Trials of the Multiverse

Picture this: you kick the bucket, and God appears in front of you like, [Hold up, you can live once again, reincarnated in whatever Anime world you want] Sounds cool, right? But nope, it's a total scam! To score a second shot at life, you gotta survive 100 trials. And guess what? It's not all rainbows and unicorns. You gotta take down anime characters in each trial. Like, seriously? Couldn't catch a break, could we? And here's the kicker - no second life, no overpowered Mary Sue status, no harem unless you clear these crazy trials. Oh, and did I mention? You gotta face off with the likes of Saitama. Good luck with that! Join Akira, the Protagonist of this story, on this wild ride where life 2.0 ain't so easy to get. Intrigued? Dive into the chaos and see if Akira can level up his way to a second shot at greatness! --- Check my Patreon for chapters in advance and to support me! patreon.com/TrialsoftheMultiverse Discord: https://discord.gg/mEy8NUDFne Some Author's Notes: - English is not my main language, but I am confident in delivering something of decent quality, so don't worry. - The Main World after the Trials will be chosen later. As of now, All I want is to write some interesting fight scene. First Trial: Spy x Family Second Trial: Eminence in Shadow The picture for this novel is the MC, Akira.

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First Trial Rating

[Congratulations. You have completed your 1st Trial of Fate]



You have reached and broken past the Absolute Limits of a Trial

You have gained 100 levels in a single Trial

You have noticed Luna Azentine's presence, The ---...---....

You have developed your own Sword Art

You have embarked on the path to become a Perfect, Enlightened Human

Your Sword has acknowledged you as its Master

Your class has advanced into a [True Swordsman] on the path of Awakening

You have effortlessly defeated Yor Forger

You have obtained a Growth Skill





[All your Achievements will play a crucial role in determining your final Rating for this Trial]

[Note: To Ensure Fairness, your Rating will be evaluated based on the number of Trials you've successfully completed, the level of experience you had prior to this Trial, and various other factors...]

[Final Considerations: You have grown far stronger than estimated]

[Rating: SS-]

[As per your Rating, you will be given enormous rewards]

Before I could delve into more details, the space around me shifted, transporting me back to that familiar "5-star hotel room".

[You have returned to the [Rest Area]. You will have 12 hours to rest before the 2nd Trial will begin]

[In this Area, there are no limitations imposed on you]

I was about to sigh and check the prompts about my rewards after proper rest, but it seems this time, I couldn't do that.

[Your rewards will now be given]




[The levels and Skill Points you couldn't acquire due to hitting the Absolute Limit in the First Trial have been condensed into the Passive Skill [Limit Breaker]]

[Limit Breaker]

[Description: You have experienced breaking through limits more than once. As such, you will enjoy higher levels of power only Limit Breakers can achieve. This is the first form of [Authority] granted to you]

[Effect: [Limits] and [Absolute Limits] will bend for you to a certain degree. Your Skills and Talents will be able to breakthrough [Limitations] in certain situations]

[Side Effect: Your Rating will be influenced by this Passive. If you want a High Rating, you will have to work harder]

[Warning: Try to not abuse this Passive. You never know what may happen]

[Your Sword will now be able to show the effect of its Awakening. You are not bound by the Absolute Limits of the First Trial anymore]

[Your [Sky Sword Art] will greatly benefit from it in the future]

[As per your reward, you will be given what you need most]




[Your Talents and Skills lacking behind in level will level up]

[You have been granted the [Highest Level Mana Pathways]. From your second Trial, you will be able to learn and use [Mana]]

[Your [Perfect Human Body] Skill is not satisfied by this arrangement]

[Your Talent [Sword] agrees with your [Perfect Human Body] Skill]

[Your Talent [Body] agrees...]




[The [Highest Level Mana Pathways] have been converted into [Perfect Mana Pathways]]

[Perfect Mana Pathways]

[Description: You will be able to wield Mana no matter the World or Trial you are in. This is the second form of [Authority] granted to you]

[Effect: You will gain the [Mana] Talent. You will face no limitation in the quantity or quality of Mana you can accumulate or use]

[Note: To ensure Fairness, It will be allowed because of the high Rating]

[Your Skill [Cooking] has evolved into [Cooking Master]]

[Cooking Master]

[Description: While a great cook can turn most things into a delicacy, a Cooking Master surpasses that. Their guiding principle is: If a dish is poisonous or unappetizing, it's your fault, not the dish's]

[Effect: Anything you cook will be delicious and edible. In addition, a % of the food you cook will grant a small positive effect]

[Your Active Skill [Slash] has evolved into [Sky Slash] and has become part of your [Sky Sword Art]]

[Sky Slash]

[Description: Influenced by your [Sky Sword Art], this Skill wants to be useful]

[Effect: Unleashing the [Sky Sword Art] will conjure ethereal wings of light, tearing through your foes from within]

[Additional Effect: Adds [70%] ➔ [250%] to Slashing Damage dealt to enemies]

[Note: This effect is a by-product of the Authority of your [Perfect Mana Pathways]. As such, your own Mana will not be used]

[Your Skills [Run], [Jump], [Adaptive Evasion] have evolved into the Passive Skill [Body Control]]

[Your Spatial Awareness has massively increased]




[Body Control]

[Description: Mastering one's body is a crucial aspect for many Martial Artists. While you had already achieved a level of synchronization and partial mastery over your skills, this Skill craves more. It demands absolute control over your physical form, adapting to any situation as needed]


As long as you want to, you will be able to partially ignore air resistance

You will be able to control your center of gravity no matter what, as long as you want it

You will be able to perfectly run, jump, stand.... no matter what

You will never lose balance, as long as you want it





[Your Skills [Photographic Memory], [Sixth Sense], [Observe] have evolved into the Passive Skill [Absolute Awareness]]

[Absolute Awareness]

[Description: Nurturing one's intellect is a pivotal aspect for many Martial Artists. While you've achieved remarkable feats with your mind so far, this Skill seeks to reach a higher plane. It envisions you as a Sovereign of Wisdom, the smartest among mortals. It will do its best to make you such a being]


You can recall anything you see or feel, no matter what.

You can use Mana to project anything you have in your [Mind Library] in the Physical Realm. You have perfect control over who can see the information.

Your Sixth Sense will now be able to accurately tell you whether there is a Danger, Fortune, or Neutral situation. You can also use Mana to make this an active sub-skill.

You will be able to see everything to whatever degree of detail you want. Warning: If the level is too high for your current self, you will experience severe headaches





Way too many prompts...

As usual, I dismissed most of them as looking at my Status would be way faster, at least to understand what was my current situation...

[Status: Healthy

Level: 100

Mana Pathways: Perfect(NEW!)

Combat Prowess: Medium ➔ High ➔ ?(Will be calculated in the 2nd Trial)

Martial Arts: Karate(Lv.1)

Sword Arts: Sky Art(Sky Footwork(Lv. 18 ➔ 21), Sky Sword Technique(Lv. 15 ➔ 21), Sky Slash(Lv.1)(NEW!))

Active Skills: Cooking(Lv.8) ➔ Cooking Master(Lv.1), Turtle Shell(Lv.5 ➔ 11), Mirage Veil(Lv.3 ➔ 6), Overload(Lv.9), Shadow Step(Lv.1)(NEW!)

Passive Skills: Body Control(Lv.1), Absolute Awareness(Lv.1), Perfect Human Body(Lv.21), Limit Breaker(Lv. MAX)(NEW!), Mana Control(Lv.0)(NEW!)

Growth Skill: Strength

Talent: Sword(Lv. 21), Movement(Lv.21), Wisdom(Lv.21), Intuition(Lv.21), Body(Lv.21), Determination(Lv.21), Mana(Lv.1)(NEW!)

Awakening: Sword(5.3%)

You have 19 unused Skill Points]


Author's Note:

The question regarding Combat Prowess will be properly addressed and explained next chap!

Anyway. Next Chapter, We will truly head to the 2nd Trial World. This is but a taste of Akira's Status, Skills, and what's coming

Since we're in the mood of Statuses, as promised, here the Statuses of the Forger Family!

Yor Forger:

[Status: Healthy

Title: Thorn Princess

Level: 270+(Calculated based on several parameters which will be disclosed in the future)


Combat Prowess: High++++

Mastery: Hand-To-Hand(Lv.MAX), Weapons(Lv.MAX)

Assassination Arts: Silent Midnight(...), Painless Shot(...), ....

Active Skills: Assassination(Lv.MAX), Weapon Wielding(Lv. MAX), Physical Strength(Lv.MAX), Acrobatics(Lv.MAX)...

Passive Skills: Durability Monster(Lv.MAX), Stamina Truck(Lv.MAX), Gorilla Strength(Lv.MAX), Cleaning(Lv.MAX), Observe(Lv.MAX), Sixth Sense(Lv.MAX) Cooking(Lv.-1), Lies(Lv.-1)...

Resistances: Poison(Immune), Pain(85%)...


Talent: Assassination, Body, Determination, Intuition, Movement...

You have 270+ unused Skill Points(Cannot use Skill Points)]


[Status: Healthy

Level: 3+


Combat Prowess: Weakest+(Unable to estimate)

Active Skills: None

Passive Skills: Mind Reading(Lv. MAX)


Talent: ?

You have 3+ unused Skill Points(Cannot use Skill Points)]



[Status: Healthy

Code Name: Twilight

Level: 200+(Calculated based on several parameters which will be disclosed in the future)


Combat Prowess: High

Mastery: Hand-To-Hand(Lv.MAX), Weapons(Lv.MAX)

Active Skills: Acrobatics(Lv.MAX), Cooking(Lv.MAX), Lies(Lv.MAX), Weapon Wielding(Lv. MAX), Physical Strength(Lv.17)....

Passive Skills: Mimic(Lv.MAX), Master Actor(Lv.MAX), Great Endurance(Lv.19), Great Durability(Lv.19)...

Resistances: Poison(60%), Pain(99%), Emotions(75%)....


Talent: Body, Determination, Intuition, Movement, Concealment....

You have 200+ unused Skill Points(Cannot use Skill Points)]


As you may have guessed, Lv.MAX is actually just an acronym for Lv.21 for the Forger Family's status, which is the maximum level all Skills have in the First Trial.

For Akira, Lv.MAX means he can't level a skill up anymore.

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I appreciate anyone willing to support me, if you want to!

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