7 In the First Three Minutes, I’m Invincible

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If he wanted to level up, he would need a special construction breakthrough stone.

And this kind of breakthrough stone was an extremely rare existence.

Li Cheng knew that even in the later stages of the game, this kind of construction breakthrough stone would sell for a sky-high price.

At that time, the level 10 Frost shooting range could recruit 2,000 Frost Marksmen every day.

The recruitment time had also been shortened to 30 seconds.

If it was a normal recruitment, it would take a full 1,000 minutes to recruit these 2,000 Frost Marksmen.

Of course, Li Cheng did not have to worry about this because he had the Army Recruitment tool, which could directly fill up the construction sequence of the Frost shooting range.

"Ding, dong, would the player consume three million eight hundred thousand gold coins to produce one thousand nine hundred Frost Marskmen?"

Without thinking, Li Cheng pressed the confirmation button.

At this moment, snowflakes and ice crystals suddenly appeared on the originally quiet shooting range. A slender figure could be seen training amidst the blue.

Li Cheng then used the army recruitment tool.

"Ding, dong, Army Recruitment tool has been successfully used. All production of Frost Marksmen has been completed.

"Ding, dong, your territory's population has reached the upper limit. You won't be able to recruit new troops!"

After the system notification rang, a group of cute girls wearing blue capes slowly walked out of the Frost shooting range.

They first looked at their territory curiously, and at the same time, at Li Cheng.

The 100 Frost Marksmen that he had previously obtained were also quite happy to see their new sisters.

After preparing the 2,000 Frost Marksmen, Li Cheng edited them into a new army—the first Marksmen Regiment of the Underworld.

After completing the establishment of the army, Li Cheng handed over the command to Lillian.

At the same time, Li Cheng began to think about the layout and arrangements for the next step.

Looking at the unfamiliar scene on the map, Li Cheng could not help but frown. The place he was born in this time was very different from his previous life. This meant that Li Cheng did not know much about the situation around him.

Li Cheng thought for a moment and made the small area shown on the map a lot smaller. Soon, he found a familiar coordinate—a snow mountain!

On the other side of the snow mountain was a forest shrouded in a strange fog.

"If I'm not wrong, I'm on the west side of the fog forest. In my previous life, I was on the east side.

"It's alright, it's not a big problem."

It had been three minutes since the server opened at 12pm. Li Cheng already had an SSS-class hero and 2,000 level 10 Frost Marksmen.

With his current strength, even if all the players in the entire server were added together, they would not be enough to defeat him.

Currently, the forces in Tribe, be it pro players or the various forces from the country, were all far behind Li Cheng.

Li Cheng thought about it and decided to explore the surrounding environment. In the early stages of the game, exploring the surrounding maps was extremely important. The monsters around the territory were the best choice for players to level up.

Moreover, it was possible to look for some resource points and treasure chests. There were even some extremely rare hidden NPC's that could give hidden quests.

In Li Cheng's previous life, there was a player who was extremely lucky. When he was exploring the map, he encountered a hidden NPC and received a hidden quest.

From then on, he soared to the sky and became the top-tier Lord with an unstoppable momentum. In the country wars later on, he shone brilliantly.

From this, it could be seen how important the hidden mission was. Li Cheng's current plan was very simple. He would first clear out the surrounding territories.

After that, he would go to the dense fog forest. Speaking of this dense fog forest, it was a mysterious forest that was always shrouded in dense fog. It had countless valuable resources, and there were all sorts of secret realms that could be conquered.

Most importantly, there was the most precious thing hidden in the misty forest—the path to the underground world.

On the lost continent, other than the activities of creatures on the surface, the endless mysterious underground world also had all kinds of civilizations. However, the creatures in the underground civilization were mostly evil forces, more commonly known as red-named monsters.

These red-named monsters were very powerful and would take the initiative to attack players. They were not to be trifled with. Even so, there were still many players who went to the underground world to explore.

After all, while it was dangerous, it also meant there were all kinds of opportunities. The Li Cheng in his previous life did not know about this.

He only found out about it after the information about the underground world was made public on the game forum, but by then, it was already too late into the game. He could not even have a sip of soup, let alone eat the meat.

Li Cheng thought for a moment and immediately made a decision.

"Lillian, let's go. Let's clear the monsters around and explore the area."

"Okay."Lillian gladly accepted the order.

She rode the tall and strong Night Demon. After a few steps, she stopped and said to Li Cheng, "Lord, are you willing to ride the Night Demon with me?"

Hearing Lillian's question, Li Cheng stopped and turned to look at her. At this moment, Lillian's face was slightly red and she was extremely shy. However, she still mustered up the courage to extend her fair little hand to Li Cheng.


Li Cheng was slightly stunned, but he quickly understood. All the heroes in Tribe had true feelings and were completely anthropomorphic.

Li Cheng smiled as he grabbed Lillian's soft little hand. With a powerful leap, he hopped onto Night Demon's back. Night Demon was a legendary mount, and this was the first time he had ridden such a powerful mount.

Li Cheng sat behind Lillian, his hands wrapped around her slender waist as they quickly headed toward the red dot on the map. Previously, he knew that there were three wild monster encampments, two wild boar encampments, and one forest hunter encampment around them.

All of these needed to be cleared up. Soon, Li Cheng arrived at one of the wild boar territories. Looking at the dozens of one-meter-tall gray-haired wild boars wandering in the territory, Li Cheng smiled maliciously.

"Sorry, I'll use you guys to practice first."

Without thinking, Li Cheng cast a reconnaissance spell.

Immediately, a series of messages appeared in front of Li Cheng's eyes.

[Wild boar camp]

[Description: A territory formed by a group of wild boars. When hungry, they will take the initiative to attack any creatures that invade their territory.]

[Enemies: 1,650 wild boars (Level 2), 335 wild boar leaders (Level 3).]

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