Trials of the Multiverse

Picture this: you kick the bucket, and God appears in front of you like, [Hold up, you can live once again, reincarnated in whatever Anime world you want] Sounds cool, right? But nope, it's a total scam! To score a second shot at life, you gotta survive 100 trials. And guess what? It's not all rainbows and unicorns. You gotta take down anime characters in each trial. Like, seriously? Couldn't catch a break, could we? And here's the kicker - no second life, no overpowered Mary Sue status, no harem unless you clear these crazy trials. Oh, and did I mention? You gotta face off with the likes of Saitama. Good luck with that! Join Akira, the Protagonist of this story, on this wild ride where life 2.0 ain't so easy to get. Intrigued? Dive into the chaos and see if Akira can level up his way to a second shot at greatness! --- Check my Patreon for chapters in advance and to support me! patreon.com/TrialsoftheMultiverse Discord: https://discord.gg/mEy8NUDFne Some Author's Notes: - English is not my main language, but I am confident in delivering something of decent quality, so don't worry. - The Main World after the Trials will be chosen later. As of now, All I want is to write some interesting fight scene. First Trial: Spy x Family Second Trial: Eminence in Shadow The picture for this novel is the MC, Akira.

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Luna Azentine - History Of A Fallen Human(Part 2)

After a few days, a plan took shape in my mind.

Let's use this little maid. She's perfect.

They've been on numerous dates, likely due to the System assigning him quests in that direction. Well, with someone like him who still eludes the System's grasp, it doesn't have much choice.

He's proven quite adept at sidestepping the first few traps. Clever, I'll give him that.

However, the more Trials one undergoes, the more challenging it becomes to evade such inevitable entanglements.

In the end, you, too, will inevitably become just another pawn of the System. If only I could simply kill you...

With these thoughts lingering, the day of his death had arrived, prompting me to set my plan into motion.

I cast a subtle spell on the maid, inducing a light fever that would render her incapable of working for the day. Simultaneously, I employed a suggestive enchantment on everyone else in the mansion, ensuring that no whispers would reach his ears.

Knowing he would soon be fighting and die must have scared him, after all. Look at how much he's faking to be alright. He kind of reminds me after a few Trials. Still, it's impressive how he could manage such a poker face.


Playing the role of his sweet, respectful maid, I had to address him with the appropriate respect, although it was kind of comical in my position.

Hearing my words seemed to bring him back to reality. He was probably pondering how to defeat that puny woman.

"It's nothing, Anna, don't worry about it"

He remained somewhat hesitant in his interactions with the maid. The reasons eluded me, and frankly, I couldn't be bothered to unravel his motivations. Nevertheless, this wouldn't do. He needed to genuinely feel affection for her; otherwise, all my efforts would be in vain.

"...Is everything alright? Libert-sama's face is a little...pale."

It's inevitable. Soon enough, you'll be nothing more than a pile of lifeless flesh. Despite the woman's weak strength, there's no way he can overcome her in his current state. His Combat Prowess is so pathetically weak that adjusting mine to match his level was hard.

"Yeah, I feel a little unwell, Anna. Just a little headache, I will retire to my bedchamber for some rest. You should get some sleep too"

Ah, this guy.

Internally, I sighed.

You'll be the first guy these lips will ever touch, so be grateful.

With such resolve, my lips met his cheek, and I could sense his genuine surprise. Yes, my objective for this loop was accomplished.


I kept on repeating this routine each loop, and I could start seeing changes by the 3th time. The affection he has built up for this maid has become a weakness.

He did his best to conceal it, but I could see past everything. I knew it was having the effect I wanted.

By the 6th loop, he was having trouble managing his emotions. And yet, he did his best to not make me notice it.

He's really a tough cookie, I must admit.


The true shift occurred in the 7th loop. That's when he deviated from his usual behavior.

Anticipating him to be in his room or at the gym for training, I was preoccupied with a crucial quest that demanded my complete attention. Consequently, my perception momentarily slipped, assuming everything would proceed as usual.

To my surprise, when I approached him for the 7th time, the look in his eyes gave it away.

Yes, he had somehow figured it out.

Had he seen her with a fever?

Did he develop such strong Sixth Sense already? That's quite the surprise.

There's no way that was a coincidence. I even made sure to have a suggestion spell put on the environment, so that he will avoid the route to her room even if he leaves his room.

To break past that and other safe measures I put in place...only abilities related to the mind can help you with that.

Curious to see his reaction, as I foresaw, he held a sword to my neck, ready to end me.

First Trial Takers can be quite entertaining...

Given that Fairness explicitly demanded I engage in a conversation with him and respond to his questions if he somehow found me out, I opted to bring him into my Territory, eliminating potential issues.

Frankly, I anticipated him to exhibit either terror, attempts to appease me for answers, or excessive arrogance due to Fairness being on his side, placing me at an apparent disadvantage.

However, what I encountered was someone entirely divergent from my expectations. Yes, he attempted subtle tricks to extract information, but after conversing with him briefly, a realization dawned on me.

'Yeah, you are a dangerous being, just like the System said'

He displayed a measured fear, calculating his actions with rationality rather than impulsive reactions. His ability to foresee and comprehend situations through logic struck me.

I arrived at a singular conclusion.

'Perhaps, if it's you...'

Although I am merely a pawn acting on the System and Fairness' behalf, that doesn't mean I don't have a will of my own.

Conveying information to him proved challenging given his weakness, yet I endeavored to do my utmost. Whether he can wield the knowledge effectively or evade the System's control remains uncertain, but...

If he can't, at most, I shall once again be disappointed and keep living my life as a Pawn.

If he can, though, I'd finally find solace. Even if the reason he comes seeking me would be to end my life as a foe on the opposite side.

Please...I beg of you. 

Do not succumb. Stand tall, defy the odds, and come to end me, Akira Bashira.

That, is all I desire from you.


Author's Note:

That's it for the special on Luna Azentine! We will see more of her in the future! What do you think of her story?

As I said in the chapters already, Luna is NOT intended to be the FL. So please, do not try to romance her with Akira. All she wants is to either die or be freed from her life as a pawn to live a quiet life ignoring everything else. She has no room for romance in her scarred heart.

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