng.

Their figures were tightly wrapped in thick blue leather armor and the small blue capes behind them were dotted with a few small snowflakes, making them look rather cute.

These little things that looked like Smurfs carried exquisite ice crystal longbows on their backs.

Li Cheng looked at the beautiful Frost Marksman ladies in front of him.

For a moment, he was so shocked that he could not speak.

Actually, he was not to blame. The situation was just too...too ridiculous.

One had to know that the basic soldier pack could only give low-level rewards of up to level 3 soldiers.

Most ordinary people would only get up to level 1 or level 2. Those who received level 3 soldiers were rare existences.

What Li Cheng never expected was that the 10,000-times amplification system was so powerful.

It had actually strengthened his soldiers into level 10 soldiers!

Level 10 soldiers were different from those below level 3.

They had skills, three skills, and even more in the later stages of the game.

Level 10 soldiers were definitely the main force.

Moreover, the game had just started. With the other player forces' pitiful attack power of a few hundred points, they probably could not even break through the defense of these Frost Marksmen.

Most importantly, Li Cheng not only obtained these level 10 soldiers, but he also obtained the right to recruit them.

In the Tribe game, soldiers could be traded.

Even if it was a legendary soldier, as long as one had money, they could buy it in the later stages of the game.

However, the recruitment rights of the soldiers were priceless.

Li Cheng now had the recruitment rights of the soldiers.

He could build the corresponding recruitment buildings and produce the soldiers.

For other players, if one of them died, there would be one less soldier.

However, Li Cheng did not have such a problem.

With the right to recruit, as long as he had money, he could recruit as many soldiers as he wanted.

Thinking of this, Li Cheng was filled with excitement as he started to check the attributes of the Frost Marksmen.

[Frost Marksman]

[Description: A high-level ranger from the land of Frost. Not only are they experienced in hundreds of battles, but they're also able to infuse frost magic into their arrows. They can easily defeat enemies and often appear as the direct troops of the royal family.]

[Class: Level 1]

[Class attack: 550,660]

[Class defense: 289]

[Class: Level 10]

[Class: Elf]

[Class HP: 20,000]

[Class skills:]

[1. Unable to dodge (Level Max): A Frost Marksman's attack will definitely hit the enemy, regardless of any dodging or hiding.]

[2. Frost Freeze (Level 1): A Frost Marksman's attack can deal ice damage to the enemy. When the target dies, it can deal fire damage to up to 5 targets in the surrounding area.]

[3. Frost Arrow Rain (Level 1): Frost Marksman's Arrow Rain can deal ice damage attacks on *9 or up to 100 enemies. Cooldown time: 3 minutes.]

[Soldier's morale: 100]

[Soldier's loyalty: 100]

[Soldier's daily consumption of food: 100/day.]

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